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Posted On 20-Jul-2012

" Return to the Dungeon "

Dear Diary, Here’s a set shot at “Sutton House For Fun” I returned to the Dungeon but not alone, I Took my friend Sexy Kim Sutton and after we had stripped off it was spanking time. Trisha xxx

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Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon


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Picture Gallery11-Oct-2011

Trisha & Badpuss

Dear Diary, It’s not very often I get to see my Friend Badpuss as she lives quite a way from me, but when we do get together we don’t waste a minute in making up for lost time, I also thought it was about time you guys saw some more Hot Girl/Girl Action from me……… Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery07-Oct-2011

Out & About Flashing

Dear Diary, Another Fantastic Weekend, So nothing could stop me getting out and about to do some flashing, I really get a Buzz from stripping off out in the country especially when there’s a few people out and about, you never know who’s watching you….. Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery04-Oct-2011

Oriental Trisha

Dear Diary, I was feeling Hot & Horny and in the mood for something different for this photoshoot so I put on my Chinese Dress and went for an Oriental Theme, I hope you all enjoy……. Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery30-Sep-2011

Stripping in the Forest

Dear Diary, Here’s a set from my School Days, Our Class had gone on a cross country run, and of course I was last, so as it was such a beautiful sunny day I went Skipping off into the Forest to have some fun, I soon had my Skirt off and was Flashing my Tit’s, and before long I was laying semi-naked on the grass spreading & Fingering my Juicy Pussy. Trisha x x x

Video File27-Sep-2011

Trisha & Chelsea's Exercise Regime - The

Dear Diary, Me and my friend Chelsea were working out on my exercise equipment and that was a good excuse for some Girlie Fun, The Doc was in the Garden Filming Wildlife, heard our Moans & Groans and caught us Girls at it Hammer & Tongs. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery24-Sep-2011

Derelict House

Dear Diary, I had gone for a walk in the country local to where I live and came across a derelict house, an ideal backdrop for a photo shoot; I was dressed in my “Daisy Duke” Denim Waistcoat and Shorts with my pink checked underwear and red patent sandals, I started to strip off and before long I was naked in the sunshine, I moved round the back of the house where it was more secluded where I discovered a secret garden. Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery23-Sep-2011

Trisha & Chelsea's Exercise Regime

Dear Diary, You know I like to Keep Fit, and when my good friend Chelsea joined me on my exercise equipment it was time for some Girlie Fun, well that’s one way of keeping fit. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery20-Sep-2011

Flashing at the Border

Dear Diary, Here’s a set from my recent holiday in Scotland, as you know I just love to go out flashing, and with the Border not far from my holiday cottage it was an opportunity not to be missed, the weather was a little wild as we had had storms overnight but brightened up nicely when I got back to the cottage and decided to flash the Sheep. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery16-Sep-2011

Playing in the Garden

Dear Diary, here’s a few Pic’s of me and my Good Friend Chelsea playing in the Garden, The guys took a few Pic’s then locked us out so we had to press our bodies up against the Patio Doors to convince them to let us in……. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery13-Sep-2011

Up-Skirt Bonanza

Dear Diary, One of my MAW Site Members had asked if I could do a raunchy Up-Skirt Pic Set, so as I’m always willing to please we headed off to the woods and found a nice secluded spot and got down to business. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery09-Sep-2011

Chequered Basque

Dear Diary, I was feeling very Country in my Chequered Basque and Short Denim Skirt, and also very Hot & Horny, so I was more than ready for a really steamy photoshoot, and when I had stripped off it was time to get to work on my juicy pussy with a nice firm cucumber. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery06-Sep-2011

Red Shoes & Red Vibrator

Dear Diary, Do you Think I look Sweet & Innocent in my Cream Floral Top and Sexy Red Shoes, Butter wouldn’t melt in my mouth ! but it wasn’t long before my top was off and I was fingering and spreading my hot wet pussy before getting to work with my favourite Red Vibrator Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery02-Sep-2011

Walking Home Through The Forest

Dear Diary, Here’s a set from my Schooldays, It was a lovely Summers Day So I decided to walk home from School through the Forest, before long I had to stop for a Drink, so I laid my Blanket on the Ground, Drank my Coke and as I was feeling Hot & Horny (Nothing New There) I decided to make good use of the empty bottle. Trisha xxx

