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AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 7 Video


The Burglar Pt 7

Sargent speedy Sucked hard on his stiff cock before climbing on board and fucking him Cowgirl after which he fucked her doggy style but she needed a DNA Sample and what better way ...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 6 Video


The Burglar Pt 6

After Sucking hard on his cock it was his turn to taste some sweet British Pussy so she straddled his face and he licked and sucked on her wet juicy pussy after which she teased hi...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 5 Video


The Burglar Pt 5

I once again chained him to my bed before I decided to call The Police, I called my Niece who was a Sargent working for the Serious Crime Squad and She advised me to keep him chai...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 4 Video


The Burglar Pt 4

After fucking me The Burglar got down between my spread legs and sucked my pussy after which I got back to work on his cock sucking hard on it getting it nice and erect before gett...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 3 Video


The Burglar Pt 3

I squeezed his cock making it really hard while he fingered my juicy cunt before he slid a condom on his erect member and I climbed aboard and rode him cowgirl before unchaining hi...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 2 Video


The Burglar Pt 2

Well let me tell you theres nothing scarier than coming home to find your Front Door open and then to discover theres someone in your Home, you need a cool Head and keep your wits ...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 1 Video


The Burglar Pt 1

Lets kick 2019 off by going back in time, Back to April 2010 for this Gem, shot in SD so excuse the quality but its been lovingly restored and re-mastered for your enjoyment, and ...

AuntieTrisha - Solo in the Chair Pt 2 HD Video


Solo in the Chair Pt 2

I worked the dildo on my clit and rubbed it between my pussy lips teasing myself before sliding it into my juicy pussy and pounding away hard and fast until it was in quite deep, ...

AuntieTrisha - Solo in the Chair Pt 1 HD Video


Solo in the Chair Pt 1

I was enjoying a glass of wine and it made me feel quite Horny so I was soon playing with my ample breasts and squeezing my nipples before turning my attention to my Juicy pussy wh...

AuntieTrisha - Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 4 HD Video


Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 4

The Doc had me bent over the bed fucking me Doggy before he gave my arse a spanking and my clit some more treatment with the wand before Fucking me some more Doggy before turning m...

AuntieTrisha - Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 3 HD Video


Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 3

The Doc continued to fuck me doggy before laying me on my side and fucking me before handing me a vibrating wand so I could rub it on my clit while sucking his balls as he jerked o...

AuntieTrisha - Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 2 Video


Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 2

After riding him cowgirl I sat on his face before we got in the 69 position and he licked my juicy pussy while I sucked his cock, next I turned round and rode him reverse cowgirl b...

AuntieTrisha - Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 1 Video


Auntie Trisha The Call Girl Pt 1

I was working for a local escort agency and they sent me round to see The Dirty Doctor and when I got there he was laying on the Bed with a big Stiffie on which was in need of some...

AuntieTrisha - White Lingerie Pt 2 HD Video


White Lingerie Pt 2

Now Im all worked up its time for a toy, but look what I found at our local Pet Store, its the right size and shape and slips in nicely and feels really good so I pound away until ...

AuntieTrisha - White Lingerie pt 1 HD Video


White Lingerie pt 1

Im wearing my nice new sexy white lingerie and Red Shoes and Im feeling really horny and ready to play so first its off with my Bra and look how hard my nipples are but my pussy is...

AuntieTrisha - Two Vibrator Playtime Pt 2 HD Video


Two Vibrator Playtime Pt 2

I reach for my Anal Vibe and lube it up ready then I lube and finger my arse before sliding that vibe in and out while rubbing my clit, I bend over and fuck my arse doggy style wi...

AuntieTrisha - Two Vibrator Playtime HD Video


Two Vibrator Playtime

Im feeling really Horny today so time to play with my pussy and as Im not wearing any panties finger fucking is really easy but after a good fingering its time for my vibe so I sli...

AuntieTrisha - Sequin Dress Pt 2 HD Video


Sequin Dress Pt 2

But as I have said many times before sometimes fingers are not enough so take a look at my brand-new vibrating wand it sure does hit the spot as I slide it between my pussy lips an...

AuntieTrisha - Sequin Dress Pt 1 HD Video


Sequin Dress Pt 1

I had just got back after a night out with the Girls and I was feeling Hot and Horny, so it was time to play but first its time to unzip my black Sequin Dress and play with my 38DD...

AuntieTrisha - White Underwear Gallery
158 Pics


White Underwear

Im on my sofa in my sexy white underwear for a site members request, he asked to see a photoset of me in White Underwear and Shiny Red Shoes stripping off then stuffing my knickers...

283 Total Records