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Now I have an insatiable appetite for Cock, I just can’t get enough of that cum as you will see for yourself. I really am one classy but sexy dirty MILF. Get those tissues ready you will soon be wanking and jerking that cock for me.


Love Michelle xxx

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Video File21-Jul-2016

Watch Him Finger Fuck Me

Now lie down spread your legs for me and play with your pussy, finger fuck your hole and get it ready for me, why I play with my cock, now that cunt looks ready to use and I want to use and finger fuck it Michelle, I want to finger fuck your cunt.He opened up my pussy lips and then slide in a finger or two, and started finger fucking me, wank my cunt for me thats it wank my pussy let me feel your fingers in my love hole, do it nice and fast why I play with my clit, oh that feels so fucking good.So you want to play with my clit do you, and so he started working on that magic button, he played with my clit while opening up my pussy, once he had finished he carried on finger fucking me while I wanked my clit and cum all over his fingers, my love juice covered his fingers.That was one lovely finger fucking that member gave me, and after it was my turn to watch him wank and jerk off, and of course I gave him a helping hand just like he did with me....

Picture Gallery18-Jul-2016

A Member Of My Site Plays With My Cunt

I invited a member of my site to take photos of m this week, and he asked if he could finger my pussy, well has he fingered me I could see his cock getting bigger and bigger, and as you will see in this weeks video he finger fucked me while I wanked my clit, but before then lets get down to the photo shoot.He gave me a few ideas what he would like to see me in, panties that covered my pussy but showed my pubes a bit, he wanted me all in black wearing a leather dress with black suspender belt black stockings and heels, and has he said I did not disappoint, I gave him some flash shots before pulling my panties down to revel that pussy he was going to finger.He asked me to spread my ass and my cunt, so he could have a good look, he tried to wank and jerk off while taking the photos and that cock was hard, now take that dress off for me he said as the dress came off he stared in excitement, now spread your pussy lips and get those big tits out, when my tits cam...

Video File14-Jul-2016

Double Penetration, Arse & Cunt Are Fill

Watch me fuck my pussy and ass in this new video, totally naked with four sex toys and I get to use them all, the first one goes straight into my cunt and lubes it up nicely, now lets get a toy in my ass and give that ass a real good fucking, and now some double penetration a cock in my ass and one in my pussy thats it fuck me holes use all my holes and get those juices running.Now with both holes full lets get a toy on that clit, fuck me does that feel good, my ass full my cunt full and that clit being used a girl could ask for no more that is really getting the most out of what I was given a nice cock in the ass and a cock in the pussy, I can only say wow wow wow, now fuck me and make me cum.Its time to go another and yet another sex toy, it really is surprising how much a girl can take and use, by now you should of wanked and jerked that cock off and spunked, and I hope you enjoyed your orgasm has much has I enjoyed mine.LoveMichelle xxxxxx

Picture Gallery11-Jul-2016

Pantyhose & Lots Of Sex Toys

Pantyhose for you this week you keep asking so here it is, and with the video later this week my pussy gets a real good work out lots and lots of different sex toys, and I forgot my ass also gets a good seeing to, so both my pussy and ass get fucked, I know you would love to fuck my holes well watch them getting fucked has you wank and jerk your cock off over me.Let me get those big tits out for you, so you can start rubbing your cock, lets pull those pantyhose down a little so you can see that pussy and you can dream wank and jerk while having lots of dirty thoughts, let me spread that cunt wide so you can see all that pink deep inside of me, lets bend over so you get a good view of that ass and pussy nicely spread, by now you should have your cock in your hand and be wanking and jerking off, but dont cum just yet there is lots more to update yet.Now I am going to wank with you, finger my cunt and cum and cum, and dont forget later this week you get to see both hole...

