The Escaped Convict Pt 2

Claires Boyfriend Bob had escaped from Jail and came come home to hide out but the Law arrived and Clair and I did our best to throw the Detective off the scent so to speak as only we knew how but when Bob came out of the Bathroom all cleanly shaven The Detective failed to recognise him which was good for me as Bob gave me a real Good FuckingTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Double Penetration Pt2

This is another tripleteam from October of 2011 wherein hubby arranged for me to do a longtime lover you might recognize him as the pool guy among others and a new fanpig you havent seen before In fact this latter gentleman really outdid himself by bringing his woman for me to fuck at the end of the year Twice Some men just like to see their women acting the slut I think its part braggingrights and part property rights He wants to say Im in charge of your pussy I own it so I can share it or keep it to myself as I like If I want to pass you around between multiple strange men then thats what youre going to do I am my husbands fucktoy after all Im his slut and his whore too in a way I guess Im all those things to you too you ShaftStroking CumSquirting PERVERT -  (Movie) 

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Just Business Dressed for success

Well as youve seen in my other office slut photos and videos I love wearing sexy sluty clothes under my business clothesThe other day I received my latest set of fishnet bra and panties and I thought what a better way to enjoy them was under my suit Enjoy them I did as my nipples kept poking thru the mesh as well as my pussy lips So by the time I got home I was so fucking horny I needed to get off So for the next half hour I played with my toys and as youll see I came several timesEnjoy XOXO Mary -  (Movie) 

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She Bop Pt1

At the end of October 2011 the fanpig from my last gangbang brought GangBangMomma a present This happens to us more often than you know BTW dont be jealous Probably a dozen times I have fucked a man once and then had him cum back one or more times with his woman Its like they want to know its safe to play before they bring their toys I think youre going to like this little sex toy Shes a wellkept mature woman who loves to suck dick get fucked and eat pussy She has ALL the best girlygirl toys too let me tell you and I really enjoyed eating her pussy for half an hour or so There is only ONE thing better than eating pussy while getting fucked doggystyle and that is sucking dick while getting fucked doggystyle So sit back unzip get a grip and let er rip MonkeySpanker -  (Movie) 

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