Young lady getting nasty

Cum All Over My Face By April of 2002 my then boyfriend had moved into my apartment in Houston and we were regularly fucking three to five times per day true story we still fuck at least once and often as many as three times per day I was really enjoying his extreme horniness by then so I was happy to accomodate his every demand When he said he wanted to save up his cum for a full -  (Pics) 
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Four Some With Beefy Blonde

September of 2009 finds our constant heroine GangBangMomma aka South Texas Cock Lover or STCL once more pinned down in a swanky hotel room by three hard and horny manpigs This time however things would be different because this time GBM had a FRIEND to help her wrestle with the big strong perverts who showed up to fuck her silly Her beefy blonde companion took on all cummers and never shied from a penis in her life Together they would struggle for hours to keep their fanpigs cocks nice and stiff slowly filling their big hairy balls with multiple wads of hot steaming semen By the end of the fight their jaws were aching their knees and elbows were scuffed and raw from carpet burns and their very bones throbbed with the strain of bearing the weight of multiple men piled on top of them but none of the fiendishly horny perverts would leave with full balls or unhappy faces Will these hot slutty women escape with their virginities intact Probably not wh -  (Pics) 
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Whore Does Two

Apparently I have a certain effect on the men I fuck They keep cumming back for more Of course hubby usually sticks me two to five times per day EVERY day but my fanpigs cum back again and again too In July of 2009 I balled one of my regular lovers for the third time He couldnt get enough of my mouth tits pussy and ass I guess His wife probably wouldnt understand and I dont like to break up families or anything never have in fact since Im ALWAYS discrete but I say to all women you MUST satisfy your manpig by draining his balls as often as he requires if you want to keep him NEVER say no Otherwise you must expect them to get it elsewhere Most real men cant help themselves they have to cum much and often and the righthandRosy just isnt enough A real man needs to release himself inside something warm wet and willing to be truly satisfied Masturbation only goes so far In fact I think you should write me so I can invite you to fuck -  (Pics) 
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Tis the season to be naughty

A brief set from November this year Hubby wanted me to get naked in the office complex where I worked at the time The hope was that somebody who knew me would see me so all our friends would find out exactly what sort of slut I am Of course it didnt work because nobody saw me Anyway theyre all WAY too stupid to know what to do with me so just check out my junk and rest assured of my sluttiness and superior sexuality If you used to work there with me FUCK YOU and your mother I know I already did ha ha ha -  (Pics) 
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Slutty Xmas

What do you do when youre woman comes to you with a camera a razor and some shaving cream and says Hey nutsack get off your ass and shave my pussy while you take pictures of it What do you do hotshot Ill tell you what you do you grin from ear to ear drop your drawers grab the camera and start pushing that little button on both the woman AND the camera Of course it helps if you have to shave her pussy in fuckme boots and black lingerie Im sure EVERY woman trims the bush this way I know I do Best part You get to watch if you want Wanna watch Hey You better stop rubbing that thing so hard youre going to start a fire someday -  (Pics) 
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Me Versus Three

In May of 2011 hubby arranged for two of my most useful fanpigs to join him in fucking me hard deep and long When there are at least three men in the room the pics improve considerably since there are two men available to fuck me and one man available to work the cameras Even better when theres an extra WOMAN in the room those pics are cumming up later During this event my three chosen fanpigs enjoyed me switching off on them with my mouth back and forth back and forth before they enjoyed switching off on me end to end then end to end In fact these pics record the FIRST time I received two messy facials at the same time In other words I sucked off the second man with the first man on my face It was really TOO much fun and Im afraid Im going straight to hell for doing these nasty things And what about you Spanky Im worried youll get the hairypalmed blindness Stop masturbating now PERVERT -  (Pics) 
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I Swallow

Sometimes I like to dress up just for hubby as I did in November The ponytails were his idea but I think they made for a nice touch Hubby loves my face in these after he filled my mouth Its one of his favorite ways to photograph me since its a means of both humiliating me AND marking his territory all with the same nut Would you rather see it on a womans face or in her mouth Or on her tits Or in her pussy or ass What is your favorite way of spraying a whore with nut Im always interested in hearing about a new way to do this so if you have any suggestions dont hesitate to write me with your request I bet I can do ANYthing you want me to do and I bet I can do it with a fucking SMILE Why Because Im a pervert because YOU are a pervert Im not a whore You make me one EMail me at GangBangMommagmailcom -  (Pics) 
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Fucking A Member Of My Site

In a hotel room knowing I am going to get fucked by a member of my site he does not want to show his face on camera as his wife might find out so let him fuck me in private while my husband watches and wanks he loves watching me getting fucked especially if the guy as a nice big cock and I have seen quite a few photos of this guys cock and it is big thick and plenty of girthSo when you are looking through this weeks update you can think about me on the end of that cock as he pins me down and enters my pussy and fucks me and then bends me over and takes me doggy style thats it nice deep thrusts as he holds my thighs and pumps that cock into me I wonder what he wife would think of him fucking meWell at least his wife will not get to see him on video or any photos of him fucking me and my husband will have a real nice wank without doubt as his watches his wife getting fucked by that big cockLoveMichelle xxxxxxx -  (Pics) 
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