Working from Home

It had been Snowing and the Roads were really bad so I couldnt get to work so I decided to work from home but there are advantages in working from home so I stripped off and got my USB powered bullet vibrator and slipped it in then got my slim black vibe and pushed it in nice and deep bringing myself to a satisfying climaxAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Pics) 
AuntieTrisha - Working from Home

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Secretary Trisha Pt 2

Dear Diary As I have said on many occasions Fingers are never enough so I reach for my Big Black Rabbit Vibrator which slides in to my wet juicy pussy with ease and start to pound away hard and fast burying the vibe deep in my cunt and bringing myself to a fantastic climaxTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Secretary Trisha Pt 1

Dear Diary I was away with the Boss on Business and I was dressed really Sexy in a very revealing outfit as requested to impress prospective clients I checked the Diary and I had a bit of time before the first appointment so time to strip off and play with my Tits and finger my PussyTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Stripping in My Lounge

I was sitting at my desk checking my emails when I decided to look at my website and yes I thought its looking good but then you guys know that already so as I was feeling Horny I started to strip off and soon I was playing with a couple of pretty unusual pens but they certainly did the trick and soon I had them Buried Deep in my Pussy and ArseAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Pics) 
AuntieTrisha - Stripping in My Lounge

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Back Home Pt 2

I Lay back on the bed and Fingered my pussy making it nice and wet it was then time to try my surprise gift to my amazement it also vibrated so I turned it to Max and slid it deep into my willing pussy it felt really good and I pounded away deep and hard until I reached a climax then it was time for that relaxing bathAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 
AuntieTrisha - Back Home Pt 2

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Back Home Pt 1

It had been a hard day at work and I was Glad to be Home so I stripped off and was thinking about a bath or a shower to relax and freshen up a bit when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a very large Black Dildo on the Bed with a Note saying Try Me I wondered who had been in and left it but as I was feeling Hot Horny I Thought I would give it a GoAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 
AuntieTrisha - Back Home Pt 1

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Playing in the lounge 3

Sometimes fingers are not enough and as theres no Cock around to satisfy my needs I turn to one of my Trusty vibrators and start off nice and slow teasing it in and out of my now very wet and juicy pussy I bury it deep and rub my clit which feels so good but Im feeling an orgasm building so I pound away really hard until I CumAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Playing in the lounge 2

I decided to get more comfortable on the sofa and pull my panties to one side and rub and finger my now very wet pussy I removed my knickers so I could spread my pussy wide and bury my fingers deep inside so you naughty boys can take a closer lookAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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