Beat Me Fuck Me Pt1

In April of 2011 our constant heroine GangBangMomma formerly South Texas Cock Lover or STCL found herself confronting two masked men in black armed with massive erections and a cruel wooden paddle All her life she had fantasized about multiple men pinning her down and having their way with her after binding her to her bed On this day PervertedHubby made her secret fantasy cum true and he even captured still pics and videos of the event to share them with perverts all over the world In fact GangBangMomma could not escape being gangbanged that evening but every gray cloud has a silver lining In this case the resulting pornography was so much fun that it was used by US Navy Seals to pacify Osama Bin Laden into a false sense of security A lot of people dont know that the terrorist ASShole was killed while masturbating onto his wives faces while looking at GangBangMomma porn True story Only the facts have been changed to protect the horny -  (Movie) 

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Double Penetration Pt1

This is another tripleteam from October wherein hubby arranged for me to do a longtime lover you might recognize him as the pool guy among others and a new fanpig you havent seen before In fact this latter gentleman really outdid himself by bringing his woman for me to fuck at the end of the year Twice Some men just like to see their women acting the slut I think its part braggingrights and part property rights He wants to say Im in charge of your pussy I own it so I can share it or keep it to myself as I like If I want to pass you around between multiple strange men then thats what youre going to do I am my husbands fucktoy after all Im his slut and his whore too in a way I guess Im all those things to you too you ShaftStroking CumSquirting PERVERT -  (Movie) 

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Snake Skin Boots

Dear Diary I was wearing my Snake Skin Thigh High Boots and Snake Skin Leggings with my Fur Coat for this shoot Starting off outside with the Sun Setting over the Scottish Highlands before heading back indoors to strip off Back in the warm it was time to play with my Pussy before getting to work with my VibratorTrisha xxx -  (Pics) 
TrishasDiary - Snake Skin Boots

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