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Posted On 20-Jul-2012

" Return to the Dungeon "

Dear Diary, Here’s a set shot at “Sutton House For Fun” I returned to the Dungeon but not alone, I Took my friend Sexy Kim Sutton and after we had stripped off it was spanking time. Trisha xxx

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Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon


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Picture Gallery08-Nov-2013

New Lingerie

Dear Diary, Razzman had bought me this Beautiful French Style Lingerie set, so what else could I do than pose for a hot Photoshoot in his Bedroom wearing it, he was getting excited watching me play with my vibrator so he was nicely aroused for the movie we both were about to make. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery05-Nov-2013


Dear Diary, You seen the Film Scream, well here’s my version, but a guy in a black Cloak and White Mask don’t scare me, but he certainly had a Cock to Die For. Trisha xxx

Video File01-Nov-2013

House Of Horror

Dear Diary, It Was Halloween and I was walking home from a party and took a short cut through a graveyard but I felt I was being Followed so I started to Run I eventually came to a cottage and asked for help, the owner brought me inside, next thing I knew we were having sex, now was this just a dream or was it real. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery31-Oct-2013

The Zombie Nurse

Dear Diary, It’s Halloween and I’m out and About as the Zombie Nurse, Drinking Blood and looking for new Victims to turn into Zombies. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery30-Oct-2013

Sexy Witch Trisha & the Executioner

Dear Diary, well I had just got rid of the Undertaker and who should appear but The Medieval executioner, and all he wants to do is use his Chopper, but I certainly put his chopper to good use. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery29-Oct-2013

Sexy Witch Trisha & The Undertaker

Dear Diary, its Halloween week and I cast a spell and the Undertaker Appeared, so I quickly cast another to calm him down and then worked my charms on him which He Thoroughly enjoyed. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery28-Oct-2013

Sexy Witch Trisha

Dear Diary, its Halloween week and what better way to start it all off than with me as a sexy witch but when I cast a spell I got more than I bargained for when the Undertaker Appeared. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery26-Oct-2013

In The Dungeon

Dear Diary, It will soon be Halloween so let’s start off the celebrations early with a set shot in the Dungeon of the Paradise Hotel in Blackpool. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery25-Oct-2013

All in Black

Dear Diary, I was feeling Hot and Horny Dressed all in black, but I soon stripped off and started playing with my Juicy Pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery22-Oct-2013

Naked On The Bed

Dear Diary, I was laying naked on the bed all but a pair of Hold Up’s and shoes I soon started playing with myself but when I noticed my Reflection in the Mirror it really got me Excited. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery18-Oct-2013

In The Bar With Lisa

Dear Diary, I was feeling very Patriotic when I went for some Fun & Frolics in the bar with Miss Lisa Heart. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery18-Oct-2013

Studio Shoot

Dear Diary, I’m in the studio again for a shoot, this time at Fine and DanDee studios in Wokingham, I’m wearing my New Basque from Ann Summers and my super Sexy Shoes from Kurt Geiger I do hope you like them. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery15-Oct-2013

Nuns On The Run

Dear Diary, Here's some Fun Pic's shot while on Location in Cumbria filming for my movie Nuns on the Run. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery11-Oct-2013

Trisha's Agrecultrial Experience Pt 2

Dear Diary, I was with “Bumpkin” who was going to teach me to drive a Tractor, but on a hot summers day the overalls got a bit hot so they had to cum off, and it wasn’t long before we were both hard at it, Bumpkin eating my pussy with my legs stretched wide while I lay back in the front bucket of the Tractor then me sucking his stiff cock. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery08-Oct-2013

Trisha's Agrecultrial Experience Pt 1

Dear Diary, we have a very good community Spirit in our Village, and with the recession biting hard we all have to do our bit, so I was more than willing to help out on the Farm, so they sent me down to meet “Bumpkin” to learn how to drive the Tractor and I certainly got some training. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery04-Oct-2013

Convent Capers

Dear Diary, Mother Superior had called a few of us to her room and Brother Malcolm joined us too and as usual being the Novice It was me who got used and abused, but was I complaining ? Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery01-Oct-2013

Stripping On The Bed

Dear Diary, Well my womanly charms had worked wonders on the Police Sergeant and I came home feeling very pleased with myself, so time to strip off and lay on my bed and satisfy myself with my Black Vibrator. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery27-Sep-2013

Getting Ready to Go Out

Dear Diary, Here I am Getting myself all Dressed up ready to go out, One of My Nephews had got himself in Trouble with the Law, So I was off down to the Police Station to See the Sergeant and use my charm to try and get the charges dropped. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery24-Sep-2013

Blackpool Orgy

Dear Diary, Here’s a Hot set From The Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool, we had all gathered in the Bar all dressed ready for action, we then headed to the Big playroom where all Hell Broke loose and who knew or cared Who was Fucking Who. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery20-Sep-2013