Video File07-Jul-2016

Talking Dirty & Getting Dirty

In this weeks update I talk very dirty and get very dirty, I really feel the need for a nice big cock riding my pussy from behind banging away at me doggy style, holding my hips while thrusting that big cock in and out of me, as I tell you to fuck me and fuck me hard let me hear your balls slapping against my ass as you ride my cunt.I do not know how long you will manage to hold on until you cum and fill my pussy with all that spunk, I am and can be really dirty as you will see , but lets have a wank and jerk together, just watch my fingers fucking that wet pussy hearing those pussy juices, I just love tasting my pussy juice it is sweet just like nectar, and when I cum I really cum my cunt muscles go so very tight and I am very very verbal as you know.But you would not like it any other way, a MILF who knows what she likes and loves to be used, am I your type of lady.LoveMichelle xxxxxx

Picture Gallery04-Jul-2016

A Lady To A Very Dirty MILF

I start of this week dressed for a meeting with nice see through panties I find that works well, it always works sat opposite a guy opening my legs so he can see enough without seeing it all, the pussy slit is in site but covered, now that always gets a cock twitching, lets pull those panties down so you can have a good look at that cunt and ass, let me spread those pussy lips for you.Now let me get those big tits out of that bra, but let me tease you a bit more first lets spread my ass and those cunt lips some more, now you can get to see those tits uncovered, its time guys to give my pussy a nice deep finger fucking, just what I need and want and I know it always brings me to climax in the end, and I just love a nice dirty orgasm, and talking of getting dirty this weeks video is exactly that so join me later on in the week and lets get dirty together.Well its time I cum so let that pussy flow and let those juices run from that love hole, well I am never happy Cumming...

Picture Gallery30-Jun-2016

Cunt Play

This week sees me having lots of cunt and ass play I just love having my cunt played with opening up that lovely wet pussy and spreading those lips nice and wide so you can have a good look deep inside me, get your cock out and thrust it into me, fuck me like you have never fucked anyone before.I just love the feel of something inside me and if I dont have a cock then the next best thing is a sex toy or two.Well now I have two sex toys it is a shame to waste one of them, one can fuck me with the other pounds my ass, one in the cunt and the other in the ass now that feels wonderful, all I need now is for those things to shoot them cum inside me.Later on this week you can sit there and watch me getting well fucked in the ass and my cunt getting pounded at the same time all on H/D video.LoveMichelle xxxxxxxx

Video File23-Jun-2016

Legs Spread

On the bed legs spread wide cunt gapping how did you know, this cock hungry bitch needs it filling and without the real thing, lets go for second best a nice big black dildo, now that should be able to give me a decent fuck and make me cum.Nothing beats the real thing bit a nice bit of black between your legs fucking the hell out of your pussy is very pleasurable, I get that big black cock in nice and deep and just look at how those pussy lips are gripping it.That cunt of mine can certainly take a real big length and girth, and it is not long before I have a fantastic orgasm hear every moan groan and hear me talking dirty.My pussy just loves to be filled but I think you already know that.LoveMichelle xxxx

Picture Gallery16-Jun-2016

Cock Hungry

My cock hungry cunt needs filling any takers, I always need cock any shape any size a cock is a cock and since I was a teenager I have just worshipped cocks.But when a cock is not available then us girls now have the use of dildos, so we can fuck ourselves until we are sore and satisfied.As your wife or girlfriend fucked themselves in front of you, have they opened up there cunt so you can see it glistening, before pounding it with a dildo and cumming on it for you, so you can sit watch and wank and jerk your cock.Well join me and I promise to put on a performance that will soon have you spunking. LoveMichelle xxxx

Video File09-Jun-2016

Cock & Spunk

As I promised earlier in the week cock and spunk, well first of all I get him very horny by spreading my legs and showing him my cunt, within no time his cock is nice and hard and throbbing.I waste no time and before he knew it I had my hands around his cock jerking and wanking it, and then I went in for the kill, mouth nice and wide so I could fit that large cock into my throat, I just love giving a deep thoroat blow job, feeling that cock touching your tonsils.He wanted to shoot his cum and I know he wanted to shoot it all over my ass, and he did not disappoint, his cock blew a thick load of spunk all over that ass of mine.Would you like me to suck and blow your cock, I am such a dirty bitch but you love it.LoveMichelle xxxx

