75 years young and a sex drive that no one man can handle. Grandmalibby is your favourite swinging granny that loves to fuck

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My bio

THINGS YOU'D LIKE TO KNOW about your favourite cuddly grandma - and if I forget anything please email me and ask..

My full name is LIBBY ELLIS and I was born in March 1937 under the sign of Aries, The Ram - which makes me 73 years young. I live near Bristol, UK

My statistics are: -

Height 5'1"
Bust 42DD
Dress Size 20/22 (UK sizes)
Shoe Size 6
Hair Short - grey
Eyes Grey/Blue
Pussy Shaved (usually)

I do not smoke; I enjoy champagne, white wine, rum and coke or lager occasionally. I have no tattoos or body piercing, except for one in each ear
I love travel, eating out, reading, shopping for sexy lingerie and provocative clothes, getting together with friends - and SEX (and sex and more and more sex!)

I am often asked if I "cum" for real - believe me, I cum for real - time and time again. Sex now is better than it has ever been.

I dislike cream, tripe and onions and narrow-minded hypocrites.

Everything you see is genuine - I think maybe I should insure these boobs because I sometimes wonder if guys look at any other part of me!

I think I have the best job in the world and NOTHING is faked. Mutual satisfaction is a huge turn-on - sex is like a good meal - to be enjoyed

ANYTIME, ANY PLACE and ANYWHERE (as long as I don't get arrested LOL)

Send me those emails telling me what YOU want to see, or visit the members' area forum to leave your comments.

Luv and wet Luscious Licks

Grandma Libby