Video File30-Aug-2011

Trisha & Big Dave - The Movie

Dear Diary, Hope you enjoyed the Pic’s in my last update, you want to see what happens next, well check out this hot movie where I ride Big Dave Hard until I just have to let go my Golden Nectar and Piss all over him. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery26-Aug-2011

Meet Big Dave

Dear Diary, Hope you like my New Little Black Dress, nothing on underneath as you would expect, but look what I had by the Sofa, My Favourite Vibrating Cock and I call him Big Dave, well it wasn’t long before I was Riding him hard and if you want to see more check my next video update on Tuesday. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery23-Aug-2011

Camera Club Photoshoot Part 3 - The Dung

Dear Diary, I was modelling for my Local Camera Club, we started in the conservatory then moved into the Lounge, after that they asked my to dress in some Raunchy PVC and took me into the Dungeon, after being locked in a cage the Dungeon Master dragged me out and Tied me to the Cross and things just got wild as down went their cameras and out came their cocks. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery19-Aug-2011

Camera Club Photoshoot Part 2 - Red Ling

Dear Diary, I had been asked by my Local Camera Club to model for them, we started in the conservatory then moved into the Lounge where I changed into my Red Lingerie, I could see they were getting excited as I stripped off and started to pleasure myself with my Red Vibrator. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery16-Aug-2011

Camera Club Photoshoot Part 1 - The Cons

Dear Diary, I had been asked by my Local Camera Club to model for them, well how could I refuse, any excuse to show off, we started in the conservatory where I stripped off my skimpy leopard print dress much to the delight of the 4 photographers and I got the impression that they had a lot more in store for me as the afternoon progressed. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Aug-2011

Grey pantyhose

Dear Diary, one of my MAW Site Members had asked to see more of me stripping in my Pantyhose, so here’s a set especially for Him, I strip off my Silver/Grey dress leaving me only in my Grey Pantyhose, then I get to work with my Silver Vibrator before fingering & spreading my Hot, Wet, Juicy Pussy. Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery09-Aug-2011

PVC Raincoat in the Garden

Dear Diary, I had gone to stay with Britlady for a long weekend of photo-shoots and fun, and after it had been raining hard I just had to get out in the garden in my PVC Raincoat and roll around in the wet grass. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery05-Aug-2011

Lazy Afternoon

Dear Diary, Another Lazy Afternoon on the Caribbean Island of Barbados and it was too hot to do too much, Only to have some Fun with my Good Friend Libby. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery02-Aug-2011

In The Garden

Dear Diary, I was staying with some very good friends up in the North of England, And We all had had a very lively Saturday Night, so after my shower and before breakfast I decided to lounge around Naked in the Garden, and was I bothered if the Neighbours were watching ? No not at all. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery29-Jul-2011

Trisha's Mine

Dear Diary, There’s Gold in them there hills – or so they told me so I headed west and staked my claim ! The mine workings were going well so I went to check things out and the thought of all that gold beneath my feet just waiting to be dug up got me so excited I just had to strip off. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery26-Jul-2011

Playing in the Woods

Dear Diary, I recently went to visit my good friend Chelsea, and yes we had a lot of fun and managed to squeeze in a few Photoshoots, not to mention some Hot Vids, so lets kick off with this early morning woodland shoot. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery22-Jul-2011

Red Bikini

Dear Diary, Another set from my holiday in Barbados, on the beach in my red bikini, not much else to say really, enjoy the pic’s. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery19-Jul-2011

Fishnet Dress

Dear Diary, Here’s a few Pic’s of me in my Black Fishnet Dress, Chillin and enjoying the sun on the balcony of my friends apartment in Barbados Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery15-Jul-2011

BMW Photoshoot

Dear Diary, I had gone for a spin in the country with some friends looking for a good location for a hot photoshoot, we pulled in by an entrance to some Private Woodland, ideal we thought, so I kicked off with a shoot in our friends BMW, The Doc my Photographer was feeling a little horny so I gave him a blowjob and he bent me over in the grass for a good fucking. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Jul-2011

