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NudeChrissy - Porno Casting Behind The Scenes Gallery
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Porno Casting Behind The Scenes

my girl-friend Melissa and I are testing men who wants to become porn-actors. It is a very hard job, so we need so breaks during the scenes....

NudeChrissy - Dildo Play In The Garden HD Video


Dildo Play In The Garden

Chris is walking in her garden. She is completly nude under her short skirt and her pussy is wet. After she had found a nice and sunny place, she put her dildo deep into her pussy....

NudeChrissy - The Nude Waitress HD Video


The Nude Waitress

Sometimes I have to work as a waitress in this restaurant. There is a special service : after 10 pm the waitress serves nude......

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Nude Boat Trip Gallery
61 Pics


Zackynthos Nude Boat Trip

Here You can find my best photos of my nude-cruise in Greece in 2016

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Pissing HD Video


Zackynthos Pissing

My peeing-collection. For me it is a great feeling, to let it flow. So I never wear any panties, it is very easy for me......

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Nudist Holiday 2016 Gallery Gallery
59 Pics


Zackynthos Nudist Holiday 2016 Gallery

A collection of my nudist-impressions of holidays 2016 in Greece..

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Voyeur Cam HD Video


Zackynthos Voyeur Cam

Here are some clips, done with a voyeur-cam. I never wear panties under my short skirts. My p65533ussy cab be seen very often. I tried to keep those moments with the voyeur-cam....

NudeChrissy - Bukake 2016 HD Video


Bukake 2016

I love this bukkake feeling when several men standing around me and jerk off their cocks. Im waiting that they inject me her cream on my body. The more the better....

NudeChrissy - Chris The Horny Nurse HD Video


Chris The Horny Nurse

Chris should examine the patient. Under her white lab coat, she is completely naked. Quickly she has taken off her coat and blows the cock of the man, until he squirts his cum into...

NudeChrissy - Three Girls & The Big Cock HD Video


Three Girls & The Big Cock

Chris and her girl friends take care of this man. When they open his pants, they could see his big penis. Immediately all three want to take the bib thing into their mouthes. They ...

NudeChrissy - Naked In Public On The Bridge HD Video


Naked In Public On The Bridge

During my holidays in France, I found this bridge. I decided to take a video for my fans on TAC....

NudeChrissy - Zakynthos 2016 Dildo Play HD Video


Zakynthos 2016 Dildo Play

During my boat-cruise in Zakynthos I got horny. The sun and the see and no guy with me... So I took my dildo for a great orgasm....

NudeChrissy - Fucked By Two Men HD Video


Fucked By Two Men

Chris was invited to a party. Throughout the evening she gets very horny. The cunt was itching. When there was an opportunity, she took two guys with into a room and let her being ...

NudeChrissy - Hot Girls In The Pool HD Video


Hot Girls In The Pool

My girl-friend Yvi and I had a nice day in my nude-pool. Me need no swim-suites there. I had my underwater-cam with me, so You can see our wet pussies under the water...

NudeChrissy - In The Mens Shower HD Video


In The Mens Shower

Chris is wrong after sports in the shower. She is suddenly in the mens shower. That doesn65533t bother her. The first man who comes into the shower is surprised at first. Then he f...

NudeChrissy - The Industrial Museum Gallery
75 Pics


The Industrial Museum

In summer times I often do trips to special places nearby my home. One day I was in an industrial museum. Here I could see the big steal factories. Of course I could take some sexy...

NudeChrissy - Nude Smoking On The Beach HD Video


Nude Smoking On The Beach

normally I do not smoke , but on this beautiful evening and the great sunset I sat naked on the beach and smoked a cigarillo...

NudeChrissy - The Nurses Erectile Problem HD Video


The Nurses Erectile Problem

The man comes with erectile problem to the hot nurses . they show full physical exertion to help the man . Finally, his cock is standing like a one...

NudeChrissy - Cabrio Tour HD Video


Cabrio Tour

When the weather is fine I take my cabrio out of the garage and start for a daytrip. I love to drive sexy, so I show my pussy and boobs, so the sun can kiss my nipples. ...

NudeChrissy - Porno Casting During Breaks Gallery
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Porno Casting During Breaks

ponocasting during the breaks - Together with my girl-friend Melissa we are testing men for their talents to take part in porn-videos. But we also have breaks between the castings....

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