New Red Basque and Shoes Pt 1

Dear Diary One of my Loyal website Members had sent me a New Red Basque and Sexy CFM Red Heels for my Birthday and it was only Right I wore them for him when I visited him at his Holiday Cottage in Suffolk and we were soon kissing and cuddling on the sofa before I released my 38DD breasts for him to fondle and he was soon sucking on my erect nipples I removed my panties and lay back and he started fingering my wet juicy pussyTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Back From The Club Pt 2

I had brought a guy back from the Swingers club and we were hard at it and it was Time for some 69 so I licked and sucked his cock and balls while he fingered and sucked on my pussy before he spread my legs wide and fucked me deep and hard shooting his full load deep inside me leaving me with a lovely cream pieRandy Rita xxx -  (Movie) 

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A Member Of My Site Shoots His Spunk Ove

Well now to the members video and is he in for a surprise he did ask me if he could fuck me when we arranged this photo shoot and I declined on this occasion but when I saw how big his cock was I could not help myself and while doing the video I got him to come over and I wanked jerked and sucked his big cockI sucked on that lovely big cock and boy did it fill my mouth he was certainly not at the back of the queue when cocks was given out he was right towards the front it was long and very thick and his precum tasted so sweetBy now I needed to cum myself and I got him to wank and jerk his cock right by me while I played and finger fucked my pussy I wanted him to cum for me and when he cum he had the choice where he shot his spunk and when his balls released that spunk he shot it all over my cunt lipsHaving his spunk all over my pussy why waste it so I used it to masturbate my pussy and I rubbed his spunk into my pussy lips and cunt -  (Movie) 

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Back From The Club Pt 1

I had been to that well known Swingers club Klub Kink in Dudley and I had a great time and I brought a guy called Buddy home with me for some more Hot Sex I soon had him stripped off and got him sucking on my tits and erect nipples before getting to work on his stiff cock and sucking it hard before he slid his head between my legs and started sucking on my juicy pussyRandy Rita xxx -  (Movie) 

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Sex Toy Fucking

Ready to go on the town and am I feeling horny so let me share those nice dirty thoughts and images with you a nice red thong running across my ass and in the slit of my pussy lets pull my ass wide for you can you see that thong I bet you wish you was that thong just now dont youCome in closer and have a nice long and deep look into my ass and my pussy just stick your tongue out and you are in one of my holes right now thats it give my ass a good rimming before drinking that pussy juice I must say I do taste sweetNow lets have a real good wank I will wank my pussy while you wank your cock I need to cum and I will make sure that I am well pleasured and pleased here I cum boys and what an orgasm that wasLet stick some fingers into my ass before getting a nice big sex toy to fuck me thats it that toy is right in my hole now fuck that cunt fuck it and fuck it hard I want to cum again and I do not disappoint here I cum again wow that -  (Pics) 
Sugarbabe - Sex Toy Fucking

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Going to the Club Pt 1

Im Rita Auntie Trishas Twin Sister and Im off out Clubbing tonight but I have a bit of time before the Taxi Arrives so I might get things warmed up so to speak ready for the evening ahead Im wearing my nice silver outfit which is ideal for just popping my tits out and has easy access to my pussy I reach for my Big Black Rabbit vibrator and slide it deep in my wet and wanting cunt Randy Rita xxx -  (Movie) 

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POV Sex Toy Fucks Me

This week you get 6 minutes of me getting fucked by a rampant sex toy you get to see that toy in POV entering my pussy and fucking me hard and deep as the head of that toy enters me it opens up my already wet hole and that toy as you can see has ears that lock onto the clitoris it grips that clit and makes it throb giving me such a fantastic feeling So let me lie back spread my legs and do as you want with me use and abuse my pussy she is such a greedy girl and just loves been usedLets turn some power on and get that toy buzzing wow it certainly lives up to its billing it feels just like a real cock fucking me with the advantage of the ears ticking and teasing my clit I do not know how much longer I can hold on before I orgasm those feelings are getting stronger and stronger and I think I am going to cum not much longer now oh yes oh fuck oh fuck now fuck my cunt hard and deep I need it hard and deep just like I do when getting fucked by a real co -  (Movie) 

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The Patient Pt 4

Dear Diary Trickee fucked Lily May while Molly sucked on my Tits we reminded Trickee that the Doctor had requested a semen sample so all 3 of us girls lay back on the bed with our heads over the edge while he face fucked us before shooting his full load all over our faces and in our mouths and he had enough for all three of usTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Burglar Pt 8

After Collecting a DNA Sample it was time to have some fun with him so she took him into the Kitchen for some good old fashioned British watersports before running him into JailAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Burglar Pt 7

Sargent speedy Sucked hard on his stiff cock before climbing on board and fucking him Cowgirl after which he fucked her doggy style but she needed a DNA Sample and what better way to collect it than a good facialAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Patient Pt 3

Dear Diary Lily May rode Trickes Stiff cock Cowgirl fashion then Molly and Lily sucked it hard before Molly bent over and he fucked her deep and hard doggy style Lily May then lay down beside her on the bed and spread her legs wide and I got between them to lick and suck on her juicy pussy before she bent over to be fucked DoggyTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Burglar Pt 6

After Sucking hard on his cock it was his turn to taste some sweet British Pussy so she straddled his face and he licked and sucked on her wet juicy pussy after which she teased his cock with her tits then stroked his cock making it nice and hardAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Burglar Pt 5

I once again chained him to my bed before I decided to call The Police I called my Niece who was a Sargent working for the Serious Crime Squad and She advised me to keep him chained until She Arrived and when she did she took matters into hand literally as she soon grabbed hold of his cock and played with it until it was nice and hard before stripping off very sensually to keep him arousedAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Patient Pt 2

Dear Diary Molly and I got our Tits out which certainly helped stimulate the patient and we all took it in turns to suck on his stiff cock and lick his balls before Molly seized the initiative and removed her lace panties and climbed aboard and slid down on his erect member and rode his cock deep and hard before sucking all her juices from its thick shaft then Trickies wife Lily May climbed on boardTrisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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The Burglar Pt 4

After fucking me The Burglar got down between my spread legs and sucked my pussy after which I got back to work on his cock sucking hard on it getting it nice and erect before getting in the 69 position then after a lot of licking and sucking I lay on my back and jerked him off while he fingered my cunt then without warning he shot his full load all over my face and in my mouthAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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