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Video File08-Jun-2013

My Biggest Cock Ever! Pt3

It's Raz's turn to get impaled by this monster and she decides to take it as deep as possible by getting on all 4's and licking me out at the same time. Claire xxx

Video File02-Jun-2013

My Biggest Cock Ever! Pt2

I take his girth - just! And he fucks me so hard I squeal with delight! Claire xx

Video File27-May-2013

My Biggest Cock Ever! Pt1

Be prepared for Randy Raz and myself taking on the biggest cock we've ever had! It truly is a monster. Claire xx

Video File26-Sep-2012

Orgy Pt5

Eventually the guys needed to empty their sacks so we all put our heads together for something to aim at. Claire xx

Video File20-Sep-2012

Orgy Pt4

Unfortunately with only 3 cocks on offer, us 4 girls are left wanting and have to reach for what's on offer with each other. Claire xx

Video File14-Sep-2012

Orgy Pt3

I'm in my element. I'm sucking on any cock poked in my face. Claire xx

Video File08-Sep-2012

Orgy Pt2

We're all get stuck in sucking on any cock or cunt unattended. Claire xx

Video File02-Sep-2012

Orgy Pt1

Barby, Double Dee, Randy Raz, Yours truly and 3 guys all get squidgy with one another on the living room carpet. Claire xx

Video File28-Jun-2012

Lingerie Fuck Pt4

After a darn good fucking my lover unloads his hot sticky seed all over my tits face and body. Claire xx

Video File23-Jun-2012

Lingerie Fuck Pt3

Riding Spunky Sam is akin to being harpooned as 8 inches of prime cock impales me. Claire xx

Video File17-Jun-2012

Lingerie Fuck Pt2

His cock isn't just great, he's a master with his tongue too! Claire xx

Video File11-Jun-2012

Lingerie Fuck Pt1

Spunky Sam Rogers is on hand to provide in my hour of need. His awesome big cock is just what I needed. Claire xx

Video File05-Jun-2012

Claire & Barby's Black Lover Pt4

Our black lover can't hold on for ever and he finally blows his load. Claire xx

Video File30-May-2012

Claire & Barby's Black Lover Pt3

With cock and cunt to munch on, I'm not short of a fun filled fuck session. Claire xx

Video File24-May-2012

Claire & Barby's Black Lover Pt2

I love 3 somes, so many permutations for me to indulge myself such as being taken from behind while I lick out Barby. Claire xx

Video File18-May-2012

Claire & Barby's Black Lover Pt1

Barby and I are keen to put this guy through his paces by having a 3 some with us both. Claire xx

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