Christmas 3 Some

Dear Diary There I was in my Underwear putting Decorations on my Christmas tree when as if my Magic two Guys appeared on my sofa and decided I was their Christmas Treat and when I saw their Cocks I was more than willing to Treat them Trisha xxx -  (Pics) 
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Cum On My Tits

Dear Diary I had just finished an afternoon filming with The Dirty Doctor and he was feeling rather Horny so he stripped off and played with his cock while I used the vibrating wand on his balls and it didnt take him long to shoot his spunk all over my titsTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Cock Cam Pt 4

Dear Diary I was having some fun with The Dirty Doctor trying out a cock Cam I was lying on my back sucking The Docs cock the cam capturing all the close up action and it wasnt long before he shot his full load in my mouthTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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84 Pics setCabana Boy

My Girlfriend and I took a Vacation to an Oregon outdoors retreat and found our selves a Cabana boy we lured him in the Cabana to give one hell of a treat Stay tuned for Cabana Boy Part 12 Videos Kisses Ashley -  (Pics) 
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The Cock Cam Pt 3

Dear Diary I was testing out a Cock Cam with The Dirty Doctor and we were having a lot of fun with it I lay on myr back and teased the end of the Docs cock with my tongue and squeezed his balls the cock cam capturing all the close up actionTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Filthy Sluts Fuck Pt2

Me Raz just cant wait to get this guy to fuck us as we are so horny First he goes down on me and licks me out with Raz the dirty bitch fingering me Us girls then double BJ him she soon jumps on him takes his cock and really rides it making me so wet My turn soon comes and he starts to pound me with his big prick really rubbing my clit piecing which drives me wild Boy I love a session with Raz I cannot wait for my next 1 or 2 or 3 hehe Hey anyone fancy gangbanging me -  (Pics) 
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The Cock Cam Pt 2

Dear Diary The Dirty Doctor lay on his back and I sucked hard on his cock and the close ups from the cock cam were awesome although a little grainy and it was great to watch the action on the tablet Next I lay on my back and I spread my pussy wide and The Doc fucked me slowly so the cam caught some close up actionTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Cock Cam Pt 1

Dear Diary Theres a new Gadget on the Market its called The Cock Cam so I thought I better try one out Its basically a Rubber Cock Ring with a small camera attached and the Dirty Doctor was more than willing to help this was our first try with it and we found it a bit dark in really close up situations but it certainly produced some different effects we possibly need to look at extra lighting in that area maybe a cock lightTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Parking Dilema

Chris is working in an office A young man entered the office and asked her to park her car on another place He could not leave his garage cause Chriss car was parked in front of his The man is angry at first but Chris tries to calm him First he has to fuck her afterwards she will drive her car away -  (Movie) 
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