Val is a cheeky british redhead who loves to dress up as your fantasy lady. Shes in her Foxy Fifties and really knows how to look after her members

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Hi Guyz

Here's a few things I get asked ...... quite a bit.

1)  How long have you been posing on the internet ?

Well that would be nearly 15 years, and I still love it.

2)  Do you really like wearing stockings ?

Well 'yes' of course I do, they feel fabulous.

3)  Have you ever been in any 'top shelf' mags ?

Indeedie I have, several. I think 'Escort' about 8 times.  

4) What's your fave sexual position ?

I luv 'doggie' cos it feels so amazing.

5)  What football team do you support ?

Manchester United.....the best team in the world ~ I am a little 'red devil'.

6)  Do you reply to emails personally ?

Yes I most certainly do, as where would I be without my fans !

Stay hard.

Luv and Hugz Val xxxx