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Now I have an insatiable appetite for Cock, I just can’t get enough of that cum as you will see for yourself. I really am one classy but sexy dirty MILF. Get those tissues ready you will soon be wanking and jerking that cock for me.


Love Michelle xxx

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Video File26-Jan-2017

Come On Shoot Some Spunk For Me

Time to blow your balls for me again this week, I just love the thought that you wank and jerk off over me and when you cum you shoot lots of nice hot spunk, I would love to watch you spunking, watching all that cum ejaculating from your lovely hard cock.Well shall we watch some porn together, wow that girl just loves been fucked just look at those big cocks going in and out of her, one in the mouth and one in the pussy, what a lucky girl.I am going to wank with you just enjoy watching me wank and cum for you, before you shoot your load for me, I just love playing with my cunt, I love a tongue fingers and cock or even toys, I am so turned on watching her fucking and been fucked, its time for you and me to cum, wow what a dirty orgasm that was.Hope you enjoyed it as much as me.LoveMichelle xxxxx

Picture Gallery23-Jan-2017

Blow Your Balls For Me

Lets blow your balls again, I know you would like to fuck me and shoot you spunk deep inside my cunt, so join me for a nice dirty wank so we can explode together.I want to show you a bit of everything as I need you nice and hard if you are to wank and jerk it over me, a limp cock is no use to anyone so lets get going.So lets show you that ass those big tits and that already lovely big wet cunt, just waiting for your nice big hard cock to fuck it, are you wanking and jerking now, dont spunk to quick I need you to keep some spunk for later on in the week when my latest video comes out.LoveMichelle xxxxx

Video File19-Jan-2017

We All Cum Together

With this weeks Video you get a full video in H/D that is over 6 minutes long, every week without fail you will get over 100 plus photos and a full H/D video to go with it.Well here we are with this weeks video, and now you get to see me fuck myself totally naked outdoors while those two guys wank and jerk off over me.I just love spreading my cunt for them, and lets really get them going, I am going to fuck myself with a sex toy while they get a real close up of all the action.Thats it guys you wank your cocks while watching me fuck myself and eventually make myself cum, but I am not going to cum until I have watched your two cocks exploding for me.Go on wank and wank those cocks nice and hard and spunk for me, I badly need to cum after watching that wanking session, well it is my turn now to orgasm so lets get fucking, just look at that cunt getting well used.I need to cum and here goes let that cunt explode, now that w...

Picture Gallery16-Jan-2017

Members Watching Me Wank

A nice winters day with quite a few hard cocks around me.In this weeks update you get over 140 photos and later this week a video in H/D that is over 6 minutes long, every week without fail you will get over 100 plus photos and a full H/D video to go with it.This week this dirty slut get naked outdoors in the winter sun, stripped naked fucking myself while I have two members of my site watching and wanking over me.I just love been watched it really turns me on, and seeing a guys cock getting hard over me, wow it does it for me every time, these two members of my site arranged to come and watch an outdoor photo shoot, and one requested could he wank while watching the shoot.And how could I say no, the only thing was I wanted them to tell me when they was going to spunk so I could watch them Cumming, after all they watched me bringing myself off for them.Well later on this week you get to watch me just like they did performing...

Video File12-Jan-2017

Michelle Gets All That Spunk

As you can see this is one big cock, just the way I like them long thick and hard, this cock is great to wank and jerk off I can get my hand around it and give it a real dirty wank while talking nice and dirty, all guys love a women who talks dirty to them, come on get your cock out and wank it for me, wank that cock and make it spunk, I just love watching a cock spunk, all that white hot cream spurting out of that shaft, and this cock is no different at some time it is going to spunk for me.Let suck him off just look at how big that cock is in my mouth, I love getting deep throated feeling that cock touching my tonsils, thats it bob up and down on that cock just like a fucking motion but with my mouth, lots of pre-cum is leaking from his cock that salty taste of spunk lovely.Now watch him wanking into my mouth, using my mouth just like a pussy, his balls are rock hard and full of spunk but I dont want him to cum just yet, there is lots more fun to be had...

