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TrishasDiary - Wet T-Shirt Gallery
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Wet T-Shirt

Dear Diary Its getting Cold Outside and Christmas is nearly hear so lets go back to the summer with a few Holiday Snaps I know you all love a Girl in a Wet Tee Shirt so what else...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 4 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 4

Dear Diary, After sucking hard on my pussy he turned his attention to my tits and hard nipples, I noticed a bulge in his underpants so decided to release his cock and play with it ...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 3 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 3

Dear Diary, The Master bent me over the kitchen table and started to spank me then started whacking my arse with a wooden spoon and my bum cheeks were getting red and sore so I dec...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 2 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 2

Dear Diary, I found a whisk in the drawer and decided to give it a go and I soon got to work with it thrusting it deep inside me which felt so good and soon brought me to Orgasm bu...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 1 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 1

Dear Diary, I was working as a Maid in a country house in Yorkshire and the Master of the House had gone to play golf, he told me to clean the Kitchen but as he was out I took a br...

TrishasDiary - American Diner Pt 3 HD Video


American Diner Pt 3

Dear Diary, We all started to strip off and I was first in the chair spreading my legs wide while the Texan buried his tongue deep in my pussy, Molly was next and sat on the bar wh...

TrishasDiary - American Diner Pt 2 HD Video


American Diner Pt 2

Dear Diary, we removed his underpants to reveal his Texas Longhorn and Molly was first to take it in her mouth followed by Me then Lily May as we all like to share but it was soon ...

TrishasDiary - American Diner Pt 1 HD Video


American Diner Pt 1

Dear Diary, I was Away in Texas with my Good Friends Lily May Molly for a Hot Photo Video shoot and it was our first night out on the town and we had got all dressed up to go out...

TrishasDiary - Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 3 HD Video


Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 3

Dear Diary I rode his Cock deep and hard and when I dismounted Molly was quick to lick and suck all of our juices from it, I licked his balls while Lily rubbed and fingered my puss...

TrishasDiary - Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 2 HD Video


Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 2

Dear Diary, Molly and Lily had his cock tied up with their knickers and were fighting over it but Molly being a greedy girl climbed aboard and rode him reverse cowgirl sliding up a...

TrishasDiary - Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 1 HD Video


Fun in a Berlin Hotel Pt 1

Dear Diary, I had just been out Clubbing in Berlin with my good friends, Molly and Lily May, it was early in the morning about 4am when we got back so we sat on the bed chatting ab...

TrishasDiary - Shower Time (Spy Cam) HD Video


Shower Time (Spy Cam)

Dear Diary, Amateur Spy Guy is at it again, you never know where is going to pop up next or when you least expect it, Here I am Taking a quick shower but foolishly I leave the door...

TrishasDiary - The Ghoul Gallery
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The Ghoul

Its Halloween and Im The Wicked Witch and I seduce the Evil Ghoul and force him to pleasure me, I have the Ghoul tied to my Bed and I get my hands on his massive Cock and give him ...

TrishasDiary - Lesbian Zombies Pt 2 HD Video


Lesbian Zombies Pt 2

Dear Diary, Savana and I had made every effort to secure all the doors and windows but to no avail the deadly gas entered the room and we started suffocating on the fumes, we soon ...

TrishasDiary - Lesbian Zombies Pt 1 HD Video


Lesbian Zombies Pt 1

Dear Diary, Savana had come round for an afternoon of lesbian fun and we were on the bed with a glass of wine watching a girlie movie on the TV when there was an important newsflas...

TrishasDiary - Fun in a Berlin Hotel Gallery
204 Pics


Fun in a Berlin Hotel

Dear Diary Molly, Lily May and I had been out Clubbing in Berlin we got back about 4am and The German Guy Molly had given our Hotel name and room number to turned up, he walked thr...

TrishasDiary - Four Poster Bed Gallery
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Four Poster Bed

Dear Diary I am in a Prague Hotel with my Good Friends Lily May and Molly Maracas and we just cant resist having some fun on the Four Poster Bed, we soon have our Tits out and we a...

TrishasDiary - I Lost My MOJO Pt 3 HD Video


I Lost My MOJO Pt 3

Dear Diary, Nurse Molly Produced a large Black Mains powered vibrator and got to work on Shooting Stars very wet pussy, sliding the big black vibrator deep in her cunt while I rubb...

TrishasDiary - I Lost My MOJO Pt 2 HD Video


I Lost My MOJO Pt 2

Dear Diary Molly and I now concentrated all our efforts on her wet and juicy pussy and after some fingering Nurse Molly was first down between her legs sucking up all her sweet pus...

TrishasDiary - I Lost my MOJO Pt 1 HD Video


I Lost my MOJO Pt 1

Dear Diary Shooting Star had lost her Mojo and had checked herself into The Dirty Doctors Sexual Therapy clinic to see if we could help, he assigned me and Nurse Molly to the case ...

859 Total Records