Picture Gallery02-Jun-2016

Dressed For Cock

Dressed for cock this week I feel so horny and I want and need a nice big cock, but before that let me show you all of Michelle, have a look at those massive big natural tits and that lovely round ass, and that semi shaven cunt, let me open myself up so you can see exactly where your cock would go.Now you have had a good look into my love cavern, would you fuck my pussy or give me a good mouth fuck, I know I give a fantastic blow job, and I have never had a cock that as not cum for me while being sucked.Shall we play I will finger myself while you have a wank, go on jerk your cock all over me cover me in your spunk.Talking of Cumming and spunk later this week you get to see my ass covered in spunk.See you later in the week.LoveMichelle xxxx

Video File26-May-2016

Big Load

Having fucked that big hard cock in my photo shoot earlier on in the week, I wanted him to shoot another big load so you could see those big natural tits of mine getting covered in nice hot fresh spunk direct from the supplier, I just love having my tits covered in spunk and then rubbing it all in Im sure that is what is making my big tits get even bigger.And yes after the photo shoot I did go out with the girls and we eventually meet up with those guys in a bar, and to cut the story short, I took that young guy outside and wanked jerked and blew his cock for him and he unloaded lots of spunk into my mouth, which of course I swallowed.Hubby loved hearing about that adventure.I am sat there begging for cock and yes he does oblige over he comes and I start jerking and wanking him, forcing that spunk from his balls, talking dirty to him wanting him to blow his load all over me, lets suck him off and see how he reacts to that, cupping his balls in one hand you can f...

Picture Gallery19-May-2016

Night Out

Going out with the girls in a few hours time for a night out, never know take the condoms just in case, hubby loves me to tell him about any sexual adventure I might get up to when out on the town, a few weeks ago I was out with a few friends and a couple of guys hit on us, after some time chatting one of the younger guys asked me to dance with him, the music was slow and as we danced close I could feel his young hard cock growing and I let my hand run over his bulge a few times, it was nice and dark in the nightclub, and I felt his hand going down the outside of my thigh then moving onto the inside, where he put his hand under my skirt and rubbed my clit through my panties, until he had me on the brink of an orgasm.Well we are going there again tonight and hopefully he will be there, and lets see if we can take it a steep further.Getting back to this weeks photo shoot, thinking about that had me really turned on, legs and cunt and ass well spread just asking to get fu...

Video File12-May-2016

Cream Pied

Doing what I do best wanking jerking sucking and fucking cock, while not neglecting my own very wet cunt, I just love playing with cock and seeing how far I can take it into the back of my throat, watching and feeling a cock going hard in your mouth is a wonderful pleasure.But nothing beats getting fucked by as nice hard cock, feeling it going in and out knowing it is going to unleash large amounts of spunk deep inside my already wet cunt, just feeling that cock throbbing as it explodes inside you, oh boy noting beats a good fucking.Watch that cock fuck me from start to finish, and see the results with a wonderful cream pie finish, watch that spunk dripping from my cunt lips would you like to be next, join the queue for seconds.LoveMichelle xxxxx

Video File14-Apr-2016

Covered In Spunk

Fuck me that is one very big cock you have got, let me give that big cock a nice wank and jerk as I talk dirty to you, a good two handed wank and there is still plenty to go around well this guy was not at the back of the queue when cocks where given out, he really does have one very big cock, and his balls are like rock full of lovely hot spunk and I am going to empty those balls and have all that lovely hot cum.Watch me as I wank and suck that cock, my mouth was made to suck cock and I just love it, a nice deep cock throating filling my mouth to capacity, as I suck on that cock.I really want that cock to spunk but I want it to spunk when I want it to cum and not before, I just love being in charge of a cock and when it can spunk, the fun his when the guy wants to cum and you just ease off and tease and he begs you to make him spunk but no you cum when I say you cum and not before.Well now I think it is time you spunked for me let me have all t...

Picture Gallery11-Apr-2016

Preparing FOr Lots Of Spunk

Cock sucking wanking and jerking this week just like all good girls should, getting a nice big cock to spunk is the aim and I always achieve my aim and make sure the guy is well satisfied, and there is no spunk left in his balls, so let me pull my panties down so you can get wanking and jerking off over me.Let me spread those cunt lips for you so you can see all that lovely pink and see it those juices, that is one very wet hole lets get those big tits out lie back on the bed spread my ass and cunt for you now get those nice dirty fantasies going in your mind what would you like to do to me and how would you like to do it.Its time to stand up and have a wank and masturbation session while you watch me wank and cum, as I finger fuck my pussy, lets get those fingers fucking my wet hole, lets lie back and finger fuck as you can see I am really well spread legs nice and wide and my cunt is full, as I finger fuck myself until I explode with a very dirty and powe...

