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TrishasDiary - Lesbian Playtime Pt 3 HD Video


Lesbian Playtime Pt 3

Dear Diary, its my turn next and Savana slides off my panties and starts to play with my wet juicy cunt and her tongue is soon between my pussy lips sucking on my erect clit before...

TrishasDiary - Lesbian Playtime Pt 2 HD Video


Lesbian Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary, Savana is laying on her back and Im rubbing her pussy through her panties, I pull them to one side and spread her warm wet pussy before taking them off and getting down...

TrishasDiary - Lesbian Playtime HD Video


Lesbian Playtime

Dear Diary, I just love to play with my friend Savana, especially when we are wearing sexy lingerie and in the right place, on the bed, Savana wastes no time in releasing my tits a...

TrishasDiary - Fun With Savana Gallery
132 Pics


Fun With Savana

Dear Diary, Heres a hot photo set shot by The Dirty Doctor of me and my good friend Savana just warming up and getting to grips with each other before shooting a dirty lesbian movi...

TrishasDiary - Chest of Drawers Playtime Pt 2 HD Video


Chest of Drawers Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary as I have said many times fingers are never enough but fortunately I had my gold rabbit vibrator ready for action and I started teasing my clit before sliding it into my...

TrishasDiary - Chest of Drawers Playtime Pt 1 HD Video


Chest of Drawers Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary I was all dressed to kill in my sexy lingerie set from Ann summers and I came into the Bedroom to play but instead of jumping on the bed as always I sat up on the chest ...

TrishasDiary - Two Naughty Nurses Pt 3 HD Video


Two Naughty Nurses Pt 3

Dear Diary it was now time now for me to try a toy, one Lexie did not test earlier so she switched it on and started to tease me with it, gently sliding it into my hot wet cunt bur...

TrishasDiary - Two Naughty Nurses Pt 2 HD Video


Two Naughty Nurses Pt 2

Dear Diary it was my turn next so Lexie helped me out of my uniform before sucking on my nipples making them nice and hard then fingering my wet juicy pussy and she was soon betwe...

TrishasDiary - Two Naughty Nurses Pt 1 HD Video


Two Naughty Nurses Pt 1

Dear Diary Nurse Lexie had just had spent a pleasant half an hour pleasuring herself with some awesome sex toys but when it was time to tidy up I came in and caught her, but I was ...

TrishasDiary - 3 Girl Fun in the Playroom Pt 2 HD Video


3 Girl Fun in the Playroom Pt 2

Dear Diary it was time to get serious and we each produced a vibrator and got to work on the girl nearest to us in a daisy chain sort of configuration and soon we each had a vibe s...

TrishasDiary - 3 Girl Fun in the Playroom HD Video


3 Girl Fun in the Playroom

Dear Diary I was at Klub Kink in Dudley and I was in the Orgy room with Lily May and Classy Filth on the Giant bed and we were getting more than acquainted and, were oblivious to a...

TrishasDiary - Fun with Martin Essex Gallery
180 Pics


Fun with Martin Essex

Dear Diary, From the Archives heres a Hot Photoset shot back in 2009 and shows me getting to grips with that hot stud Martin Essex, and we waste no time in stripping off and hes so...

TrishasDiary - Time for Bed Gallery
141 Pics


Time for Bed

Dear Diary Its time for Bed and Im feeling Hot Horny and I just cant resist playing with my Pussy as I drift off into Dreamland and dream about all your big erect cocks fucking me...

TrishasDiary - Fur Coat Strip Gallery
157 Pics


Fur Coat Strip

Dear Diary, Im Wearing my Leopard print Fur Coat with not much else underneath only my Shiny leopard print Bikini Bottoms and Leopard print shoes so its time to get on the bed and ...

TrishasDiary - Naughy Nurse Trisha Pt 2 HD Video


Naughy Nurse Trisha Pt 2

Dear Diary The Magic wand certainly does the trick and Lily rubs the wand vigorously between her pussy lips while I slide My fingers deep into her cunt, but now its time for me to ...

TrishasDiary - Naughty Nurse Trisha Pt 1 HD Video


Naughty Nurse Trisha Pt 1

Dear Diary Lily May arrives at the Sex Clinic for a session with me Head Nurse Trisha and I just cant wait to play with her Hot Wet Cunt and I soon have her laid back with her legs...

TrishasDiary - Klub Kink Gallery
60 Pics


Klub Kink

Heres a few pics taken by my good friend Sam Barford at Klub Kink in Dudley, I was wearing my Silver sparkly sequin dress and not much else as you can see and it wasnt long before ...

TrishasDiary - Detention Pt 2 HD Video


Detention Pt 2

Dear Diary, Summers Pussy was very wet so I spread her legs wide and got my head between them and buried my tongue deep inside her which tasted so good, next I finger fucked her un...

TrishasDiary - Detention Pt 1 HD Video


Detention Pt 1

Dear Diary, Summer Angel Lee and I were in Detention again and were waiting for the teacher, we opened the desks and found some dirty books so decided to have a good look and after...

TrishasDiary - Cleaning The Stairs HD Video


Cleaning The Stairs

Dear Diary The Fetish Voyeur was Hiding in the Cupboard and Grabbed his hidden camera while I went to get a mop bucket from the Kitchen, I started to clean the stairs and he kept ...

766 Total Records