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Video File26-Jan-2013

Claire's Strap On Fun With Double Dee Pt

You certainly need stamina to use a cock! I'm knackered after a good fuck with Dee and she finishes me off with her oral technique! Claire xx

Video File20-Jan-2013

Claire's Strap On Fun With Double Dee Pt

There's something about fucking another woman with a strap on, it's a real 'domination' thing. Claire xx

Video File14-Jan-2013

Claire's Strap On Fun With Double Dee Pt

Double Dee is a complete whore, as my T-Shirt quite rightly points out. Strapping myself in to the Strap On only makes her wet with anticipation. Claire xx

Video File12-Apr-2012

Dyke's At Play Pt2

Suzy and I frequently meet up for fun with each other without the camera as I just love to lick out her tasty juicy cunt. Claire xx

Video File06-Apr-2012

Dyke's At Play Pt1

Suzie Wild is an ace clit licker and I always look forward to our girl on girl sessions. Claire xx

Video File26-Oct-2010

Suzi Strap On Pt2

Suzi isn't the only one that likes to use a strap on, so I don my monster and fuck her senseless. It gets her so wet I have to lick out her cunt juices too! ;-) Claire xx

Video File21-Oct-2010

Suzi Strap On Pt1

Suzi has got her strap on, hip hip hip hip horay! A proper fucking from a real chick with a dick! ;-) Claire xx

Video File21-Sep-2010

Claire & Annabelle's Lesbo Strap-On Fuck

I'm fucked doggy style and then on my back, all the time Annabelle is being a filthy slut. Claire xx

Video File17-Sep-2010

Claire & Annabelle's Lesbo Strap-On Fuck

With Annabelle strapped in, she gives me a real hard fucking. Claire xx

Video File14-Sep-2010

Claire & Annabelle's Lesbo Strap-On Fuck

When Annabelle and myself got together we just couldn't keep our hands off of each others bodies. Claire xx

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