Video File07-Apr-2016

You Are Going To Spunk

I am going to fetch you off this week by being really dirty, so get your cock out and lets start wanking and jerking it off, I want you to work on the head get some lube on your cock and massage that lovely big bulbous head where all those glans on work on the tip and get those dirty thoughts running through your mind, as I talk and play and get really dirty with you.Watch me open myself up for you, pulling those cunt lips apart so you can imagine pushing first your tongue into me then your fingers and now that big hard cock, slide your know inside of me go gentle, let me feel every inch of that big cock slipping inside of me right up to your balls, now you are inside of me fuck me fuck me slowly at first pull that cock in and out of me, now go on fuck me hard and very deep let me hear your balls slapping against my ass as you fuck me.Are you ready to cum yet as I want all your spunk deep inside of me, let me have all that love juice come on empty your ball...

Picture Gallery04-Apr-2016

Getting Fucked This Week

This week I have a nice hard cock at my disposal and I intend to use it, but first it is play time lets get those panties down and those legs spread wide, so you can see everything in close up, a nice big wet pussy and a well spread ass just look at how big that hole is when those pussy lips are spread, and you also have my ass to use as well.Lets have a good old fashioned finger fuck before I get to have that big cock inside of me, with fingers you can really give that pussy a good hard pounding, now its time to use my ass and finger fuck it, that is both my ass and my cunt been fucked, and now it is time for some cock.Let me start by sucking wanking and jerking that lovely big hard cock, the taste of his pre-cum has he dribbles spunk from it, that cum of his tastes so salty but lovely and now its time to get on board and get fucked properly.LoveMichelle xxxxxxx

Video File31-Mar-2016

A Real Dirty Cunt & Arse Fuck

Well they say two into one does not go well this will prove them wrong two toys one well spread MILF and the toys do the work, I am naked and my legs are nicely spread and those two sex toys are going to work there magic one in my pussy and the other in my ass, what a great way to spend and evening before I go out on the town, just getting myself nicely worked up ready for what the evening will bring and I am sure it will bring lots of things especially sex and more sex.So as you can see I have one cock in my pussy and one in my ass, wow does that feel good a nice ass and cunt fuck what more could a girl what, oh yes a nice hard cock to go with it, as I fuck my ass and pussy I badly need to cum as I am so turned on, so lets work on that clit as well and make my cunt really explode.Oh boy what a wonderful dirty fuck that was and a great orgasm, I am just going to bend over and fuck my ass again as I am feeling so very randy and I am sure you are as well, wel...

Picture Gallery28-Mar-2016

A Very Dirty Night Out

A night on the town and I am sure sex to be had, well I am ready for a night out with my girlfriends, and I am sure there will be a hunk or two out there looking to get in to the panties of this MILF, it really is very exciting not knowing what is going to happen when and where, and I am always ready for it.Let me show you exactly what will be on offer to one or two of these hunks, well stockings and suspenders are a must as a young guy just loves running his hand up the outside of the leg and feeling those suspenders, and when he gets up the inside of the thigh then he will to the stocking tops followed by the pot of gold the warm and very moist pussy, pull those panties to one side and he will have it jackpot.So let me do exactly that pull those panties to one side now take them down so you can have a real good look at that pussy, get those fingers nice and wet as they are going to enter me, and give me a nice good finger fucking thats it make my cunt ex...

