Lesbian Zombies Pt 2

Dear Diary Savana and I had made every effort to secure all the doors and windows but to no avail the deadly gas entered the room and we started suffocating on the fumes we soon passed out then we woke with a start Gagging and Coughing and Spewing Pungent Green Slime we had been turned into Zombies and started ripping each others clothes off and coughing up more horrid green slimeTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Lesbian Zombies Pt 1

Dear Diary Savana had come round for an afternoon of lesbian fun and we were on the bed with a glass of wine watching a girlie movie on the TV when there was an important newsflash there had been a terrorist attack on the local chemical plant and they had escaped with a deadly neurotoxin the army had destroyed their van but the explosion had not neutralised the toxin and a deadly poison gas cloud was heading for the city turning anyone who comes into contact with it into sex crazed zombiesTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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House Of Horror

Dear Diary It Was Halloween and I was walking home from a party and took a short cut through a graveyard but I felt I was being Followed so I started to Run I eventually came to a cottage and asked for help the owner brought me inside next thing I knew we were having sex now was this just a dream or was it realTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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