The Dungeon Pt 3

Dear Diary Cathy watches from the stocks as I get a taste of Lily Mays Pussy before I demand the same from her after sucking and fingering my cunt we release Cathy and give her the opportunity to join in and suck on my Pussy while I suck on Lilys Tits Then its Cathys turn to be tied to the CrossTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Dungeon Pt 2

Dear Diary after giving Cathy a good spanking and discovering she really is a Cross Dressing Male I Untie Lily May and instruct her to squeeze on Cathys balls as I continue to whack her next Lily I tie Cathy to the Rack and stretch her before trying to get her Cock hard no luck there so in the stocks with herTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Dungeon Pt 1

Dear Diary two weary travellers lost and in need of refreshment come across my house which is in a very isolated spot they decide to call in and I made them welcome and offered them a drink they soon fall asleep but when they awake they find themselves tied up in my dungeon and at the mercy of Mistress TrishaTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Dungeon

Dear Diary heres a set of stills from the movie you will see over the next few updates and it will give you a bit of a taster for whats to come shot in the Dungeon at Reading House its the tale of two weary travellers who are looking for rest and refreshment but end up at my mercy and get more than they Bargained for in The Dungeon when they meet Mistress Trisha Trisha xxx -  (Pics) 
TrishasDiary - The Dungeon

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Hot Photoshoot SpyCam Pt 2

Dear Diary Lily sucked hard on my pussy and I was ready to be fucked so I swapped places with Lily and Mr G fucked me hard while lily straddled my face and I gorged on her wet cunt we changed positions and I bent over the table and Mr G Fucked me from behind while I buried my face between Lillys legs and sucked hard on her clit until she squirted next we got Mr G to lay on the floor and we gave him a taste of our golden nectar but we wanted his cum so he stood up and gave us both a sample of his hot spunkTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Hot Photoshoot SpyCam Pt 1

Dear Diary Lily May I were getting ready for a Video shoot but as we got ready I sensed we were being Watched and I was sure that Dirty Pervert amateur Spy Guy was lurking about somewhere hidden away with his Spy Cam When we were ready we went into the kitchen and started sucking on Mr Gs cock before lily Lay on the Table and spread her legs wide so Mr G could taste her juicy pussy before ramming his cock deep and hard into her willing Cunt I sucked on her tits before climbing on the table so Lily could suck on my wet pussyTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Fun with Lily Spy Cam Pt 2

Dear Diary after licking and sucking each others tits and nipples we started on our wet juicy pussies fingering then burying our tongues deep in to each others cunts before reaching for our dildos and pounding away until we both reached a climaxTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Fun With Lily Spy Cam Pt 1

Dear Diary heres a naughty Vid shot by Amateur Spy Guy Lily May I were on the bed and started to play when he sneaked up on us and peered round the door and started filming us with his Spy camera and he managed to capture some great if not at times a little shaky footage of our anticsTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Fucking Instead Of TV

Chris is at home She wants to watch TV Her boyfriends comes home Two friends of him join him Chris65533 friend wants sex Chris makes an agreement At first she has sex with the three boys after that she may watch her TVShow -  (Movie) 

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The Patient Pt 2

Dear Diary The Patient had signed the consent form allowing us to give him whatever treatment we deemed necessary and beneficial to his recovery and both Claire and I decided we couldnt waste the opportunity to get our hands on such a magnificent specimen and he soon rose to the occasion when Nurse Claire and I got to work on himNurse Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Leather Dress Fuck Movie

Dressed like a whore in my new Leather Dress stockingsSucking a big cock before my cunt is really fingered and licked getting me ready to be fucked hardI love to meet any members of my TAC site so why not join me for X rated fun Also join me and u can see ALL of TAC 1s girls -  (Movie) 

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Angel Eyes Hand Job

A nice member ask me if it is possible to meet us to have a randy evening togetherHe wants nothing more than a hand job He wants to see me in black and white and blackgloves Least week we meat us and the hot action starts It was a great feeling to make a hand job withblack gloves because I have never done it befor his cock was so hot and randy that I must suck himfrom time to time -  (Pics) 
CindyUK - Angel Eyes Hand Job

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The Patient Pt 1

Dear Diary I had just come on Duty with Nurse Claire and The Doctor had asked us to check on a patient He was a bit delirious so we did our best to reassure him on examination he seemed OK but we were worried about his reflexes and he said he had a pain in his Pelvis and on closer examination we could see why the strain on his hips from his BBC must be horrendous so we set about giving him some reliefNurse Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Double Dee Melody Pt3

After Melody made me come using her mouth on meits my turn to have her on her back and eat her wet pussy while I have my pussy stretched open and fingered heavily making me come again Join My Site And You can get to See all of TAC 1 Girls You get the chance to join me on a sexy shoot -  (Movie) 

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