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TrishasDiary - The Headmistress Pt 2 HD Video


The Headmistress Pt 2

Dear Diary, I had called one of my students to my office to talk to her about her attitude but things were getting out of hand as we had our tits out and were soon sucking on each ...

TrishasDiary - The Headmistress Pt 1 HD Video


The Headmistress Pt 1

Dear Diary Im the Headmistress at a Private school for Girls and I had need to chastise one of my unruly students Lulu Lush, she had a serious attitude problem but after a good tel...

TrishasDiary - Auntie Trisha's Naughty Playtime Pt 2 HD Video


Auntie Trisha's Naughty Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary, I turn the wand up to Max Power but now I need something to go inside of me so I reach for my smooth Black Vibrator which slides effortlessly inside my wet juicy cunt, ...

TrishasDiary - Auntie Trisha's Naughty Playtime Pt 1 HD Video


Auntie Trisha's Naughty Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary, I have been out today and bought some new sexy undies so time to show them off, I hope you like them, very sheer and very revealing and now Im feeling very horny and ju...

TrishasDiary - Lesbian Playtime Pt 2 HD Video


Lesbian Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary Lily Rubbed my Pussy hard and slid her fingers between my pussy lips, teased my clit and finger fucked my wet juicy cunt, next it was time for some scissoring so we got ...

TrishasDiary - Lesbian Playtime Pt 1 HD Video


Lesbian Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary me and Lily May were at it again but we didnt know we were being filmed by The Fetish Voyeurs Spy Cam and he managed to capture most of the action as we stripped each ot...

TrishasDiary - Playing in my Lounge Gallery
80 Pics


Playing in my Lounge

Dear Diary, Im wearing my sexy nipple jewellery with necklace and tassles and im in my lounge and its time to play so first its off with my leopard print skirt to reveal my very ti...

TrishasDiary - Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 4 HD Video


Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 4

Dear Diary Rebels Cunt was so wet and she wanted more so I slid my fingers into it one at a time and soon I managed to get my whole hand inside her, she moaned with pleasure as I w...

TrishasDiary - Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 3 HD Video


Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 3

Dear Diary time to give Rebel some attention and I whipped off her Knickers and started working y fingers between her wet and willing pussy lips before reaching for my Purple vibra...

TrishasDiary - Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 2 HD Video


Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 2

Dear Diary I lay on my Back and Rebel had my knickers off and started fingering my pussy and then introduced me to a smooth black dildo sliding it effortlessly into my juicy cunt, ...

TrishasDiary - Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 1 HD Video


Fun With Welsh Rebel Pt 1

Dear Diary this is my First encounter Welsh Rebel a Hot Horny Filthy Slut from North Wales, and she certainly lived up to her reputation, we just couldnt keep our hands off each o...

TrishasDiary - Naughty Schoolgirl (Spy Cam) Video


Naughty Schoolgirl (Spy Cam)

Dear Diary, I was on a school Trip and I had bunked off going on a nature walk and had gone back to my room where unbeknown to me the Fetish Voyeur had set up his hidden Spy Cam, N...

TrishasDiary - Naughty Schoolgirl Gallery
117 Pics


Naughty Schoolgirl

Dear Diary Im Away on a field trip in North Yorkshire with the school and everyones gone off on a nature ramble but I bunked Off and now im back in my room its time to strip off an...

TrishasDiary - Bath Time Fun HD Video


Bath Time Fun

Dear Diary Time to get cleaned up after a long day filming with my good friend Lily May so we both decided to take a bath together and of course a little bit of fun would not go am...

TrishasDiary - Gold Lingerie Gallery
106 Pics


Gold Lingerie

Im wearing my sexy Gold lingerie set and my very sexy CFM Heels and its time to play so first I get my bra off and my tits out and play with my nipples before sliding my fingers th...

TrishasDiary - Out In The Country HD Video


Out In The Country

Dear Diary I had gone for a walk in the country and I stopped to play by the river I lay on my back spreading my wet juicy cunt next thing a stranger wandered over and I could see ...

TrishasDiary - In The Kitchen Gallery
69 Pics


In The Kitchen

In the Kitchen in my Sexy Bodice short tartan skirt and crotch less Fishnet tights and its time to play, so first I pop my tits out and play with my erect nipples before taking off...

TrishasDiary - Wet Sex Sisters Pt 2 HD Video


Wet Sex Sisters Pt 2

Dear Diary, We push The Wands hard against our clits which feels so good and Welsh Rebel is first to reach orgasm her wet cunt squirting and pissing all over the place as she reach...

TrishasDiary - Wet Sex Sisters Pt 1 HD Video


Wet Sex Sisters Pt 1

Dear Diary, Trisha here with my good friend Welsh Rebel and were going to have some Red Hot Girl on Girl Dirty Playtime so first we finger and spread our wet Juicy pussies before r...

TrishasDiary - Flashing in Bentham Gallery
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Flashing in Bentham

Im away for a break in North Yorkshire and no trip would be complete unless I got out and about for a little bit of Flashing, I love to get naked in the Sun or at least get my tits...

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