Video File12-Jan-2017

Thats It! Creampie My Pussy

That cock fucks and cums in me, in this weeks video just watch that cock creaming my pussy.Lie back naked for me let me run my hands all over your body until I get down to your cock, now let me tease it and get it nice and hard so I can jerk it and wank it for you.I suppose you want me to suck that cock of yours, get it deep into my throat and go up and down on it all the time getting you nearer to blowing your load of hot sticky spunk for me.Let me suck you nice and slow at first teasing the head of your shaft with my tongue sucking deep on that head and watching those veins in your cock starting to bulge, feeling your balls filling full of spunk and knowing I am going to get the pleasure of seeing you spunk for me, and when you cum seeing your body jerking and jumping as that cock unleashes a wave of spunk, hot and sticky does it for me every time.LoveMichelle xxxxxxxx

Picture Gallery09-Jan-2017

Shove Your Cock In To Me

I just love cock as you will see from this weeks update, I tease that cum from that hard shaft, showing him my wet cunt and well spread ass and talking dirty to him.I know he wants his cock sucked, I bet you want me to suck your cock as well, I am an expert cock sucker, and just love the taste of a cock in my mouth, and it is a fantastic turn on seeing a limp cock getting hard and slowly seeing it get to the point of no return and shoot a nice big load of spunk for me.I have never meet a guy yet who I cannot make cum within minutes using my mouth and tongue, you just love deep throat and using me like you cannot use your wife or girlfriend, your very own cock sucker at your service.Watch me fucking that cock and yes he does cum, see you with the video later this weekLoveMichelle xxxxxxxx

Video File05-Jan-2017

Come On Fuck That Pussy

On the bed legs spread wide cunt gapping how did you know, this cock hungry bitch needs it filling and without the real thing, lets go for second best a nice big black dildo, now that should be able to give me a decent fuck and make me cum.Nothing beats the real thing bit a nice bit of black between your legs fucking the hell out of your pussy is very pleasurable, I get that big black cock in nice and deep and just look at how those pussy lips are gripping it.That cunt of mine can certainly take a real big length and girth, and it is not long before I have a fantastic orgasm hear every moan groan and hear me talking dirty.My pussy just loves to be filled but I think you already know that.LoveMichelle xxxx

Picture Gallery02-Jan-2017

Well & Truly Fucked

My cock hungry cunt needs filling any takers, I always need cock any shape any size a cock is a cock and since I was a teenager I have just worshipped cocks.But when a cock is not available then us girls now have the use of dildos, so we can fuck ourselves until we are sore and satisfied.As your wife or girlfriend fucked themselves in front of you, have they opened up there cunt so you can see it glistening, before pounding it with a dildo and cumming on it for you, so you can sit watch and wank and jerk your cock.Well join me and I promise to put on a performance that will soon have you spunking. LoveMichelle xxxx

Picture Gallery26-Dec-2016

Merry Christmas From A Very Dirty Michel

Well with Christmas just around the corner, I would like to wish you a Wonderful Christmas, and I hope you get what you want under the tree, well let this little Santa pull those panties to one side, and bend over and show you that ass a Santa special.Let me pull those golden pussy lips apart, so you can have a good look at that pussy, now those panties can come right down so you can see that ass in all its glory, with the legs spread nice and wide its time to release those big tits from that bra, now I will bend over for you and spread my ass nice and wide, what a naughty dirty Santa I am.And Santa needs toys just like all children but mine are sex toys, and what a better way to give them a work out than in my pussy, now it is time to cum just what all those little elves want to see. Michelle Cumming and having a nice dirty orgasm, and I never like to disappoint anytime of the year, especially at Christmas.Well I could not go just having one ...

Picture Gallery26-Dec-2016

The Christmas Cock Sucker

All cocks need a Christmas present and I love to be the give and take, as you will see from this weeks update, and then the video later this week then you really get to see me having all that lovely hot sticky spunk.As you can see I am wearing my French panties very easy access to slip a finger or two or more into me with out removing my panties, let me get those panties off for you so you can have a real good look at that pussy, and its time those tits came out of that bra, my big tits just love giving a tit wank and jerk off as you can see for yourself.Well let me lie back spread my legs nice and wide for you, and finger fuck my pussy, I just love a dirty finger fucking knowing I am going to cum, and cum I do wow that was a very dirty orgasm, and there is lots more orgasms left in that pussy, so let me cum again for you, I feel really sorry for girls and ladies who can only manage to cum once, I love nothing more than two three and more orgasms, by the t...

