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Before contacting us, please read our Frequently Asked Questions section below

If you still have a problem then please feel free to contact us at (replace -at- with @)

I wish to cancel my account

If you wish to cancel a recurring account then please click HERE

I cannot remember my login details / I cannot access a site ?

To get your login details emailed to you, click HERE

If you still cannot access a site, it could be that your logon / IP has been disabled. Our security software will shut down a logon if it detects multiple users using it.

In this case, please mail -at- with @)

How can I download a video ?

In the members area, open the page for that video (usually by clicking on the thumbnaial.

If the video is downloadable, there will be one or more MP4 buttons (just below the play links)

RIGHT click on the MP4 button and select "Save Link As" (wording may vary depending on your browser)