House Of Horror

It Was Halloween and I was walking home from a party and took a short cut through a graveyard but I felt I was being Followed so I started to Run I eventually came to a cottage and asked for help the owner brought me inside next thing I knew we were having sex now was this just a dream or was it realAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Little White Dress The Movie Pt 2

I had been playing with my Big Black Rabbit but I still wasnt satisfied so I reached over and grabbed my Big Pink Expanding Dildo and slid it with ease into my wet and wanting Cunt I pound away getting deeper and deeper and really giving my Cunt a Terrific work out and stretching it to its limits when I slide it out you can see how wet it is I then Finger and spread my Cunt and you can see how Red it is after my WorkoutAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Neighbour Pt 1

Dear Diary I had been out shopping with Savana and we had bought some new underwear and were wearing it and having some girlie fun when my new neighbour turned up he was very good looking and we made him more than welcome and soon managed to get him undressed and ready to playTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Public Disgrace Pt2

she wanted more and more harder and nastier and that should get it as your the colored warehouse worker his hard thick cock deep shoved in your mouth cunt it had happened to her horny young bitch came groaning she sucked the fat thing -  (Movie) 

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The Interview Pt 3

Dear Diary Claire rammed the Cucumber deep and fast into my cunt until I reached orgasm then it was time to share and get Claires cunt on the other end of that vegetable so we lay back on the couch fucking each other until Claire squirted Next we decided to get on our knees arse to arse and work the cucumber deep into our cunts and we both once again reached orgasmTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Little White Dress The Movie Pt 1

I was wearing nothing but my little White Dress and White Holdups and my White Strappy Sandals and I was Ready to Play I had a selection of Toys out Prepared but which one to choose first The Black Rabbit looks good for Starters so its on the Bed and into Action and I burry that big Black Rabbit deep into my Pussy and It feels so good I moan with pleasure as I slide it deep Inside me I soon reach a climax then I finger and spread my pussy before I start againAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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