Video File24-Mar-2016

Getting Caught Wanking My Pussy

That pussy of mine is so turned on and I am feeling so randy, I just cannot get the thought that you are sat or stood there now wanking your cock over me, is this the first wank and jerk off session you have had over me or are you a regular wanking and jerking your cock all the time over me, well every week you have a photo and video to wank and jerk over, I love giving you the wanking material every week.Well let me lie back spread my legs in this weeks video and wank and rub my cunt, I just love finger fucking myself and holding back so I do not cum to quickly as I rub my clit I could explode in seconds but I just love building up those sexy feeling and once I can store them up I let it go and boy do I explode, with the most powerful orgasm.So outside in the sun really does do it for me and hopefully this weeks photo shoot and video did it for you, after I cum I want you to come in close and see how wet that cunt is, those juices are dripping. ...

Picture Gallery21-Mar-2016

Outside Wank With Me

Out in the open I just love getting naked outdoors it really is different, the thought of someone watching or catching me really turns me on, so let me start by flashing my panties to you, so you want more well lets pull those panties to one side so you can see my pussy, even better lets take them down for you now you can get a real eyeful of ass and pussy.Let me start stripping for you, and then I can really spread myself first my pussy then my ass, hope you are getting a real good look as you wank and jerk your cock, dont shoot your load yet as there is lots more to come yet, as you are wanking and jerking your cock I am going to join you, I need to wank and masturbate my pussy until I cum, thats a nice deep finger fuck, and I am going to orgasm are you ready to spunk with me.Let me bend over spread my ass nice and wide and finger fuck my ass, get those fingers in that ass, go on fuck your ass I can hear you say a really good ass pounding that feels so ...

Video File17-Mar-2016

Fucked & Creamed In

Well this is what you have been waiting for, to see me getting fucked and spunked in so lets get going shall we, I start by wanking and sucking the very big cock boy does he have a big cock, and without doubt it will stretch that pussy of mine but I cannot wait.Let me climb on that cock, and has he grips my hips he pounds that fucking big cock deep inside of me thrusting his hips up so his balls are smacking against me, thats it fuck me hard and deep pound my pussy, let me have the full length of that cock, I want to really feel that cock in my cunt so I finger my ass at the same time and can feel each and every stroke as that big shaft fucks me, and the feeling of getting fucked and fingering my ass is such a dirty turn-on.Let me crouch over that cock that way I can really get a nice deep full length, I want that cock to explode inside of me I want and need that spunk in my pussy, and that cock is soon obliging as he deposits a big load of spunk deep insi...

Picture Gallery14-Mar-2016

Getting Ready For That Cock

I am getting myself ready to be filled up by a nice big cock, which you will see later on this week with the new video, whereyou will get to see me getting fucked and cream-pied, so lets get ready to fuck.Lets take my panties down and spread my ass and pussy for you, pussy lips are well spread and very moist in anticipation ofwhat is about to happen, I am so turned on by the thought that I am soon masturbating and wanking myself, getting my fingers deep inside of that very wet cunt, thats it a nice deep finger fuck, oh boy do I want to cum and I can feel it coming I am about to have a very powerful orgasm here goes, yes yes oh fuck that is was wonderful.I am such a dirty girl I need to cum again and why waste a willing and wanting pussy, so lets get working on that clit again as I really do need to cum again and it is not long before I am exploding again, and now you have the video to come where I really do get well fucked and spunked in.`...

Video File10-Mar-2016

Your Normal Next Door Neighbour

You join me totally naked finger fucking myself, so its time to get your cock out for me, and give it a nicewank and jerk, go on wank that cock for me, just look at that cunt waiting to be used, fingered and fuckedjust the way a pussy should be used, I love finger fucking myself as you watch me I am so turned on I amgoing to make myself cum for you.And hopefully you will cum for me let me have all your spunk let those balls explode, as you watch me fuckingmyself, let me grind that pussy onto your lovely big hard cock ride up and down on it, come in close and see howwet that cunt is, as I talk dirty to you all the time, during this weeks video I talk to you like you was here with me.Well thats it I cum and hopefully you cum as well, it is now time to get ready to go out, but dont go yet watch me getting fully dress starting with putting on my suspender belt first, followed by my stockings then my bra and panties,followed by my dress then shoes, we...