Video File22-Dec-2016

Let Me Make You Cum This Xmas

Christmas is nearly here and so its time for this little Santa to get really dirty with this weeks video, I know you love watching me fucking my pussy, well I dont disappoint this week, that big black toy goes in and out of my nice wet cunt, and then it works its magic on my pussy and tingles over my clit, getting that clit nice and hard and throbbing, just like your cock should be by now.Well watch and enjoy as I make my pussy nice and wet, and you can use your imagination as I fuck that pussy, as you can see my love tunnel takes a nice good length of cock, and it needs filling on a daily basis, you can see every stroke and once I have cum you watch that pussy getting fucked hard and deep, just like any good pussy should.And then I open up those pussy lips so you can have a lovely POV, just stick that tongue out and you can smell and taste that pussy, well I really hope I have satisfied you so far this year, and I hope you have a Wonderful Christmas and a...

Video File08-Dec-2016

Let Michelle Have All That Spunk

Now what I want you to do this week is make yourself comfortable, take down your trousers and pants and get your cock nice and hard for me, go on wank and jerk that cock while thinking about me, now you are getting hard, so its time to play this weeks video now, let me get you wanking and spunking with this latest video, I can just imagine you sat there wanking and jerking your cock while watching me.Come on stroke that cock nice long strokes imagine me legs spread wide playing with my cunt, are your balls getting nice and hard and is that bell end tingling yet, dont cum just yet watch me wanking while playing with your cock, dont that pussy look fuck-able I be you would love to fuck me ram your cock into me and fuck me until you exploded, flooding my pussy with all that hot spunk, once you had cum I could suck your cock and clean you up.Well back to fucking I am going to cum, and I would love you to cum the same time as me, it would be wonderful to explode in orgasm...

Video File01-Dec-2016

Fuck Me Against The Wall

Well I love doing this weeks video, standing against the wall legs well spread getting fucked by that big black cock, banging and pumping away at my pussy, without doubt it really does give you a real knee trembler, so let me stand against the ball and remove my bra, so those big tits hang nice and free, now its time to spread my legs and get penetrated, thats it fuck my cunt fuck it hard and deep and make that cunt cum.That clit is throbbing, I hope your cock is throbbing and your balls are full of cream, I want you to wank and jerk your cock while you watch me getting fucked, dream and fantasise that you have me pinned against that wall and ram your cock into me, thats it push that cock all the way in now pump and fuck me, let me feel every inch of your cock, not turn me round bend me over and ride me, lets hear your balls smacking against my ass, come on fuck me make me cum on your big hard cock.How long can you hold onto all that lovely hot s...

Picture Gallery21-Nov-2016

A Pre Christmas Cum Session

Well only a few weeks to Christmas and I wonder what you are having for Christmas, how would you like to undress me on Christmas day or find me under your tree naked except for my heels, or would you be to shy, I am sure I could get you to stand to attention in the trouser department, and then empty your balls full of all that hot Christmas cum, now that would be a present you would never forget.Now its on to this weeks new update, with those panties down and that pussy nicely spread make a wish, well if only. its time to release those big tits from that bra, these tits of mine seem to grow by the week, but I can guarantee they are all totally natural, now just look at how juicy that pussy is already that love juice is flowing, and hopefully your love juice is not far away, I am sure you are wanking and jerking off by now.Well it really is time that pussy got fucked, it needs feeding so let me feed it, get that toy into that hole and fuck it, yes fuck me and fuck me ...

Video File17-Nov-2016

Fill My Mouth Full Of Spunk

Yes I sucked the guy off and he shot a massive load of spunk into my mouth, watch him face fuck me and then eventually you get to see my mouth full of the guys spunk, all men love a MILF who dont mind letting a guy cum in her mouth, and spunk tastes so fresh hot and salty.So watch has I tease him and suck on his bell end, all those nerves on the end of that cock twitching, and those balls filling full of spunk ready for me to get that load, I suck on his big hard cock forcing it deep inside of my mouth, that cock tastes wonderful, and I know I am going to have all that spunk, he does not know yet where he is going to shoot it, but he will before long and I suck on that cock wanting and needing his spunk.And here it cums his cock throbs in my mouth has he blows his balls for me, all that lovely spunk is shoot deep into my mouth and I continue to suck him off as he shakes and shudders, I then open my mouth nice and wide and there it is a mouth full of hot s...

