Hotel in Prague Pt 3

Dear Diary its my turn next and after the girls removed my panties Molly spreads my pussy wide and buries her tongue deep inside me before Lily takes over while Molly sucks on my tits before they both finger me until I reach orgasm Time for Lily to lay back for the same treatment so we take off her white panties and then we both suck on her wet pussy and big juicy tits before fingering her to completionTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Deep Inside

Later this week you will get to see the video to go with this update where I get to spread my cunt lips and show you deep inside get your tongue ready to lick my juices and then flick it over my clit you never know I might even get to suck your lovely hard cock a nice 69But before then I am going shopping for some sexy lingerie but not before I fuck myself rotten no cock to play with so its time for one of the toys to make an appearance I just love finger fucking myself while sucking on a toy thinking it is your cock I have in my mouthThats it get that cock inside me and fuck me deep and hard pound that cunt and make me cum oh yes fuck me deep and hard shoot all that cum deep inside me flood me with your juicesNow thats just what my cunt ordered see you later this week for a session of sex and fuckingLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Pics) 
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Black Toy

Well you have joined me for some real fun live on video watch me teasing and talking dirty to you before sticking a nice black toy up my ass and a nice white one in my pussy lets see how deep both toys can go well that black one fits nicely in my ass so lets have a good ass fuck first before moving onto my pussyNow lets see how far the white one can go right up to the balls while the black one is still in my ass with both holes well filled lets fuck and cum I just need an orgasm so badly and I know exactly what fetches me offJust like when you are wanking your cock you know exactly what gives you the best mindblowing orgasm and the best cum shot well with me when I cum I need to get seriously fucked deep and very hard so my cunt knows exactly that it as been well and truly fucked LoveMichelle xxxxxxxx -  (Movie) 

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Double Ended Dildo Sex

Double ended dildo sex this week a nice big long length of cock just what a lady needs to fill a big and wanting pussy lets see how much of that double ended cock I can get inside of me but lets get those big natural tits out first they are a massive pair of tits and they weigh so much now lets get those panties down around my knees and spread those cunt lips for you so you can see all that deep pink inside of meNow you have seen my pussy nicely spread let me open up my ass to you now that is two holes I bet you wish you could fuck now its time to try to fit that big double ended cock inside of me thats it take it like a good girl now bend over and get fucked from behind get that cock right in that hole go on fuck that pussy now lick all your juices off that shaftIts time now to make yourself cum fuck your hole until you cum for me go on fuck it make yourself cream thats it look at that cock covered in your love juice now fuck that hole agai -  (Pics) 
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Creaming On That Cock

Before I get fucking let me swing those big tits for you lots of you have asked me to swing those massive jugs from side to side just watch them swing now lets spread those holes for you first my ass and then my pussy so you can see it all nice and close now it time to get fucked by that big double ended cock watch and hear all the action hear every moan groan and all that dirty talk while you are wanking and jerking your cock off over meAnd I am going to cum with you so you can watch me wanking as well before having a nice big portion of that rather large dildo let me wank my clit and make myself cum for you and once I have cum I need a real good hard but deep fucking and I have just the right thing to fuck me withThat is one very greedy pussy I have but then you know that my hole just loves to get well fucked and it needs fucked every day of the week that is either with my hands and fingers or any type of toy or even better a nice hard cock th -  (Movie) 

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Black Cock Fucking

Us girls love our sex toys and I have a bag of them big ones small ones and all colours and I also have Omar the biggest cock there is and it really does fill me right up it really stretches that pussy to the limits but I love it and having so many toys means I can pick and choose what type of toy I use and how I use itSo panties down around my ankles now lets get that cunt ready for a real good fucking I need it and I need it every day that is why I have so many toys does the word greedy girl come to mind because I am one very greedy lady who just loves fucking my pussy and having it fucked every day without failLet me get that big black toy inside of that lovely wet hole and give it a nice deep fucking while you are wanking your cock over me go on wank and jerk it for me you know I love you wanking and jerking off over me I badly need to cum and I never fail to cum quite often 3 times in a sessionUs greedy girls just need sex and -  (Pics) 
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Watching That Cunt Get Fucked

Well this week I wanted to give you a video that you can fantasise and wank over as I fuck my pussy with that big black cock so get your cock out because you are soon going to get nice and hard and you are going to be wanking and jerking your cock while watching me and eventually you will get to shoot your spunk for me I do not know how long you will be able to hold on until you shoot your load time will tell maybe you can cum more than onceNow I think it is time to get started dont you let me spread my legs for you nice and wide and get that big black cock inside of my cunt just imagine that could be your cock entering my pussy forcing yourself deep inside of me banging your balls against my ass as you fuck me hard and deep thats it ride that cunt give me the full lengthAs you can see I take a real good length of cock and I really do open up well thats nice right up to those balls the full length going deep inside of me now make me cum -  (Movie) 

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Watch Me Fucking

I am doing what I do best this week getting ready to a nice big cock and you will love it when you see my give him a good hard fuckingWell do like the sexy lingerie I hope it turn you on as much as it does this guy whose cock is growing bigger by the second there is nothing more pleasing knowing that as a lady you can get a cock to grow and stay hard and throbbing for youI open up my ass so he can get a real good look at my asshole would you like to stick your tongue up there or maybe your cock and then he gets to see what a real MILFs cunt look likes and now I think it is my turn to play with that big throbbing hard dickLets wank and jerk it and suck it all you guys love a nice wankLoveMichelle xxxx -  (Pics) 
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Come On Shoot Some Spunk For Me

Time to blow your balls for me again this week I just love the thought that you wank and jerk off over me and when you cum you shoot lots of nice hot spunk I would love to watch you spunking watching all that cum ejaculating from your lovely hard cockWell shall we watch some porn together wow that girl just loves been fucked just look at those big cocks going in and out of her one in the mouth and one in the pussy what a lucky girlI am going to wank with you just enjoy watching me wank and cum for you before you shoot your load for me I just love playing with my cunt I love a tongue fingers and cock or even toys I am so turned on watching her fucking and been fucked its time for you and me to cum wow what a dirty orgasm that wasHope you enjoyed it as much as meLoveMichelle xxxxx -  (Movie) 

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Blow Your Balls For Me

Lets blow your balls again I know you would like to fuck me and shoot you spunk deep inside my cunt so join me for a nice dirty wank so we can explode togetherI want to show you a bit of everything as I need you nice and hard if you are to wank and jerk it over me a limp cock is no use to anyone so lets get goingSo lets show you that ass those big tits and that already lovely big wet cunt just waiting for your nice big hard cock to fuck it are you wanking and jerking now dont spunk to quick I need you to keep some spunk for later on in the week when my latest video comes outLoveMichelle xxxxx -  (Pics) 
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We All Cum Together

With this weeks Video you get a full video in HD that is over 6 minutes long every week without fail you will get over 100 plus photos and a full HD video to go with itWell here we are with this weeks video and now you get to see me fuck myself totally naked outdoors while those two guys wank and jerk off over meI just love spreading my cunt for them and lets really get them going I am going to fuck myself with a sex toy while they get a real close up of all the actionThats it guys you wank your cocks while watching me fuck myself and eventually make myself cum but I am not going to cum until I have watched your two cocks exploding for meGo on wank and wank those cocks nice and hard and spunk for me I badly need to cum after watching that wanking session well it is my turn now to orgasm so lets get fucking just look at that cunt getting well usedI need to cum and here goes let that cunt explode now that w -  (Movie) 

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