Picture Gallery07-Mar-2016

Flash That Cunt At Me & Make Me Cum

Stockings and suspenders with a nice little dress, and matching bra and a very small thong trying to covermy pussy up, I love thongs when you are out you can flash your pussy at guys while sat down with my legs slightly open so they can see some pussy but not all, I love pulling my lips either side and putting the thonginto my crack so the guys can see the lips but not the love cavern.Flashing should be made legal, just imagine all you guys walking around with a permanent hard on, now thatwould be something for us ladies to get turned on by, seeing a nice big bulge in your trousers knowing wehad done that to you.I am not going to flash you today I am going to show you it all, so that cock should be starting to get hard by now,lets take my panties down for you so that you can have a nice close up of that lovely wet cunt and nicely spread ass,As I am bent over with my ass cheeks spread and my pussy gaping, which hole would you use first, my ass or...

Video File03-Mar-2016

That Pussy Juice Is Running

Thats it out in the open air legs nice and wide and a pussy just waiting to be fucked and needing to cum.if you was here you could get your cock out rub it and wank it and when you was nice and hard you couldgive me a real good fucking, a sex toy does half the job but it can never beat a nice hard cock, and gettingthe cream at the end I just love a cock creaming in my pussy and then wanking with that spunk how dirty is that.Well lets get that big black cock in my cunt as you watch and hear me fucking myself, just look at how much I can take I can take a nice big girth and a very deep length with every stroke my pussy is dripping love juicesee for yourself how much love juice my pussy is making that sex toy is covered in my love juice, how I lovemy pussy being fucked, and knowing that you are now wanking your cock over me really dos it for me.I am cumming and creaming in no time, and when I have finally finished that very...

Video File25-Feb-2016

Spunk Over My Nylons

In this weeks video I suck and wank a nice hard cock, but not before I total strip off, let me remove that braand let those big tits swing nice and free, now its time to remove my stockings back to bare legs, now thepanties come off and all I have on is my suspender belt well lets remove that so I am now totally naked.Let me call that guy over and let me get my hands on that lovely big throbbing cock, I am soon down on myknees sucking and wanking and jerking his big hard cock, my head goes up and down on that hard cock suckinghis lovely big hard bell end feeling it throbbing in my mouth.Lets put my stocking around it and wank him of into my nylons, I bet all you guys would love to be jerked off and wanked into a ladies stockings or panties, just look at the cock covered I nylon those balls are so full of lovelyhot spunk and I am going to have it all, thats it spunk into my nylons cover those nylons with your cream....

Video File18-Feb-2016

Let Me Have That Spunk Now

I am back guys and this week I am going to get that cock to spunk for me while you watch and imagine it is your cock I am playing with, let me start by sucking off your cock taking it deep into my mouth feeling your cock growing in my mouth knowing I am going to get you to spunk, you want to spunk and I am the one to make you cum.You sit back and watch a proper cock sucker at work, I know exactly how to work a cock while playing with it I just love to talk dirty all you guys love dirty talk, having me tell you how I love sucking cock and getting fucked by it as well, my mouth can really take a big cock as you can see for yourself.As I suck jerk and wank you off I want you to cum and I am in full control of your spunk, I am the one who tells and makes you cum, I can have your spunk anytime I want, and I want it now so let those balls blow for me and let me have you lovely hot sticky cum, thats it that is a big load of spunk you have shot for me the more spu...

Picture Gallery15-Feb-2016

You Dirty Cock Sucking Bitch

I get my fair share of cock this week and a good finger fucking from the guy as you can see, I just having cock and you get to see me having cock and spunk later on this week in my new video, but watch me having cock and getting fingered in my photo update first, let me show you my cunt that is going to get finger fucked by that guy but not before my very own fingers have looked after my pussy.Time to spread my pussy lips and my ass so you can see inside of me, I bet you wish you could stick your cock into me and fuck me until you spunked, well let me get that cunt nice and ready for you spread those legs nice and wide let me see that pussy gaping let me see all that lovely pink.Now finger fuck yourself and make that cunt of yours cum for me, thats it nice and deep get those fingers deep inside of that very wet cunt, you like that dont you a good finger fucking, now lets see that guy fingering your pussy before you suck his cock.Let me see you...