Picture Gallery14-Nov-2016

Cock Sucker At Work

Cock sucker at work this week, and has you will see from the video later this week, I get all that wonderful spunk, but before the video we have this weeks photo shoot. A nice red bodysuit anybody would think I am dressed for Santa, could I be your present at the bottom of your bed.And being a crotch-less body suit you would certainly get easy access to all parts, let m bend over and show you that well spread ass and pussy, now you could come up behind me, hold my hips and ram your cock into my wet cunt, now that would be a Christmas you would never forget, I could be your spunk dump unload into me.Let me cum you know you want me to cum and I badly need to cum, so its wank time from me, lets finger fuck that pussy and make it explode, now let me strip for you and open up all my holes, and before I get to have that cock let me cum again with another nice dirty orgasm, and then you have all that cock play and you get to watch and see me drain those balls of...

Video File10-Nov-2016

I Want You To Fuck Me

Two sex toys is never enough, all greedy girls need sex toys I never leave the house without one in my handbag, I am always feeling randy and that is a wonderful feeling walking round the shops feeling my juices running looing at all those cocks in those guys trousers, having all those dirty thoughts, well yes you are right I need to go and relieve myself in the ladies toilet or I go back to where I have parked the car, I take down my panties stand there and fuck myself, having all those dirty thoughts running through my mind.If I am in the toilet I stand there panties around my ankles fucking my pussy until I cum, and yes I have had lots of funny looks when I come back out, or if I am in the car panties down seats reclined, and having dark windows you cannot see in, so I can lie back and fuck myself and make lots of noise until I cum, once I have cum I pull my panties back up, and carry on shopping the only thing is my panties are soaked in love juice, and if only ...

Picture Gallery07-Nov-2016

Come On Fuck This MILF

I badly need fucking this week as you can see, I have the pussy and mouth if you have a nice hard cock to fuck with, let me get those full back panties around my knees, so you can see that pussy just wanting and needing a good fuck, and if you are lucky I could give you a great tit wank between those big tits of mine, they love getting covered in cum, I am sure it is that is the reason they keep on growing, all that wonderful spunk.I will now bend over for you open up my ass and pussy, you could always mount me like that, easy to ride and you could get very deep as you pound my pussy, or I could squat on you just like this now how would that feel as I lowered my cunt onto your hard shaft, I wonder how long it would take you to spunk in that position.Well it is nearly time for the video, so lets get some dirty wanking and fingering done and make that pussy purr, as it releases lots of love juice, and you could go between my legs and drink my nectar str...

Picture Gallery07-Nov-2016

Its Cum Time For Us Both

A nice dirty cum in the mouth video this week, I was so turned on out in the sun, and once started sucking that big cock I could not sop until he shot that big load of spunk into my mouth, and yes you will get to see and hear it all in the video to this photo update later on in the week.But before that we have the photo shoot, where I also get my fair amount of cock, all greedy girls need cock, so its time my panties came down for you, come and have a good look at that pussy and ass, both holes are spread and spread wide, and with those big tits out of the bra, I am totally naked with the sun beaming down on me, and I feel so fucking randy, let me finger fuck myself for you and make that pussy cream, a nice deep finger fuck and orgasm, oh yes.Well that was a fantastic orgasm, but I need to cum again and then it is cock time, thats it fingers deep inside of that pussy love juice covering my fingers, now let me make that cunt cum, here I cum oh fuck that was...

