Smoking BJ Pt 3

Length 556 I really get into sucking his cock while smoking a fag or cig 1 after another I then put his nice cock in between my huge tits as Im blowing smoke on his member and Im loving it -  (Movie) 

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Caught Short

Dear Diary I had just got back from the Pub and I was desperate to go for a piss but my friend had got into the toilet first so I was holding on but it was no good I just had to go so I sat on the sofa and spread my legs and Just Let go My Golden Nectar and Oh what a relief It felt so good I just had to give my Cunt a real good Finger fucking before heading for the showerAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Squirting Brunette Slut

In this clip i get myself all nice and worked up for you using my fingers on my pussy and Once my pussy is nice and swolen its out with the big guns With a toy in my tight little ass and a huge dildo in my pussy its not long before im squirting all over them Enjoy Jolene x -  (Movie) 

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Ceramic Dildo Pt 3

Dear Diary The next thing I know my Camera man has stripped off and he is wanking his stiff cock as I play not wanting to miss an opportunity I take it in my mouth and start to suck hard that must have done the trick as next thing I know he is fucking me doggy and after a few position changes he shoots his full load all over my face in in my mouth Mmmmmmm FantasticAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Drilling both my holes

Its no secret that I love to have BOTH my holes filled at the same time Watch me plunder my ass with a huge ribbed dildo whilst I bring myself to a shuddering orgasm with my favorite vibrator I get so carried away that even the cameraman has to take control of my ass toy at one point Enjoy Jolene xxxx -  (Movie) 

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Ceramic Dildo Pt 2

Dear Diary WOW What a feeling as I slide it deep into my wet and willing Cunt and pound away relentlessly it feels so good nice and firm and smooth I change positions and try it from every angle and soon bring myself to a fantastic climax but I keep pounding away as it feels so goodAuntie Trisha xxx -  (Movie) 

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Covered In Spunk

Fuck me that is one very big cock you have got let me give that big cock a nice wank and jerk as I talk dirty to you a good two handed wank and there is still plenty to go around well this guy was not at the back of the queue when cocks where given out he really does have one very big cock and his balls are like rock full of lovely hot spunk and I am going to empty those balls and have all that lovely hot cumWatch me as I wank and suck that cock my mouth was made to suck cock and I just love it a nice deep cock throating filling my mouth to capacity as I suck on that cockI really want that cock to spunk but I want it to spunk when I want it to cum and not before I just love being in charge of a cock and when it can spunk the fun his when the guy wants to cum and you just ease off and tease and he begs you to make him spunk but no you cum when I say you cum and not beforeWell now I think it is time you spunked for me let me have all t -  (Movie) 

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