Garden Orgy

Dear Diary, we were in Claire’s Garden shooting an Orgy Movie with 4 Girls and 2 Hot Studs, Here’s a few of the Photographs taken during the Filming. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery17-Sep-2013

Birthday Surprise

Dear Diary, Here’s all the action shots captured on Camera while filming My Birthday Surprise Movie in the Bar of The paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool, and My Surprise – A Real Fireman to play with, although I did share with my Friends. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery17-Sep-2013

Afternoon Tea

Dear Diary, Time for Tea, and there’s nothing better than a nice Cup of Tea and a Few Cakes for elevenses, but it wouldn’t be me unless I took the opportunity to strip off and Flash my Stocking tops and get my Tits out. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery14-Sep-2013

White Underwear

Dear Diary, Here’s a set shot at Fine & DanDee Studios in Wokingham, I’m in my white Underwear on the Bed with Black silk Sheets, but I soon strip off and sit on the chair and spread my pussy just for you. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Sep-2013

White Bikini

Dear Diary, Here’s another Hot Set from my Holiday back in June at Cap D’Agde in the South of France, I’m on the Balcony of our apartment in my White Bikini, but soon strip off as I start to get Hot. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery06-Sep-2013

The Naughty Nurse

Dear Diary, Meet Naughty Nurse Trisha, I’m Hot & Horny and willing to please and once the Uniforms off its No Holds Barred for some Serious TLC with all the Extras. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery03-Sep-2013

Stripping by The lake

Dear Diary, I’m still taking advantage of the good weather and time for another visit to the lake to strip off and get my all over tan. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery30-Aug-2013

Bukakke Beach Party

Dear Diary, after a few photo shoots in the Dunes we had attracted quite a crowd, guys were popping up all around us like Meerkats on lookout so as they all had their cocks out I called them over for some action. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery27-Aug-2013

A Million Dollars

Dear Diry, Another set from my Holiday in Cap D’Agde, in the dunes Posing and stripping off my $ sign Bikini, Do you think I look a Million dollars ? Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery23-Aug-2013

Balcony Strip

Dear Diary, A few Pic’s on the Balcony of Our apartment at Cap D’Agde earlier this year in my Pink Bikini, although I soon strip off and Oil up my Body ready for the Beach. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery20-Aug-2013

Purple Underwear

Dear Diary, Time to play, this time in my Purple Underwear and Sexy Black Shoes, I was feeling really horny so after stripping off it was time to spread my pussy wide just for you guys. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery16-Aug-2013

All in Red

Dear Diary, for this shoot I’m all in Red as requested by a site member, but as I strip off you can see I’m Pink underneath. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery13-Aug-2013

Hotel Strip

Dear Diary, We were staying at the Paradise Hotel in Blackpool and we had booked in for 4 days for a big Group Photo & Video shoot, here’s one of the solo sets of me stripping off and playing with my Vibrator. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery09-Aug-2013

Layered nylons

Dear Diary, One of my site members asked if I could do a shoot with Layered Nylons, wearing Tights over my Stockings, well here it is, enjoy. Trisha xxx

Video File06-Aug-2013

Let's Swap Pt 2

Dear Diary, I was visiting my Friend Claire we decided to swap partners, It didn’t take us long to get stuck into each others boyfriends and we were soon sucking and fucking like there were no tomorrows. Trisha xxx

Video File02-Aug-2013

Let's Swap Pt 1

Dear Diary, I was visiting my Friend Claire and the Boys had gone down the Pub, while we were waiting we decided to surprise them by swapping partners, but when they came home they had both been thinking along those lines too. Trisha xxx

Video File30-Jul-2013

Vibrator Time

Dear Diary, I had just Finished a Hot Photoshoot where I finished off using my New Vibrator, But I hadn’t finished ! so as I carried on Pleasuring myself the Doc Grabbed his Video and filmed me as I reached Orgasm. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery26-Jul-2013

Black Basque

Dear Diary, Here's a set shot in one of The playrooms of The paradise Hotel in Blackpool recently where we met with Friends for a Group photo & Video shoot. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery23-Jul-2013

Playing with Carrots Pt 2

Dear Diary, After giving My Pussy a good Workout it was time my Arse got some attention so I found a slightly smaller Carrot and got to work. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery19-Jul-2013

Playing With Carrots pt 1

Dear Diary, after stripping off and playing with myself it was time to play and one of my 5-a-day a nice big Fat carrot, so I slipped a Condom on it and got to work on my Juicy pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery16-Jul-2013

Red Underwear

Dear Diary, I was beginning to feel really Hot & Horny so decided to strip off my Bright red underwear and play with myself. Trisha xxx