Video File03-Nov-2016

Getting Fucked & Creampied

So you have come to watch me fuck, well I hope you enjoy watching me getting fucked as much as I enjoyed getting fucked, and I get to cum on that cock has well so that was a wonderful pleasure has I gripped that cock nice and hard as I cum on it.Well shall we get started a quick wank jerk and suck before that cock enters my already wet cunt, just look how easy those pussy lips open up for that lovely big hard cock, they certainly do not take much persuasion as that cock goes right in up to his balls, oh I need to cum and it really does not take me long to orgasm on that cock, now fuck me and fuck me hard, I really need it hard and deep after an orgasm.Now I cannot waste my pussy juices and his precum so let suck on that shaft, oh yes those juices are very sweet the real nectar of life, now its time to fuck again, I want him to cum in me I want him to cream-pie my cunt and it does not take long until his balls are exploding deep inside of me, wow just look at all that s...

Picture Gallery31-Oct-2016

Come On Fuck Me Now

Well you are lucky this week, you get to see me having cock in the photos and videos and then at the end of it all getting well and truly cream-pied, so lets get that cunt ready to fuck and be fucked, let me spread those pussy lips nice and wide, just to think in a few minutes that cunt will have a nice big cock deep inside of it, riding that pussy and banging his balls against my ass.As you can see that pussy is well lubricated up with my love juice already, and I am going to put on a show for that waiting cock, so when I am ready to get fucked he will be nice and ready, and that cock will be ready and wanting to fuck my cunt, before he gets to fuck me I am going to make myself cum, a nice dirty orgasm is what I want and need, and it does not take me long to explode with a real dirty but powerful orgasm.Its now cock time, let me suck wank and jerk that cock, now climb on board and lets fuck, and lets fuck real dirty.See you with the video to go with this later ...

Video File27-Oct-2016

A Nice Young Stud Who Needs A MILF

Well I am going to get used and abused by a nice young stud tonight, all want to fuck a MILF, and I am a MILF that loves nice young hot cock, I have had many a young cock, but then again I just love cock young and old small and big, they all please my pussy, and sucking off different size cocks is always a wonderful pleasure, and I have had many an older guy shot has much spunk as a young hunk, the younger guys ride and ride for hours on end plenty of stamina, but the older guys know what a women wants and needs, so although they are different they all know how to please.Well you join me this week, getting ready to go out, but not before testing out my pussy knowing it is going to get well used later, by a least one guy maybe two or more, it depends on the class of guys there, but the one thing is it will get to have some cock without doubt, so its time to get your cock out think about all those dirty fantasies and wank and jerk that cock for me, you know you want to cum....

Picture Gallery24-Oct-2016

Take Me Stud, Use Me

Ready wanting and needing a stud this week, I am going out to a nice restaurant on then onto a club with some girl-friends of mine, I am really hoping to pull and I am dressed and ready for it, most guys love stockings and suspenders and running there hand up the inside of the leg, feeling those nylons and then reaching the top and feeling those suspenders, they straight for the love spot, there is not much covering my pussy so they should not have to much trouble pulling those panties to one side, and feeling that wet pussy.Hopefully there hand is warm and they have nice long fingers to prize open my pussy lips and finger fuck me, then rub my clit and make me cum on there fingers, and then before we go any further I want to feel there cock and make sure it is a nice big one, I dont want a small soft cock when it comes to getting fucked, I need a nice big hard cock and a pair of balls that can give me lots of spunk, I of course always carry some condoms with me, I have been...

Video File20-Oct-2016

Cover Me In Spunk, Let Me Have It

As you know my tits are massive and natural, and they give a fantastic tit wank and jerk off, so put that cock between my big tits and let me jerk you off, but before then let me play with that nice hard cock, and suck you off nice and deep into the back of my throat, all you guys love a nice deep throat blow job and I guarantee to deep throat any cock, well this cock is no different and is son leaking pre-cum the salty taste of sperm washing around my mouth as I suck him off.Let me run my tongue up and down that hard shaft, licking the shaft from your balls up to that bell end, your balls are now like rock and you really want to spunk, but dont cum yet I have not had enough of that cock, let me run my hand up and down that shaft you really are rock hard.So are you ready to cum for Michelle, and where would you like to shoot all that lovely hot spunk, well as you can see for yourself that cock did not disappoint and it shot a nice big load for me, but w...

