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AuntieTrisha - Magic Wand Playtime Pt 2 HD Video


Magic Wand Playtime Pt 2

I soon turned my attention to Selenas very wet and juicy pussy and pulled her panties to one side and started to probe my fingers deep into her cunt but she needed more so produced...

AuntieTrisha - Magic Wand Playtime Pt 1 HD Video


Magic Wand Playtime Pt 1

When Selena Secret came to stay for the weekend I just knew we were going to have some Fun, Selena was all in her Red Lingerie and I was all in Black and we just couldnt keep our h...

AuntieTrisha - The Doctor is in the House Pt 4 Video


The Doctor is in the House Pt 4

I came back from attending to an Emergency to find Savana taking care of the Doctor, so I climbed on the Bed and Joined in the fun, Savana massaged hid cock while I sucked on it an...

AuntieTrisha - The Doctor is in the House Pt 3 HD Video


The Doctor is in the House Pt 3

I was squeezing the Dirty Doctors Balls while he jerked off over my face and I fingered my juicy pussy then he bent me over again and fucked me doggy style deep and hard before lay...

AuntieTrisha - The Doctor is in the house Pt 2 HD Video


The Doctor is in the house Pt 2

I was Fucking the Dirty Doctor Reverse Cowgirl but it was time to change position so he bent me over and gave me a good fucking Doggy style then laying me on my back for a good sha...

AuntieTrisha - The Doctor is in the House Pt 1 HD Video


The Doctor is in the House Pt 1

I came in and caught The Dirty Doctor Fucking Nurse Savana and I wanted a piece of the action so Savana went to check on the patients while I started Sucking on The Dirty Doctors S...

AuntieTrisha - Penis Pump Pt 2 Video


Penis Pump Pt 2

The Pump had worked well so I slipped the cock ring on him and started to suck on his stiff shaft while working the Powerful wand on his balls, the Doc Jerked his hard cock while I...

AuntieTrisha - Penis Pump Pt 1 Video


Penis Pump Pt 1

The Dirty Doctor had lost his MOJO so I went along to see what I could do, I took along a very large Penis Pump and a very powerful vibrating wand and I knew with some of my specia...

AuntieTrisha - Working from Home Gallery
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Working from Home

It had been Snowing and the Roads were really bad so I couldnt get to work so I decided to work from home, but there are advantages in working from home so I stripped off and got ...

AuntieTrisha - Back From The Club Pt 2 HD Video


Back From The Club Pt 2

I had brought a guy back from the Swingers club and we were hard at it and it was Time for some 69 so I licked and sucked his cock and balls while he fingered and sucked on my puss...

AuntieTrisha - Back From The Club Pt 1 HD Video


Back From The Club Pt 1

I had been to that well known Swingers club, Klub Kink in Dudley and I had a great time, and I brought a guy called Buddy home with me for some more Hot Sex, I soon had him strippe...

AuntieTrisha - Going to the Club Pt 2 HD Video


Going to the Club Pt 2

I pound away fast and hard burying that vibe deep in my now very juicy cunt, it slides effortlessly in and out and it really hits the spot so I work that vibe relentlessly until an...

AuntieTrisha - Going to the Club Pt 1 HD Video


Going to the Club Pt 1

Im Rita Auntie Trishas Twin Sister and Im off out Clubbing tonight but I have a bit of time before the Taxi Arrives so I might get things warmed up so to speak, ready for the eveni...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 8 Video


The Burglar Pt 8

After Collecting a DNA Sample it was time to have some fun with him so she took him into the Kitchen for some good old fashioned British watersports before running him into Jail.Au...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 7 Video


The Burglar Pt 7

Sargent speedy Sucked hard on his stiff cock before climbing on board and fucking him Cowgirl after which he fucked her doggy style but she needed a DNA Sample and what better way ...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 6 Video


The Burglar Pt 6

After Sucking hard on his cock it was his turn to taste some sweet British Pussy so she straddled his face and he licked and sucked on her wet juicy pussy after which she teased hi...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 5 Video


The Burglar Pt 5

I once again chained him to my bed before I decided to call The Police, I called my Niece who was a Sargent working for the Serious Crime Squad and She advised me to keep him chai...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 4 Video


The Burglar Pt 4

After fucking me The Burglar got down between my spread legs and sucked my pussy after which I got back to work on his cock sucking hard on it getting it nice and erect before gett...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 3 Video


The Burglar Pt 3

I squeezed his cock making it really hard while he fingered my juicy cunt before he slid a condom on his erect member and I climbed aboard and rode him cowgirl before unchaining hi...

AuntieTrisha - The Burglar Pt 2 Video


The Burglar Pt 2

Well let me tell you theres nothing scarier than coming home to find your Front Door open and then to discover theres someone in your Home, you need a cool Head and keep your wits ...

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