Video File11-Feb-2016

A Dirty Talk Spunking Video

let us get straight into this weeks video as I know you are looking forward to spunking for me and over me so let me get your cock going, let me talk nice and dirty as I show you my lovely wet cunt just waiting to be used, how is that cock going harder by now I hope let me give my cunt a rub for you so you can come in for a good close up while wanking your cock, let me hold open my pussy lips now I bet you would love to stick your cock into that hole and fuck me, now I bet you are nice and hard and wanking and jerking like mad, dont cum just yet.Let me bend over and thrust my hips onto your lovely big hard cock, thats it fuck me and fuck me hard bang my pussy and let me feel your balls slapping against my ass as you go in and out of me, do you want to watch me wanking while you wank and jerk your cock and when you are ready you can shoot your spunk all over my cunt lips and let me use your cum to wank with.I just love getting you to wank and jerk off over...

Picture Gallery08-Feb-2016

Playing With Myself Watching Porn

Well this week I have been going through the computer looking at porn and all those nice big hard cocks fucking those ladies, well I could not just sit there and watch porn I had to do what you guys do, and that is have a pussy wank rubbing my clit and fingering my cunt thinking of all those nice dirty fantasies and what those guys were doing to those girls.Seeing those ladies sucking those big stiff hard cocks and then getting fucked by them wow what a turn on, and then my imagination turned to thinking about you guys sat there wanking your cocks over me, slowly stroking that cock as it becomes hard feeling your balls filling full of cum, having lots of dirty thoughts what you would like me to do to you, and what you would like to do with me.Well as you can see from this weeks update I am well turned on at the thought, and now it is your turn to get your cock out for me and let me make it spunk.LoveMichelle xxxxxxx

Picture Gallery01-Feb-2016

Outside Getting Ready To Have Some Cock

Its warm enough to get outside again this week, and as you will see from this weeks video I get my fare share of cock and lots of spunk, the sun makes me feel very horny and well turned on, with the sun shining down on me let me show you that wet pussy shining in the sun, panties down around my knees showing you my well used cunt, look into that hole and let your mind run wild.Its time to get those big natural tits out and get some sun on them, oh do I feel horny you can tell as that pussy of mine is really wet, knowing I am going to get some cock very soon thats it spread that ass and cunt and show you it all, I need to cum so its time to masturbate and wank my clit.Thats it finger fuck that pussy and then rub that clit make it explode knowing you are going to be sucking and wanking off a big cock shortly, cum for me bitch make that cunt explode, thats it that was one hell of a cum, its now time to get to work on that cock.See you later on ...

Video File28-Jan-2016

My Cunt Explodes This Week

I need to go out and so I need to get ready, but before I get dressed I wanted you to share with me, not only me getting ready to go out but a routine I do very often and that is playing with my pussy and making myself cum so I can hopefully get around my shopping trip without having to pop into the ladies toilet of find somewhere like a shop changing room where I normally have to go to get a quick and dirty wank, I can always feel the urge coming on and it is quite handy if there is a shop or toilet as I can go in there pull down my panties and masturbate my pussy, the problem I always have is when I cum I am very noisy, so I really have to work on that in public.But not today so lets get finger fucking my cunt and make it explode, it is a wonderful feeling opening up those pussy lips and delving deep inside that wet hole and finger fucking myself hearing all that love juice squelching as I fuck myself.So let me make myself cum for you as I badly need to o...

Picture Gallery25-Jan-2016

A Real Dirty Finger Fucking

This week you get to watch some good old dirty finger fucking and masturbation, I quite often pop into the ladies toilet while I am out, or when I am driving stop and masturbate my pussy a girl has needs as well and I just love playing with my pussy and a nice hard finger fuck before returning back to my clitoris and working my magic on that little bud.But before we start all that lets get ready to finger fuck and play, lets open up that cunt for you so you can see where my fingers are going to go thats it nice and wide just like all good or naughty girls should.lets spread those legs nice and wide to give that pussy a good old stretch, now its time to enter that love hole and start to finger fuck myself, thats it nice and deep get those fingers in that cunt and fuck it and fuck it hard thats the way I like it.Now let me spread my ass and pussy behind for you so you can get a real nice look at those two holes opened up and gaping, well I ne...