Picture Gallery17-Oct-2016

I Just Love Cock & Spunk

Dangerous in red this week, and has you will see for yourself this MILF gets her fair share of cock and the rewards of the orgasm, and dont forget you have the video to come later this week, plenty of wanking and jerking material this week, guaranteed your cock will be nice and sore by the end of the week, but before then we have the photo shoot and I still get to have cock in this update.Lets get those big natural juicy tits out for you, as you know they are a real handful, let me lower the skirt and pull those panties to one side so you can see the pussy in all her glory, those pussy lips are well bulging and that clit is throbbing, I am going to spread those pussy lips nice and wide so you can see deep into my love tunnel.Now I dont want to leave me ass out so let me give it a good fingering, before getting to work on that throbbing clit, but not before I finger fuck myself, and make myself cum with a real nice dirty orgasm.Well I...

Video File13-Oct-2016

Ready For Sex, Are You?

Come in close and have a good look at mommies pussy, I know you boys love a MILF and this MILF loves you boys looking at her and wanking and jerking off your cock, and shooting massive loads of spunk, well my pussy is open to have a shot at that hole and see if you can hit the target, I am open and waiting for you, or you can deposit your load all over those big tits of mine.While you are wanking and jerking off Mommy is going to join you, so watch has I finger fuck myself hard and deep, those juices are really flowing and I just need to cum, get those fingers in that cunt and finger fuck me and give me a wonderful dirty orgasm, thats it make me scream and shout has I explode with a very powerful orgasm, it is your turn now to shoot your load, dont let me down let me have that spunk.All guys love the MILF that pleases but not only pleases but teases has well, you have found that MILF I just love pleasing cock, and I know exactly what you want and need. `...

Picture Gallery10-Oct-2016

The Mistress Ready For Dirty Sex

Ready to be the mistress at the sex club I go to this week, a nice pair of leather boots very sexy lingerie, and a thong to cover the pussy, these are never on long when I am at the club, and I just love being the guys mistress giving out punishment to all you naughty boys, bend over my lap and let me smack your ass and milk your cock until you beg your mistress to make you cum.The panties are down and those pussy are spread, on your knees and lick my pussy and drink my juices you naughty boy do has mommy tells you, just feel how big mommies tits are big and natural, just like you cock.Now let us wank together you wank your cock, while you watch mommy finger fucking her pussy, until I cum for you, then it is your turn to spunk for me.And later on this week you have the very dirty video to go with this update, by the time the video is published your cock will be sore from all the wanking and jerking you are doing over me.LoveMic...

Video File06-Oct-2016

A Nice Black Cock Out In The Sun

Well here we are again in the sunshine, but now with a nice big black cock and that cock is going to fuck me and fuck me hard and very deep, I like it deep and very powerful and just has I cum I love to be ridden hard and have those balls slapping against me, and plenty of dirty talk the more the better, tell me how much you want to fuck me and how much you want to spunk into me, so lets do it.Lie back and think about getting fucked, lets get that big black cock in that big pussy of mine and lets get fucking give it to me fuck me and fuck me now, make me cum on that cock and then let me lick my juices off that shaft.A cock stroking in and out of a pussy is such a personal moment but not for me, I want you to watch has I get fucked you know how much I love you watching me, knowing that you are having lots of dirty fantasies and wanking and jerking your cock over me, knowing that you are going to shoot lots of spunk for me, so let your spunk flow fetch your self off whil...

Picture Gallery03-Oct-2016

Fucking In The Sun

Out in the sunshine feeling randy, oh what the sun does to me it makes me strip off and get really dirty, all I can think about is sex sex sex. So lets get those panties down and show you what the sun does for me, and hopefully you has well, but before the panties come down let me get those lovely big natural tits out, now the panties come down and the pussy lips get well spread, now let me lie down and get some fingers in my love pot.Let me knell and bend right over so you can have a real good close look at my ass, now let me lie back and spread my ass wide, does that ass make your cock hard, or are you a pussy man, well what a choice to give you and dont forget the mouth I give the most amazing blow job, even if I say it myself.Well the sun is shinning that pussy needs to cream, and I am going to make it cum I am going to have one fantastic orgasm, you can join me you know get that cock out and have a wank with me, oh yes lets finger fuck that pussy and make it cum...

