Greedy Girl

Greedy Girl time this week two toys in my pussy and a fingers up my ass and later this week you get to see the video that goes with it but before then lets get those legs spread for you is that wide enough I am feeling really horny and dirty this week so I am going to fuck myself using two toys at onceI told you I can take a big cock just watch those two toys fucking my nice wet hole as I finger fuck my ass thats it pound my cunt fuck it and fingering my ass at the same time what a turn on that isI bet you do not know which hole you would like to fuck first well you have a choice take your pick unless somebody or something beats you to itSee you later this week as you get to see the real thing in my latest videoLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Pics) 
Sugarbabe - Greedy Girl

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The Patient Pt 3

Dear Diary Lily May rode Trickes Stiff cock Cowgirl fashion then Molly and Lily sucked it hard before Molly bent over and he fucked her deep and hard doggy style Lily May then lay down beside her on the bed and spread her legs wide and I got between them to lick and suck on her juicy pussy before she bent over to be fucked DoggyTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Double Penetration

Double penetration this week just watch those two toys fucking me every girl should try two up her at the same time buzzing on different settings the feeling deep inside your cunt is just wonderfulThats just fantastic feeling those two toys deep inside me I can feel the most amazing orgasm brewing have you ever had one of those you know the feeling is immense and you just want to explode and explodeWell join me and let me take you to those new heights let me make your cock explode like it never as before lets see if you can shoot the biggest load of spunk wank and wank it hard as you are imagining fucking me riding my cunt like it as never been ridden before go on fuck me blow you load deep inside meMy cunt is waiting for it are you up to the jobLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Movie) 

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The Patient Pt 2

Dear Diary Molly and I got our Tits out which certainly helped stimulate the patient and we all took it in turns to suck on his stiff cock and lick his balls before Molly seized the initiative and removed her lace panties and climbed aboard and slid down on his erect member and rode his cock deep and hard before sucking all her juices from its thick shaft then Trickies wife Lily May climbed on boardTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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In The Kitchen

In the kitchen this week getting ready for my favourite recipe cock and spunk what a gorgeous combination lets start by slowly stripping off pulling those panties down and spreading those pussy lips nice and wide have a good look inside it that is that cunt wet or whatLets release those big tits they seem to get bigger every month but they are 100 totally natural just thought of having some cock is making me so horny so I am going to put on a show for you and that waiting cock I just need a big raging hard on as this is the order of the day followed by a nice big helping of spunkWell I cannot leave that cock alone for any longer time to wank and jerk it before taking it into my mouth and sucking him off later on in the week In my new video you can get to see me get my rewards and see that cock shooting his load for meSee you thenLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Pics) 
Sugarbabe - In The Kitchen

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The Patient Pt 1

Dear Diary Molly was a Nurse at the Dirty Doctors Clinic and the Doctor had brought her to Meet a Patient Trickee Dickee who had lost his MoJo I was soon asked to join her and we proceeded to examine the patient and we decided he needed some of our very special treatment and we soon had his cock out and he quickly rose to the occasionTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Spunk In The Kitchen

Time for some spunk now well as you know by now I just love cock and I love wanking and jerking it I love sucking it and love been fucked by it how women live without cock I just do not know cock is god to me and boy does my pussy know it at times it as been pounded my so many cocks and I am sure it will have the pleasure of plenty more in the years to CumWell lets get wanking and jerking as I know you want to see that cock shooting spunk for me and it does not let me down as it give me a nice load of hot fresh spunkGet wanking and jerking with me get your cock out and play with it and shoot some spunk for meLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Movie) 

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Phone Sex

You will enjoy this update as I get to talk phone sex with a guy he loves me talking really dirty to him and he loves giving me instructions on what to do for him he loves me to play finger fuck and toy myself and he loves me to tell him to wank and fuck me and tell him how much I need his lovely hot spunk if you was on the phone what would you get me to do for you I bet I would have you Cumming in minutes for me I would get you spunking like you have never spunked before I know exactly all those dirty words that fetch you off and I love telling you exactly what I am doing and you can here me cum for you but that is later in the week in the next video update and as you know when I explode I am not quiet so hold that phone away from your ear as I cum down the phone for youLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Pics) 
Sugarbabe - Phone Sex

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Claires Whore Dee Pt2

Claire is a very demanding slutshe needs a whore to attend to her every needsSo after fucking me to an Orgasm She makes me lick her soaking pussy driving her wild Remember if you join my sexy web site you see all my photos and hardcore videos but all the other TAC 1 girls too -  (Movie) 

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Two hole toys and a cream pie

Hey Alan At last heres the video we talked about So sit back and relax whilst Im getting down and dirty with a toy in my ass and one in my pussy Even hubby puts in an appearance later by fucking my tight pussy and giving me a huge cream pie Love Jolene xxxx -  (Movie) 

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Phone Sex

He wants me to wank my pussy for him and tell him how he is going to fuck me I tell him how to wank that cock and how to fuck me I need him to spread my legs nice and wide and give me his spunkTell me when you are ready to cum and I will hold my cunt lips wide for you so you can shoot your load into me then watch it dribble from my pussy lips or as soon as you cum do you want me to put my panties back on and let hubby have secondsI keep wanking my pussy while his balls are filling with spunk he wants to fill my cunt full of spunk so badly and we both explode at the same time wow what a dirty orgasm that wasLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Movie) 

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Wild Thing pt2

Time 515Things are getting hot in the woods with hubby and I I lay at the end of the pick up truck in my overalls while he finger fucks me until I cum then he fucks me and squirts his hot load all over my tummy Mummmmm Luv it Enjoy Ashley -  (Movie) 
AwesomeAshley - Wild Thing pt2

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