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NudeChrissy - One Day At The Lake Gallery
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One Day At The Lake

I spent one day at fkk isabellagriend with a friend. We spend a relaxing day completely nude and used sun cream and massaged each other....

NudeChrissy - Fucking Instead Of TV HD Video


Fucking Instead Of TV

Chris is at home. She wants to watch TV. Her boy-friends comes home. Two friends of him join him. Chris65533 friend wants sex. Chris makes an agreement : At first she has sex with ...

NudeChrissy - Sex In The Restaurant HD Video


Sex In The Restaurant

Chris has been invited by a colleague to the restaurant. Suddenly, the guy opens Chriss blouse and begins to play with her breasts. At the same time he puts her fingers in the puss...

NudeChrissy - Fucking In The Travel Agency Video


Fucking In The Travel Agency

The guy at the travel agency does not know where to look at Chris as she comes into the office. Chris wears totally transparent blouse. You can see her nipples. Under the skirt Chr...

NudeChrissy - Baywatch HD Video



I wanted to walk naked on the beach. But the wind was very cold in March. But then I found this Baywatch tower. There was no wind and I could hold my bare tits and pussy in the sun...

NudeChrissy - Touched By A Stranger HD Video


Touched By A Stranger

Even when Im on the phone, I still need fucking.

NudeChrissy - Boots At The Pool HD Video


Boots At The Pool

A fan gave me new boots. I love being naked, just walking around with boots. Today I wore the boots while sunbathing by the pool....

NudeChrissy - La Palma HD Video


La Palma

During my cruise on the Canary Islands I was in La Palma one day. I visited the only official nudist beach. There is black sand. I had a nice nude day....

NudeChrissy - Pool Date HD Video


Pool Date

I love the sun at my pool. My pussy is totally hot. I decide to call the nice guy I met yesterday at the bakery. We make a date for a hot fuck. Ill send him a selfie from my pussy...

NudeChrissy - Nude On My Scooter HD Video


Nude On My Scooter

I love to drive with my scooter when the weather is fine. But when the sun is shining, its often very hot under my leather jacket. I need a break then to let fresh air to my boobs....

NudeChrissy - Nude Bicycle HD Video


Nude Bicycle

During her holidays in a nudist-resort Chris sometimes did trips with her little bicycle. Of course she did it nude....

NudeChrissy - Chris Visits A Nudist Bar HD Video


Chris Visits A Nudist Bar

Chris visited this nudist-bar. She was completely nude sitting at the bar, when the two boys entered the bar. Come on and sit beside me. She asked them for a dance and she danced n...

NudeChrissy - Porno Casting Behind The Scenes Gallery
35 Pics


Porno Casting Behind The Scenes

my girl-friend Melissa and I are testing men who wants to become porn-actors. It is a very hard job, so we need so breaks during the scenes....

NudeChrissy - Dildo Play In The Garden HD Video


Dildo Play In The Garden

Chris is walking in her garden. She is completly nude under her short skirt and her pussy is wet. After she had found a nice and sunny place, she put her dildo deep into her pussy....

NudeChrissy - The Nude Waitress HD Video


The Nude Waitress

Sometimes I have to work as a waitress in this restaurant. There is a special service : after 10 pm the waitress serves nude......

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Nude Boat Trip Gallery
61 Pics


Zackynthos Nude Boat Trip

Here You can find my best photos of my nude-cruise in Greece in 2016

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Pissing HD Video


Zackynthos Pissing

My peeing-collection. For me it is a great feeling, to let it flow. So I never wear any panties, it is very easy for me......

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Nudist Holiday 2016 Gallery Gallery
59 Pics


Zackynthos Nudist Holiday 2016 Gallery

A collection of my nudist-impressions of holidays 2016 in Greece..

NudeChrissy - Zackynthos Voyeur Cam HD Video


Zackynthos Voyeur Cam

Here are some clips, done with a voyeur-cam. I never wear panties under my short skirts. My p65533ussy cab be seen very often. I tried to keep those moments with the voyeur-cam....

NudeChrissy - Bukake 2016 HD Video


Bukake 2016

I love this bukkake feeling when several men standing around me and jerk off their cocks. Im waiting that they inject me her cream on my body. The more the better....

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