Video File29-Sep-2016

Hard & Deep Just As I Like It

I have that big double ended cock to use, so let me open up my pussy and show you where that cock is going to go, that is one big toy but I can take it, so watch and hear me taking that cock like all good girls should, it fits into my cunt lovely and being so wet helps it slip in and out easily, look at that love juice all over that cock, I just need a cock like that one that can cream in me and flood my pussy with spunk.I need to cum on that cock so lets make that cum orgasm, come on give me a nice dirty orgasm and then fuck me hard and I mean hard, and very very deep pound that pussy and stuff that cock in and out of me, I just love it hard deep and powerful, just look at my pussy lips gripping that big cock it has locked itself around that shaft and I love it.A good dirty fuck is always my dream fuck, talking dirty while getting fucked hard and deep makes me cum even more, now its time to lick all my pussy juice off that shaft. Love`...

Picture Gallery26-Sep-2016

Cum! Cum! Cum! Oh Yes Do It To Me

Lets show you that pussy has you know I just love filling that hole with cock, and this update is no different that pussy gets well filled and well satisfied, with my panties around my knees and that cunt well spread, I bet you would love to get on your knees and ick my hole and use your tongue on my clit, and dont forget I would return the compliment.With those panties now off and the bra removed, lets masturbate oh that pussy feels so wet with my fingers deeply embedded in that love hole, a good dirty finger fuck oh yes fuck that pussy and make it cum, and cums it does, now let me bend over and fuck myself from behind, now that pussy has had its first orgasm it is not time to stop just yet.Let me use a nice big double ended dildo on myself, that is bound to make me cum again, just look at how much cock my pussy can take, I am not called a greedy girl for nothing and now you know why as I get well fucked, and here I cum again with another explosive orgasm...

Video File22-Sep-2016

Look Where All That Spunk Goes

Surprise surprise look I have a cock in my mouth, I hear you say what is new about that well you know how much I love cock, I love it in my hand in my mouth between my big tits and in my pussy, well let me give it a wank and good jerk first I dont want that cock spunking just yet, there is plenty of time for him to unload his balls.I need that big cock in my mouth, fucking and pumping in and out of my mouth giving me a good deep mouth fuck, oh that cock tastes good, I can taste the pre-cum, those balls have leaked some semen and it tastes wonderful, come on fuck that mouth give it to me.Let me put a condom on that cock to collect all that lovely spunk, I am then going to show you how to use a condom full of spunk, you will love this new video.I am such a dirty girl in this new video as you can see, but where does all that spunk in that condom go, join me and see for yourself. LoveMichelle xxxxxxxxxx

Picture Gallery19-Sep-2016

Is It Me Or My Twin Sister Cumming

You get two for the price of one this week, just look at my identical twin and me performing and getting really dirty, do you think you could handle the to of us, lets show you those matching pussies, they both purr and perform well those panties are now off and those legs well spread, its over to you now what you would want to do with us two twins.Lets spread those pussy lips and the ass for you, now have a real good look at those to holes, I bet you would not know which one to use first the ass or the pussy, now those big tits are fell come and have a suck on my nipples, and play with me cunt, you really know how to use a girl.Its time for a nice masturbating session, let me wank my pussy while you jerk your hard cock for me, well I am going to cum I dont know about you, now that was a wonderful orgasm.I am not going yet, lets have another wank of my pussy and cum again, is it me or is it my sister, well you guess.LoveMic...

Video File15-Sep-2016

Creampie Finish After Getting Fucked

This weeks video finishes with me being filled with a nice big creampie, and then you can watch that spunk dripping from my pussy lips, I know you will be wanking and jerking off, and Cumming in no time, so lets get this video started.Let me give that cock a nice deep suck, let me get in deep into my mouth, just imagine that this is your cock I am sucking of and it is my pussy that you are going to fuck, has you can see that big cock is really nice and hard so its time to fuck and get fucked.Thats lovely feeling that big cock deep inside of my cunt, and I take the complete length right up to his balls, oh thats good now watch my finger my ass and then he rams that big cock back inside of me.Now let us fuck until you explode inside of my cunt and you fill me up with your young fresh spunk. oh yes he is Cumming has he blows his balls inside of my pussy, watch him pull out of me and see all that lovely spunk inside of my lovely big wet cunt, now...