Red Dress & Shoes

Dear Diary, I Bought this very skimpy little Red Dress and my Red Shoes completed the outfit, so what else could I do but jump on my bed for a hot photoshoot with what else but my Red vibrator. Trisha

Picture Gallery05-Jul-2011

Fur Coat on The Bed

Dear Diary, I was booked for a photoshoot and the Theme was Fur Coats of which I have a Few (Not Real Fur Though) in this set I was wearing my Leopard Print Coat with Gold Leopard Print Bikini Bottoms and my new Egyptian Eye Clit Jewellery, Hope you all enjoy this set. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery01-Jul-2011

I'm a Porn Star - Get Me Out Of Here

Dear Diary, I Had been signed up for one of those reality TV Shows, bit like being in the Jungle with Ant & Dec, but I was in the woods with just the Ants. I was left alone in the woods in only my Underwear and Had to make a shelter for the night, but it was such a warm evening I soon got stripped off before settling down in my shelter Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery28-Jun-2011

Naked in the Woods

Dear Diary, I’m in the Woods again in only a pair of Shiny Leopard Print Knickers and Black Heels, and it wasn’t long before they were off and I was Naked in the Woods. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery24-Jun-2011

Crowthorn Woods

Dear Diary, I had gone for a walk in Crowthorne Wood looking for a few locations for a hot Photoshoot, this will do said my Photographer, a small Green Patch where 3 main tracks met, A busy spot I thought, but as Visibility was good I said why not! Believe me Guys that was the quickest Photoshoot I’ve ever done! Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery21-Jun-2011

The Colour Purple

Dear Diary, I just Love the Colour Purple, so what more of an excuse did I need to dig out my Purple Hot Pants, Sequined Top, Hold-ups And Shoes, oh and of course my Purple Thai Beads for some Hot Anal Play. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery17-Jun-2011

Green Bikini

Dear Diary, Here I am again playing on The Beach in Barbados, I’m Wearing my Green Bikini, but it’s not long before I have stripped off completely and I’m running naked along the beach. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery14-Jun-2011

In The Sea

Dear Diary, Another Glorious Day on the Island of Barbados, so what else could I do but head for Long Beach which is usually nice and quiet and play in the sea, and of course it wasn’t long before I had My Kit off…. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Jun-2011

Trisha's Workout - Part Two

Dear Diary, Mr Activator my Fitness Instructor was giving me my daily workout, and he wasted no time in showing me the many uses for the multi-gym equipment, first bending me over and fucking me from behind before laying me on my back and giving my pussy a workout with his tongue, followed by more of his Hot Cock pounding away inside me. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery07-Jun-2011

Trisha's Workout - Part One

Dear Diary, It was time for my Daily Workout and I was ready for it, if you know what I mean, My Fitness Instructor, Mr Activator was putting me through my paces on the rowing machine and said I would benefit more from the session if I took off my Gym Kit, and he was more than willing to give me a hand, once naked he introduced me to his own piece of Gym equipment, which I was more than willing to try. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery24-May-2011

Stripping in a Rape Field

Dear Diary, What a Really Gorgeous Easter Weekend we had, and I certainly didn’t need an excuse to get out and about in the Countryside and nothing better than a field of Rape in full Blossom to strip off in and enjoy the sun. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery20-May-2011

Stripping by the A34

Dear Diary, We had gone for a drive to look out for a good location for a photoshoot, we found an ideal spot, just off the busy A34, We didn’t waste any time as the weather looked on the change and had soon stripped off on the bridle path just up the hill from the motorway, after a couple of glasses of wine it was quick change then as requested by one of my members a few Up-Skirt Pic’s. Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery17-May-2011

Skool Girl Trisha 2

Dear Diary, The Headmaster had asked if he could take some photographs for the Skool Yearbook, 2 senior boys had turned up and things started to get Hot, but I’m not the sort of girl to turn down the chance of some fun with 2 cocks, so I was a more than willing participant as I licked and sucked those 2 stiff cocks, and in return I got well Fucked and the headmaster got his photographs. Trisha x x x