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TrishasDiary - Oily Massage Pt 1 HD Video


Oily Massage Pt 1

Dear Diary Its Time to pamper myself and indulge in a nice sensual oily massage I just love to massage oil into my body it keeps my skin nice and soft and I know you guys just love...

TrishasDiary - Red Basque and Shoes Pt 4 HD Video


Red Basque and Shoes Pt 4

Dear Diary After giving me a good Fucking Doggy Style I removed the condom and started sucking hard on his erect cock and squeezing his very full balls in anticipation of receiving...

TrishasDiary - New Red Basque and Shoes Pt 3 HD Video


New Red Basque and Shoes Pt 3

Dear Diary it was time to ride his stiff cock so I slipped a condom on and climbed aboard and rode him cowgirl bouncing up and down hard on his thick shaft until I reached Orgasm b...

TrishasDiary - New Red Basque and Shoes Pt 2 HD Video


New Red Basque and Shoes Pt 2

Dear Diary I was visiting a website member in Suffolk and things were hotting up, I spread my legs wide and he got between my legs and started licking and sucking on my pussy teasi...

TrishasDiary - New Red Basque and Shoes Pt 1 HD Video


New Red Basque and Shoes Pt 1

Dear Diary One of my Loyal website Members had sent me a New Red Basque and Sexy CFM Red Heels for my Birthday and it was only Right I wore them for him when I visited him at his H...

TrishasDiary - Red Bikini Gallery
115 Pics


Red Bikini

Dear Diary Im looking forward to the Summer I just cant get enough of the Sun and I just love to get out in the country, Heres a set we shot in Sep 2010 while out and about we cam...

TrishasDiary - All Tied Up Gallery
145 Pics


All Tied Up

Dear Diary here is a set for all you Bondage lovers, I recently attended a Charity Group Photo shoot, lots of Models Photographers and lots of Fun, I took advantage of the fact th...

TrishasDiary - The Patient Pt 4 HD Video


The Patient Pt 4

Dear Diary, Trickee fucked Lily May while Molly sucked on my Tits, we reminded Trickee that the Doctor had requested a semen sample so all 3 of us girls lay back on the bed with ou...

TrishasDiary - The Patient Pt 3 HD Video


The Patient Pt 3

Dear Diary, Lily May rode Trickes Stiff cock Cowgirl fashion then Molly and Lily sucked it hard before Molly bent over and he fucked her deep and hard doggy style Lily May then lay...

TrishasDiary - The Patient Pt 2 HD Video


The Patient Pt 2

Dear Diary, Molly and I got our Tits out which certainly helped stimulate the patient and we all took it in turns to suck on his stiff cock and lick his balls before Molly seized t...

TrishasDiary - The Patient Pt 1 HD Video


The Patient Pt 1

Dear Diary, Molly was a Nurse at the Dirty Doctors Clinic and the Doctor had brought her to Meet a Patient Trickee Dickee who had lost his MoJo I was soon asked to join her and we ...

TrishasDiary - The Patient Gallery
98 Pics


The Patient

Dear Diary, I was Working with Nurse Molly at the Dirty Doctors Clinic and Trickee Dickee had been Admitted as he had lost his Mojo, so it was our job to ensure he got it back as o...

TrishasDiary - Trisha's Christmas Movie Pt 2 Video


Trisha's Christmas Movie Pt 2

Dear Diary, watch me get carried away while playing with my Favourite Red Vibrator and see how wet I get and its all just for you and I bet you would just love to cum and lick it a...

TrishasDiary - Trisha's Christmas Movie Pt 1 Video


Trisha's Christmas Movie Pt 1

Dear Diary, Here it is the Highlight of the Year, My Christmas Movie, but its back to 2009 for this little gem found under a pile of Tinsel deep in the archives, I really hope you ...

TrishasDiary - I Love Christmas Gallery
130 Pics


I Love Christmas

Dear Diary I really love Christmas time, I get so excited, I had just finished decorating my Tree and It was time to relax and play with my Favourite Red Vibrator, I was really get...

TrishasDiary - Wet T-Shirt Gallery
114 Pics


Wet T-Shirt

Dear Diary Its getting Cold Outside and Christmas is nearly hear so lets go back to the summer with a few Holiday Snaps I know you all love a Girl in a Wet Tee Shirt so what else...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 4 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 4

Dear Diary, After sucking hard on my pussy he turned his attention to my tits and hard nipples, I noticed a bulge in his underpants so decided to release his cock and play with it ...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 3 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 3

Dear Diary, The Master bent me over the kitchen table and started to spank me then started whacking my arse with a wooden spoon and my bum cheeks were getting red and sore so I dec...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 2 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 2

Dear Diary, I found a whisk in the drawer and decided to give it a go and I soon got to work with it thrusting it deep inside me which felt so good and soon brought me to Orgasm bu...

TrishasDiary - Trisha the Maid Pt 1 HD Video


Trisha the Maid Pt 1

Dear Diary, I was working as a Maid in a country house in Yorkshire and the Master of the House had gone to play golf, he told me to clean the Kitchen but as he was out I took a br...

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