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Video File07-Feb-2017

Brother In Law PT3

My Brother Inlaw licks my pussy, I suck his cock then he squirts his hot cum all over my tits and body! I MUST RUN MY SISTER IS HOME!!!OMG!

Video File28-Jul-2016

I Dream Of Weenie

This is a double movie , 1 a take off on the T.V show ( I dream of Jennie )the other ( slut machine, please enjoy <3 Ashley

Video File23-Jun-2016

Sex Inspector Pt 2

I fucked him every way until he came with me and of course he passed his inspection <3

Video File14-Jun-2016

Sex Inspector Pt 1

7:11 I'm a house inspector and do just that and MUCH MORE!!

Video File16-Mar-2016

Hooker pt2

Length..5:43 My boy gets what he needs, my hot wet cunt, doggy, then gives me spunk all over my mouth :-)

Video File08-Mar-2016

Hooker pt1

Length..6:41 I'm a call girl, after the payment I give him what he needs, good knob job! ( BJ ). Am I doing good being a American bird lol? PT 2 cumming soon <3

Video File07-Jan-2016

Table lick pt 1

Hotel sneak sex, gotta see it mates, The excitement of being caught was a turn on babes <3 PT 2 coming soon luvs :-)

Video File06-Dec-2015

Anal Pt 2

Length: 7:09 After all the sucking and fucking I was wet and horny!! We proceed to get a good anal shot lol but my little asshole is so tight! But,practice makes perfect and he shoved it in, after this I gave him a hot blowjob and hand job and he squirted is lovely cum all over my huge tittys, then I licked it up :-) Kisses Ashley

Video File01-Dec-2015

Anal Pt 1

Length: 7:55 I was very curious about a sex magazine I was reading, I wanted to do a anal position I saw and Hubby was sure up to it! First I sucked his cock and gave him a hand job...check out Anal #2 to for the finale! Kisses Ashley :-)

Video File16-Nov-2015

Titty Oil Fuk

Length: 6:59... Its a hot summer day and my tits are wanting out! I spray my see through top then pop them out for all to Its a hot sunny day so I spray them down so you can see them through my top,I decided to rub them down with oil then I call over my friend to shove his cock in between them while I jack him off, I give him a good oil rub down until he shoots his hot creamy load all over my face and mouth...Mummm what a treat!

Picture Gallery10-Apr-2015

Pics Saint Patricks John Holems Dildo

I forgot to add these lol sorry! Check this out my girlfriend takes the HUGE John Holmes super cock dildo straight up her pussy! Enjoy guys ..luv yea ! Kisses Ash

Video File17-Mar-2015

Happy Saint Patricks Day John Holmes

Check this out my girlfriend takes the HUGE John Holmes super cock dildo straight up her pussy! Enjoy guys ..luv yea ! Kisses Ash

Video File16-Feb-2015

Fast & Slow For My Nephew PT 5

My Nephew returns and I show him how I fuck my soft skinned dildo good and hard, He loves it when I suck my nipples and lick my heels then I show him how I do a BJ and talk while fucking my mouth and drooling, as it cums to a climax I get a huge load of cum and drool it from my mouth onto my huge tits...hope you guys all enjoy as much as I did making this series :-)

Video File22-Jan-2015

Mom's Bed

My Moms bed he-he! This is one of my first videos that went viral and I got no credit :-( However I had a great time! A good fuck and lots of cum...enjoy :-) Kisses Ashley

Picture Gallery30-Nov-2014

Slut Machine 30 pics

I'm a little slut machine just drop a quarter in and watch what happens lol

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