My Bio


A Big Hi to you all and Welcome to The Valgasmic Empire.

  I am a mature flame haired Exhibitionist (aged 58), who seldom misses an opportunity to 'flash'. I have been on the nest for nearly 15 years now and I still love being here.

Here's a few of the things that I love in life - fun, laughing, chocolate, Man United, sun, chatting, having my pic taken, gardening, NCIS, sexy clothes, organising parties, meeting new friends, music, answering fan mail, and introducing new people to flashing ! 

I have been lucky enough to appear in quite a few top shelf mags, a couple of mainstream women's mags, and have even been asked to do a couple of tv shows (the daytime kind.....wink,wink.


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Luv and Hugz Val  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx