Vibrator Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary I was fingering my friend Julie while she teased her clit with her vibrating wand but the power of the wand was faltering so she reached under her pillow and pulled out an electric wand slightly smaller but more powerful and she got to work on her clit with it while I continued vigorously fingerfucking her and she reached Orgasm several times her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each climaxTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Vibrator Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary Let me introduce you to my good Friend Julie Sensualize who operates a very naughty massage parlour in the west midlands we had just enjoyed an afternoon od Dirty lesbian fun but Julie wanted more so continued working on her pussy with her vibrating wand but she needed a bit of help so I joined in the Fun and started finger fucking herTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Fun with Filthy Emma Pt 3

Dear Diary Emma is laying back on the bed and Im pleasuring her with a big black rabbit dildo I pound away relentlessly her pussy swallowing the vibe deep I get faster and faster until she reaches orgasm covering the vibe with her creamy cum now its my turn and Emma reaches for my GSpot vibe and after teasing my clit she slides it deep into my cunt and I soon reache orgasm after which I leaves Emma alone again telling her the Doctor will be along to examine her shortlyTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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