Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 3

Dear Diary I rode his Cock deep and hard and when I dismounted Molly was quick to lick and suck all of our juices from it I licked his balls while Lily rubbed and fingered my pussy he was getting ready to cum so we lay back and he jerked off over our faces before shooting his full load into our mouths Molly and I then shared his hot thick SpunkTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Two Vibrator Playtime Pt 2

I reach for my Anal Vibe and lube it up ready then I lube and finger my arse before sliding that vibe in and out while rubbing my clit I bend over and fuck my arse doggy style with the vibe I lay back down on my side and fuck my arse deeper and harder until I once again reach OrgasmAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 2

Dear Diary Molly and Lily had his cock tied up with their knickers and were fighting over it but Molly being a greedy girl climbed aboard and rode him reverse cowgirl sliding up and down on his thick shaft she dismounted to give Lily a turn and she rode him cowgirl while twerking her arse while Molly and I played with his balls until it was my turn to ride his thick German SausageTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Two Vibrator Playtime

Im feeling really Horny today so time to play with my pussy and as Im not wearing any panties finger fucking is really easy but after a good fingering its time for my vibe so I slide it in and pound away hard and fast until I reach a satisfying climax but I think now my Arse needs some attentionAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 1

Dear Diary I had just been out Clubbing in Berlin with my good friends Molly and Lily May it was early in the morning about 4am when we got back so we sat on the bed chatting about the evening and wondering if The German Guy Molly had given our Hotel name and room number to would turn up well the next thing he walked through the door naked and joined us on the bed Molly and Lily Sucked on his cock while I sat on his face Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Sequin Dress Pt 2

But as I have said many times before sometimes fingers are not enough so take a look at my brandnew vibrating wand it sure does hit the spot as I slide it between my pussy lips and push it hard against my clit and it doesnt take me long at all to reach a satisfying climaxAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Sequin Dress Pt 1

I had just got back after a night out with the Girls and I was feeling Hot and Horny so it was time to play but first its time to unzip my black Sequin Dress and play with my 38DD tits and erect nipples before turning my attention to my wet juicy pussy so its panties off and time for a good fingeringAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Ghoul

Its Halloween and Im The Wicked Witch and I seduce the Evil Ghoul and force him to pleasure me I have the Ghoul tied to my Bed and I get my hands on his massive Cock and give him a good sucking before I release him to get to work on my pussy with his Long Red Nose Trisha xxx -  (Pics) 
TrishasDiary - The Ghoul

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White Underwear

Im on my sofa in my sexy white underwear for a site members request he asked to see a photoset of me in White Underwear and Shiny Red Shoes stripping off then stuffing my knickers up my cunt with a smooth white vibrator well Im not one to disappoint so here it is for you all to EnjoyAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Pics) 
AuntieTrisha - White Underwear

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Lesbian Zombies Pt 2

Dear Diary Savana and I had made every effort to secure all the doors and windows but to no avail the deadly gas entered the room and we started suffocating on the fumes we soon passed out then we woke with a start Gagging and Coughing and Spewing Pungent Green Slime we had been turned into Zombies and started ripping each others clothes off and coughing up more horrid green slimeTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Lesbian Zombies Pt 1

Dear Diary Savana had come round for an afternoon of lesbian fun and we were on the bed with a glass of wine watching a girlie movie on the TV when there was an important newsflash there had been a terrorist attack on the local chemical plant and they had escaped with a deadly neurotoxin the army had destroyed their van but the explosion had not neutralised the toxin and a deadly poison gas cloud was heading for the city turning anyone who comes into contact with it into sex crazed zombiesTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Fucking My Photographer Pt 3

I Turned around and climbed on again in the reverse cowgirl position and once again pounded away on his stiff cock before laying him on his back and once again sucking on his cock hard and fast until he shot his full load deep in my mouthAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Phone Sex

You will enjoy this update as I get to talk phone sex with a guy he loves me talking really dirty to him and he loves giving me instructions on what to do for him he loves me to play finger fuck and toy myself and he loves me to tell him to wank and fuck me and tell him how much I need his lovely hot spunk if you was on the phone what would you get me to do for you I bet I would have you Cumming in minutes for me I would get you spunking like you have never spunked before I know exactly all those dirty words that fetch you off and I love telling you exactly what I am doing and you can here me cum for you but that is later in the week in the next video update and as you know when I explode I am not quiet so hold that phone away from your ear as I cum down the phone for youLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Pics) 
Sugarbabe - Phone Sex

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Claires Whore Dee Pt2

Claire is a very demanding slutshe needs a whore to attend to her every needsSo after fucking me to an Orgasm She makes me lick her soaking pussy driving her wild Remember if you join my sexy web site you see all my photos and hardcore videos but all the other TAC 1 girls too -  (Movie) 

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