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Video File02-Nov-2016

Cigar BJ, Fuk pt2

Smoking a cigar while having sex cowgirl, then doggy, then he cums on my asss and I lick it off!

Video File24-Oct-2016

Cigar BJ, Fuk pt1

Black boots smoking a cigar while giving a BJ! Pt2 coming soon :-)

Video File22-Nov-2015

Nurse Ashley

Length- 7:50...I have the perfect patient today, it seems he has an erectile dysfunction and I know just how to cure this!

Video File02-Oct-2015

Bonnie & Clyde

Length: 5:50 Bonnie and Clyde are being chased by a possie and find a hide out in some barn full of hay, clyde hits Bonnie up for a blowjob she promised him and she oblige's then he fucks her doggie style and finishes her off with a eye facial... Kisses Ashley

Video File11-Aug-2015

Dildo Salesmen Pt3

length:6:31 I proceed to fuck my self with his merchandise and he asks me if he can give it a try of course I say yes lol but that's not enough I want his COCK , then I give him a BJ and he fucks me good and like a good boy he cums all over my tummy!

Video File05-Aug-2015

Dildo Salesmen Pt2

Length:7:11 The salesman shows me all his adult toys for sale and of course I must try them out for size! I find one I really like while demonstrating for him I get really excited and squirt ...WOW hows that for a customer :-)

Video File31-Jul-2015

Dildo Salesmen Pt1

I'm on a business trip and some stranger knocks on my hotel door selling a product, I invite him in because I'm interested of course and it just happens to be what I'v been hoping for being the horny woman I am!

Video File12-Jul-2015

Wild Thing pt2

Time: 5:15 Things are getting hot in the woods with hubby and I , I lay at the end of the pick up truck in my overalls while he finger fucks me until I cum then he fucks me and squirts his hot load all over my tummy ...Mummmmm Luv it! Enjoy Ashley

Video File09-Jul-2015

Wild Thing pt1

Time: 4:25 Hubby and I out in our woods clearing the trees I'm getting pissed lol but he's liking it LOL I give in and start dancing for him and stripping out of my overalls ha-ha then he really get's a boner...make sure and see NO.2 for all the hot action outside in the woods! Kisses Ashley

Picture Gallery04-Mar-2015

Mommie Quirst/ White boots pics 112 pics

These are the pics to match the video, there not huge pics because they were done before that was allowed on the net, they are good quality though enjoy. Kisses Ash

Video File02-Mar-2015

White Boots / Mommie Quirist 2 Movies in

Length: 7:21. This is a video that I put together 2 in 1 first one " White Boots where I'm wearing my white fuck me boots and get a huge load all over my body and the second one is a take off on the Television movie "Mommie Dearest" A must see I even left in some funny bloopers, hope you like my work! Kisses Ashley :-)

Picture Gallery30-Dec-2014

Hitchhiker 184 Pics

These pics are very clear and are 640x455 this set was done when computers just couldn't handle higher resolution but there still good and nice...naughty of course lol. Kisses Ashley

Video File29-Dec-2014

Hitchhiker Fuk PT 2

My girlfriend and I catch us a good hitchhiking on the road we show him a good time ,a hand job then a good blow job , a good shag then in my hand it goes for a good lick up Mummm...he-he!

Video File28-Dec-2014

Hitchhiker Fuk PT 1

My girlfriend and I catch us a good hitchhiking on the road we show him a good time but first we have to wash him up!

Picture Gallery29-Nov-2014

Your Mistress is waiting pics set 2

64 awesome pics this is the set two enjoy ;-)

Video File29-Nov-2014

Your Mistress is waiting 03

I've got you now me boy!!

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