Wild Thing pt2

Time 515Things are getting hot in the woods with hubby and I I lay at the end of the pick up truck in my overalls while he finger fucks me until I cum then he fucks me and squirts his hot load all over my tummy Mummmmm Luv it Enjoy Ashley -  (Movie) 
AwesomeAshley - Wild Thing pt2

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Wild Thing pt1

Time 425Hubby and I out in our woods clearing the trees Im getting pissed lol but hes liking it LOL I give in and start dancing for him and stripping out of my overalls haha then he really gets a bonermake sure and see NO2 for all the hot action outside in the woods Kisses Ashley -  (Movie) 

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In the Barn Pt 4

Dear Diary Molly had sucked his cock hard and then climbed aboard to ride him cowgirl before Lily took over to ride him reverse Cowgirl next we sucked him some more then he bent us all over in a line and fucked us hard one at a time but he returned to me and fucked me hard and shot his full load inside me and Molly cleaned upTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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In the Barn Pt 3

Dear Diary the Stable Lad had been watching us and walked in on us ready to join in the fun with his Cock nice and hard and Molly was first to take it in her mouth before I lay back and was first to be fucked after which Molly sucked off all my pussy juice from its shaft Molly sucked hard and jerked his cock and we thought he was going to shoot his loadTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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In The Barn Pt 2

Dear Diary Molly removed her shorts revealing her sexy white panties and I started fingering and sucking on her juicy pussy while Lily May sucked on her nipples next we had Lilys panties off and Molly nibbled on her nipples as I spread her pussy wide to reveal her Big Clit and we rubbed hard on it until she squirted everywhere -  (Movie) 

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In The Barn Pt 1

Dear Diary my good Friend Lily May had just been our Riding and Molly and I met up with her in the Barn It was a nice Hot summers day so we werent wearing much and we soon had our Tits out and started rubbing straw all over them and sucking on each others nipplesTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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