Fucking A Member Of My Site

In a hotel room knowing I am going to get fucked by a member of my site he does not want to show his face on camera as his wife might find out so let him fuck me in private while my husband watches and wanks he loves watching me getting fucked especially if the guy as a nice big cock and I have seen quite a few photos of this guys cock and it is big thick and plenty of girthSo when you are looking through this weeks update you can think about me on the end of that cock as he pins me down and enters my pussy and fucks me and then bends me over and takes me doggy style thats it nice deep thrusts as he holds my thighs and pumps that cock into me I wonder what he wife would think of him fucking meWell at least his wife will not get to see him on video or any photos of him fucking me and my husband will have a real nice wank without doubt as his watches his wife getting fucked by that big cockLoveMichelle xxxxxxx -  (Pics) 
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Cream Pied

Doing what I do best wanking jerking sucking and fucking cock while not neglecting my own very wet cunt I just love playing with cock and seeing how far I can take it into the back of my throat watching and feeling a cock going hard in your mouth is a wonderful pleasureBut nothing beats getting fucked by as nice hard cock feeling it going in and out knowing it is going to unleash large amounts of spunk deep inside my already wet cunt just feeling that cock throbbing as it explodes inside you oh boy noting beats a good fuckingWatch that cock fuck me from start to finish and see the results with a wonderful cream pie finish watch that spunk dripping from my cunt lips would you like to be next join the queue for secondsLoveMichelle xxxxx -  (Movie) 

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Pussy Pie In The Kitchen

In the kitchen serving up a very special meal a nice dish of pussy pie to get your mouth round I know you will be full at the end of munching away on my pussy so lets get mixing those juices for you lets spread nice and wide so let me show you that ass and pussy well spread just waiting to be eatenNow bent over my ass and pussy are spread for you so its what hole do you want to eat first would it be starters on the ass followed by pussy pie or would you eat my pussy then follow up with afters eating my ass if you wanted cream I would leave you to provide thatlet me get some kitchen utensils into that lovely wet pussy and lets start mixing those juices read to serve that is a nice deep fucking with those wooden spoons what a dirty girl I am one is not enough lets go for moreSee you later on this week with another dirty videoLoveMichelle xxxxxxx -  (Pics) 
Sugarbabe - Pussy Pie In The Kitchen

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Auntie Ashleys Surprise Pt4

I surprise Nephew with Nipple Clamps then whip my self on the ass how the big surprise is sucking his cock with my Nylon on my hand Enjoy Pt4 Kisses Ashley -  (Movie) 
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Auntie Ashleys Surprise Pt1

Im giving my Nephew a show of his life Nipple sucking 70s Nylons and Nine Inch heels So sexy baby This is a 6 part movie which has much more 3 cum watch and see just how sexy and nasty it is Ash -  (Movie) 

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On The Table

I was feeling really Sexy in my Red Tights with my short tartan skirt of course I wasnt wearing any knickers so after taking off my top Bra my hand found its way down between my legs where I fingered myself But there was a small hole in the gusset so I ripped open my tights and got to work with my vibratorAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Pics) 
AuntieTrisha - On The Table

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Back from the Club Pt 2

My Vibrator slid effortlessly up my juicy cunt and it certainly hit the spot as I pounded away hard and fast burring the vibe deep inside me I worked the vibe faster and faster in every conceivable position until at last I reached an electrifying climax and just in time for as I lay recovering my phone rang and it was my nephew Buddy who had a serious problem and he needed Aunties Help so I quickly got dressed as he was coming round to see meAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Back From The Club

I had just got back from the Swingers club but there was not much action so I came home and decided it was time for some solo playtime on the bed I was not wearing any panties just my pantyhose and I just love to rub my pussy through them so its dress off and pantyhose down round my ankles and time for some serious finger fucking before reaching for my pink vibratorAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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