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Picture Gallery30-Aug-2010

An afternoon at home

Afternoons are often exciting, especially when a photographer decides to drop in. Libby just cant keep her clothes on

Video File23-Aug-2010

Rude Awakening Movie

I open my eyes to see a hard cock in front of me being slowly stroked! Raising my eyes I see it belongs to my young lodger Dave giving me an early morning wake-up call. A rampant 8. cock to suck beats the hell out of a cup of tea any day and he is soon stripped naked and in the bed with me fingering my pussy which is by now, dripping wet and I am gagging for more ...

Picture Gallery19-Aug-2010

Holiday time

I thought Cornwall would be quiet in October but I had to go to great lengths to find a quiet spot to dodge the voyeurs

Picture Gallery19-Aug-2010

Libby & Clare In The Bedroom

I had a sizzling afternoon with the lovely Clare Fox. Lots of kissing and cuddling with the blonde BBW led to hot sex . linking and sucking and fingering each other. Come on inside to see the remainder of this hot set of pics.

Picture Gallery16-Aug-2010

Busty in a basque

Mmmmmm I thought this basque would look good but its not quite big enough for these beauties! But it looks good anyway!

Video File12-Aug-2010

Driving Desires Movie

I was out driving one sunny afternoon when I spotted on of my dildoes on the dashboard! Well, what is a girl to do? I just had to pull in and pleasure myself, I felt so horny I couldn.t have concentrated on my driving. Cum and join me as I play with my soft boobs and push vibrator into my moist pussy...

Video File09-Aug-2010

Delivery Man Movie Finale

The delivery man finishes his delivery - after fucking me hard doggy style he delivers his hot spunk all over my lovely arse...

Video File05-Aug-2010

Special Delivery Movie Pt3

More cock sucking, tit wanking and foot fucking before I help myself to Charley.s rampant hard cock...

Video File02-Aug-2010

Special Delivery Movie Pt2

Hot cock sucking and pussy licking followed by a horny foot wank...

Picture Gallery19-Jul-2010

Libbys Liquid Assets

My sexy member Zaanadoo came to take some photos . do you think he had an ulterior motive when he produced the sherry bottle?

Video File12-Jul-2010

School Mistress Movie

Headmistress Libby catches two of her schoolgirls being sexy with boys behind the bike shed so calls them into her office to punish them and teach them a lesson they will never forget. She bends them over the table and administers the cane to their bare asses but she has a big surprise for them hidden under her gown . a big strap on .....

Picture Gallery02-Jun-2010

Pretty in Purple

Dedicated to my member Brian who took up my invitation to photograph me in my own home. We had a great time . anyone else want a go?

Video File27-May-2010

Happy Valentine Movie Pt4

More sucking and fucking making me groan with pleasure and John finally shoots a load of hot spunk all over my tits...

Video File26-May-2010

Happy Valentime Movie Pt3

I straddle John and take his big throbbing cock deep inside my wet slippery hole. I ride him until I cum...

Picture Gallery24-May-2010

.. and a cuddly toy 2

Sean dropped in and brought his camera with him - he really wanted to see why I have so many furry toys in my bedroom. Dont you wish you were a teddy bear?

Video File21-May-2010

Happy Valentine Movie Pt2

John licks and fingers my juicy cunt and I get my mouth around his huge cock as he gives me my pressie...

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