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Video File20-Aug-2013

Black & White PVC 3 Some Pt3

Spunky Sam doesn't hold out for much longer with the two of us working his cock and he shoots his load over my cock. Dee, the filthy cow, laps it up and swallows his jizz. Claire xx

Video File14-Aug-2013

Black & White PVC 3 Some Pt2

It's not long before I've got Spunky Sam's girth deep inside me as I ride his cock! Claire xx

Video File08-Aug-2013

Black & White PVC 3 Some Pt1

Double Dee is always up for a 3 some and we thought we'd contrast in black and white PVC. Claire xx

Video File02-Aug-2013


Tights never seem to be as popular as stockings, but truth be known, if you want to wear a really short skirt down the high street, it's your only option and as this video clip proves, it doesn't stop Martin Essex getting to my honey pot. Claire xx

Video File21-Aug-2012

Pink PVC Fuck Pt3

On all fours, on my back, I get fucked all ways. And boy was it good ;-) Claire xx

Video File15-Aug-2012

Pink PVC Fuck Pt2

Never left wanting, my lover sees to it I get fucked in as many ways as possible. Claire xx

Video File09-Aug-2012

Pink PVC Fuck Pt1

I've this new lacy pink PVC number that I needed to try out on someone and it done the trick for one of my regular fuck buddies! Claire xx

Video File03-Aug-2012

Claire's New Fuck Buddy Pt3

After fucking my ripe round arse hard from behind, he empties his scrot sack over me waiting below him. Claire xx

Video File28-Jul-2012

Claire's New Fuck Buddy Pt2

His cock has certainly got what it takes as he slides it into my tight sweet little honey pot. Claire xx

Video File22-Jul-2012

Claire's New Fuck Buddy Pt1

This guy was very keen to join in and I was keen to have him! Claire xx

Video File04-Jul-2012

Leather Sofa Orgasm

I'm wearing my PVC biker chick outfit and sucking a lovers cock when he decides he wants to go down on me and take me to orgasm! Claire xx

Video File22-Feb-2011

Mickey's Magic Muscle Pt1

Mickey has a real whopper of a cock. For the next 25 mins it's all mine to play with! :-) Claire xx

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