Picture Gallery12-Sep-2016

Fill That Cunt With That Cock

In this weeks update you get to see me being fucked a nice big hard real cock, but before I get fucked lets tease you some, let me show you my pussy not yet used in this update but it will soon get used and fucked as the update goes on, as you can see those pussy lips are already wet and shining with love juice, and we have not even started yet.Panties are now off and my legs are well spread, just has I like it and I know you do as well now you have had a good look at my pussy let me bend over so you can have a good look at my ass has I spread it wide for you, lets get rid of my bra and lie on the bed again, and now spread my ass and pussy, shall I get some fingers in my wet cunt of course you are not going to say no, are you.Well its time to a good deep fingering and orgasm, before I get fucked properly well that was a wonderful cum I just had, and looking at that guy his cock is big and throbbing, bring me that cock so I can suck it wank it and jerk it, ...

Video File08-Sep-2016

A Nice Deep Fuck & Cum

Lets not waste time let me spread my legs and lets get fucking, I just love my pussy getting fucked I say if you have it use it, thats it in and out oh yes nice and deep just has I like it, go on make me cum get my pussy juices flowing, my clit is throbbing and I need to cum so badly make me cum and make me cum hard, give me a deep and very powerful orgasm, and when I cum I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard make me feel every inch.Now let me drink my juices from that shaft, my pussy juice tastes like nectar, get on your knees and lick my juices and make me cum again, now come in close dont be shy, have a good look deep inside my cunt, I bet you wish you could fuck that hole dont you, how long would you be able to hold on until you spunked inside of me.Or would you cum before even entering me, has you slowly wanked and jerked off your cock, well if you can hold on I am ready and waiting legs nice and wide just thinking about that next cock filling me...

Picture Gallery05-Sep-2016

Fuck That Pussy

Well hi again here we go, I can hear you saying nice dress but lets see that pussy, open up those pussy lips and show us your pink sweet cunt, come in close and have a look at all that pink, now lets see your ass, bend over and let us have a good look.So you want to see and watch me finger fucking myself, well how could I not honour your wish lets finger fuck until I cum, that pussy is wet and very juicy and has you can see I lick all my cum from my fingers, so let me lie on my back spread my legs wide and open up that love hole, and while I am opening up my pussy for you lets open up my ass.With my pussy and ass now open nice and wide, I bet you are wanking and jerking off having lots of nice dirty thoughts, now lets stand up and get fucked properly, legs spread and a pussy full its time to get fucked, has you can see I really do take a good length, and I just love getting fucked. thats it fuck and finger my ass at the same time.Love`...

Video File01-Sep-2016

Spunk For Me, Cover Me In Cum

Naked and with that cock in my hand it is mine to use just has I like and use it I do, the aim of the game is to get that cock to spunk and I never fail to get a cock to spunk, it is wonderful taking a cock and getting it to cum knowing that it is me that has got that cock spunking, and I also love not wasting that spunk.So lets wank it and suck that cock off and see where we end up, and of course I also need a nice dirty wanking and masturbating session, so you get to see both that cock and me cumming in this weeks video.Now I have gave it a wank lets give it a real good dirty sucking, right to the back of my throat, thats it grab my head and ram me onto that big cock, ram it right into my mouth make me gag on that cock, oh yes that is pre-cum I can taste nice and salty, and it keeps dribbling pre-cum from that big cock and those balls are so hard and full of cum, and I am going to have all that cum.But where does he shoot it!!!!!!.`...

Picture Gallery29-Aug-2016

Getting Ready For That Cock

Give me cock, I just love playing with myself and teasing a guys cock, watching it limp and then getting nice and hard as I tease that cock into growing ready for me to have fun with, so lets get that cock hard and then you can watch and hear me having fun with that lovely hard cock, and of course I want all that hot spunk.So lets get those panties down so you can get a good view of that pussy and ass, spread those legs nice and wide and open up those cunt lips so you can see all that pink, now let me bend over for you and open my ass up well thats both holes opened up for you.Let me get on my knees and bend over, why dont you just come up behind me and ride me doggy style, now with the bra off let me stand up so you can have a good look at me all over, while you wank and jerk your cock, I am going to wank and jerk my pussy until I cum for you, and this was one very explosive orgasm.Its now cock time to watch me having that cock, and later on ...

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