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Video File31-Dec-2010

Multi Orgasmic Fuck Pt5

I orgasm as he's fucking me on my back (and get a fit of giggles) but he knows what I want so he flops his dick on my mouth and shoots his load over my face (and arms, and tits, and hair...) Claire xx

Video File28-Dec-2010

Multi Orgasmic Fuck Pt4

I get absolutely fucked senseless as I keep gagging for it. Fuck me big boy, fuck me! Claire xx

Video File24-Dec-2010

Multi Orgasmic Fuck Pt3

Roughly fucked doggy style, me on top, 69, cock sucking, I just run out of all the things he does to me! Claire xx

Video File21-Dec-2010

Multi Orgasmic Fuck Pt2

He's got a really good cock and he knows how to use it but his tongue work is superb also! Claire xx

Video File17-Dec-2010

Multi Orgasmic Fuck Pt1

I have to admit that this gent is one of my fave fuck buddies. I loose count of how many climaxes I have in this movie. Answers on a postcard... Claire xx

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