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Video File27-Jul-2013

Claire's Marathon Fuck Pt7

This has been a proper fuck fest, hard cock for the whole time and I'm well and truly satisfied and I'm rewarded with his hot sticky muck that he fires over my tits. Claire xx

Video File21-Jul-2013

Claire's Marathon Fuck Pt6

Being pounded from behind, I can't recall the last time I've been fucked so much! Claire xx

Video File15-Jul-2013

Claire's Marathon Fuck Pt5

He's really getting deep inside me and I can't help but be in a fit of uncontrollability. Claire xx

Video File09-Jul-2013

Claire's Marathon Fuck Pt4

I'm on my back now and this guys huge cock fucking me makes me orgasm. Claire xx

Video File26-Jun-2013

Claire's Marathon Fuck Pt3

His dick certainly tastes nice and as my clit has recovered I climb onto his face for a 69. Claire xx

Video File20-Jun-2013

Claire's Marathon Fuck Pt2

He's oral skills prove excellent and after he's made me cum, it's time for me to start sucking him off. Claire xx

Video File14-Jun-2013

Claire's Marathon Fuck Pt1

This site member has come along for a fuck and he promised me he'd been saving up his stamina! Claire xx

Video File08-Jun-2013

My Biggest Cock Ever! Pt3

It's Raz's turn to get impaled by this monster and she decides to take it as deep as possible by getting on all 4's and licking me out at the same time. Claire xxx

Video File02-Jun-2013

My Biggest Cock Ever! Pt2

I take his girth - just! And he fucks me so hard I squeal with delight! Claire xx

Video File27-May-2013

My Biggest Cock Ever! Pt1

Be prepared for Randy Raz and myself taking on the biggest cock we've ever had! It truly is a monster. Claire xx

Video File21-May-2013

Claire & Scott's Shag Pt3

It's not long after licking me out that Scott blows his load over my tits. Claire xx

Video File15-May-2013

Claire & Scott's Shag Pt2

Scott has a great tongue on him and his fingers really probe deep too! Claire xx

Video File09-May-2013

Claire & Scott's Shag Pt1

Scott was visiting and I was gagging for some fun. Claire xx

Video File26-Apr-2013

Claire's Wild 3 Some Pt7

Our man is on the ropes and he shoots his seed between us as Suzy needs to taste his juice. Claire xx

Video File20-Apr-2013

Claire's Wild 3 Some Pt6

It's Suzy's turn to get fucked and I reciprocate by allowing her to finger fuck me and lick me out. Claire xx

Video File14-Apr-2013

Claire's Wild 3 Some Pt5

You can't beat a spit roast, especially when getting impaled so deeply but his big dick and I get to suck on Suzy's clit. Claire xx

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