Video File21-Jan-2016

Spunking All Over My Nylons

Well now you can get to see that guy spunking all over my black nylons, white hot spunk all over them, I bet you would love to spunk over me or my clothing, I just love a guy spunking into the gusset of my panties and putting them back on, feeling his cum running down the inside of my leg as I am out shopping, what a dirty bitch I am but you love it.I really need to make him spunk, so lets talk dirt to him and wank and jerk off that big fucking cock, that cock is so hard and those balls are just full of love juice, and I am going to get that love juice to flow from his balls, and you are going to watch and hear me making him cum, as I have told you I have never failed to make a cock spunk for me, so I know this cock is going to cum and feeling the size of those balls I am going to get lots of spunk from this cock.And yes he does not disappoint, just look at how much spunk that cock shoots all over my black nylons, lots and lots of hot sticky spunk....

Picture Gallery18-Jan-2016

Spread That Arse & Cunt For Me

Pretty in pink for this weeks update but later on this week, you get to see a guy spunk into my stockings lots of nice hot white spunk, as he covers my stockings but that is for later on in the week.For now lets get those panties down around my ankles so you can get a good view of that fuckable pussy of mine, just has the dentist said open wide that is my pleasure to open up those pussy lips for you so you can look deep into my love tunnel, and while I am spreading lets spread that ass of mine nice and wide, time to remove that bra and show you those big natural tits just wanting and waiting to be played with.Lets get bent right over now and spread my ass as wide as it will go, now that is what you call well spread that ass is really open up, all that dirty talk and thats has got my cunt throbbing so its paly time lets make that cunt cum, a real good deep dirty fingering first giving that pussy a real good fuck.Now its time to work on that clit...

Video File14-Jan-2016

Wank My Cunt For Me And Make Me Cum

So here we are again lets remove the bra and panties and really expose myself to you and the open air, lets finger my pussy and taste my juices, thats it as my fingers slip up and down that pussy slit and over my throbbing clit, now let really finger fuck that pussy.I am just imagining that this toy is your cock go on fuck me and fuck me deep and hard, thats the way I like it, right the way up to your balls slap those balls against my ass as you fuck me, use and abuse that pussy of mine it just loves it and so do I.Now you can work on my clit and make me cum, I cum very loud when I explode and I just love cumming once a day is never enough for me I need to cum at least two to three times a day, I am just trying to imagine how many times a day you cum, have you ever wanked off and then wanked again and again until your cock is sore, I have masturbated my pussy many times and cum then cum again and again until my clit is sore and red roar, but it is always ...

Picture Gallery12-Jan-2016

Sex In The Sun

I am trying to make the most of this winters sun, and wanking and making myself cum seems the perfect way, the sun shining down on me while I play and wank my pussy, I know you guys just love wanking your cocks and some of us girls are no different, I just love playing with my pussy and making it explode with a very powerful orgasm.So lets start panties need to come down, so you can have a good look at that pussy, lets spread my pussy lips for you so you can have a nice close up, now its the turn of my ass to get a good viewing, legs well spread lay on my back lets really open up that big gaping hole for you.Now lets work that pussy finger fucking my wet hole, feeling those juices starting to run, now lets get a big nice throbbing toy up there to fuck and make me cum, thats it fuck that hole make that pussy explode on that big toy cock. I can take a nice big length as you can see, that pussy was made to fuck and be used.Dont forget to see the ...

Video File07-Jan-2016

Getting Loud Playing with my cunt outsid

Once again you join me outside and this time I am going to give myself a good fucking using a sex toy, and there are lots of POV as I know you love seeing my pussy in close up those lips opening up to take that big length of solid rubber cock, in and out of that cunt it goes all the time bringing me nearer to orgasm.So as I lie back and open up my pussy for you just look at the inviting wet hole, I bet you wish it was your cock going into there, but for now it is that big sex toy, and boy does it fuck me well, not as good as the real thing but it does the trick and it soon as me exploding and in this video you do get lots of POV so you can have all those nice dirty fantasys that you are close up looking into that pussy prior to fucking it.And when I do cum I cum big, all my orgasms are powerful and noisy, and for me that is the proper way to cum let the body do exactly what it wants and enjoy the moment.LoveMichelle xxxxxxx

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