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Terry - Share Me Gallery
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Share Me

Some leisure time photos. I checked out my first submission to a well-known amateur site and the reactions and comments to it. Finally, a message to you ...

Terry - Thailand - Stroll Gallery
56 Pics


Thailand - Stroll

Strolling around on different places and beaches, even at a bar.

Terry - Thailand - Rocks (part 2) Gallery
83 Pics


Thailand - Rocks (part 2)

I loved these rocks at the seaside ...

Terry - Thailand - Rocks Gallery
74 Pics


Thailand - Rocks

I loved these rocks at the seaside ...

Terry - City Flashing Gallery
53 Pics


City Flashing

Spring time ... time for a bit of naked fun

Terry - Sri Lanka - Elephant Ride Gallery
98 Pics


Sri Lanka - Elephant Ride

Did you know that elephants have very hardy hair, which makes riding naked on them a bit itchy Oh, Happy Christmas by the way ......

Terry - Back In Vienna Gallery
42 Pics


Back In Vienna

The flight back from holidays went through Vienna. I used that opportunity to show myself to the inhabitants of Austrias capital ......

Terry - Thailand - Waterfall Gallery
107 Pics


Thailand - Waterfall

A secluded waterfall in the jungle was an irrestible invitation to make some great photos

Terry - Cocktail Bar Gallery
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Cocktail Bar

Visiting a cocktail bar ...

Terry - Clock Bar Gallery
60 Pics


Clock Bar

Another one of my Naked Clubbing adventures

Terry - Peach Bar Gallery
66 Pics


Peach Bar

A bar with interesting mirrors in one room

Terry - Salsa Club Again Gallery
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Salsa Club Again

And another night spent nude in the Salsa club.

Terry - Cologne Bridge Gallery
117 Pics


Cologne Bridge

I made a trip to Cologne. Crossing the river naked and in that same outfit buying an ice cream ...

Terry - Bar Barcelona Gallery
42 Pics


Bar Barcelona

Having a nude evening in a little bar in Barcelona.

Terry - Ice Fun Gallery
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Ice Fun

Some more private pics of Dak and me. The ice cream did taste well I also tried to make photos and videos of myself here....

Terry - Prague City Centre Gallery
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Prague City Centre

Woohoo My most daring action so far:In the city center of Prague nude on the streets We tried also to do some flashing stuff, lifting my dress up. See pics 040 to 053. But I felt ...

Terry - Badminton Gallery
60 Pics



Getting braver ... we went together with my friend Pavla to play Badminton in a park.Me of course naked ...

Terry - Old Factory Part 2 Gallery
95 Pics


Old Factory Part 2

Walking to a small railway station, and then we went to an old deserted factory with nice graffiti on the walls....

Terry - Old Factory Part 1 Gallery
106 Pics


Old Factory Part 1

Walking to a small railway station, and then we went to an old deserted factory with nice graffiti on the walls....

Terry - Indoor Posing Gallery
99 Pics


Indoor Posing

We rented another apartment to stay overnight in Prague.Have a good look at me

135 Total Records