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Posted On 20-Jul-2012

" Return to the Dungeon "

Dear Diary, Here’s a set shot at “Sutton House For Fun” I returned to the Dungeon but not alone, I Took my friend Sexy Kim Sutton and after we had stripped off it was spanking time. Trisha xxx

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Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon Return to the Dungeon


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Picture Gallery02-Oct-2012

Trisha & Rob

Hi Guys, here’s a set of me wit Rob of; Robs Yorkshire Ladies, who we met along with Britlady and Mazza for a Hot weekend Photoshoot. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery28-Sep-2012

Trisha & Lexie

Hi Guys, I had gone to Bristol for a Hot Video shoot in a Dungeon, before we started Lexie and I got to grips with some of the equipment so we had a rough idea of what to expect. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery25-Sep-2012

Trisha & Chelsea

Chelsea and I were in the garden being photographed by her Photographer but the Doc was standing on the river bridge and shot most of this set from there. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery21-Sep-2012

Black Hat

Hi Guys, You like my Black Hat ? it goes well with my Black lacy Basque don’t you think, not that I keep anything much on for long, I just love to strip off for you guys, then lay on the bed fingering and spreading my hot wet pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery18-Sep-2012

White Bikini

Hi Guys a few More Holiday Snaps from The South of France, once again posing around the Pool, This time in my White Bikini while my Friend Claire swims naked in the pool. Trisha xxx

Video File14-Sep-2012

Studio Shoot - The Movie

Dear Diary, A lot of you guys have asked if you can come and watch a photoshoot, but to be quite honest there’s nothing much to see and conditions are usually cramped, and the studio is usually full of lights and equipment, but here’s a video of all the action at a recent shoot with my good friend Teezer, shot by Teezer’s Cameraman. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery11-Sep-2012

Studio Shoot

Dear Diary, I had been booked for a studio photoshoot by the Dirty Doctor with my Good Friend Teezer and let me tell you guys when we get together its no holds barred Girl on Girl Fun. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery07-Sep-2012

In The Barn

Dear Diary My Good Friend Claire and I were planning on going Riding, but once we got in the barn and started messing about it was time for some Full on Girl on Girl Action. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery04-Sep-2012

Schoolgirl Trisha - Upskirt

Dear Diary, Up-Skirt time again, this time as Skool Girl Trisha, I was followed around the Yard by the Photographer who snapped away as I climbed on Gates and piles of stone and flashed my Knickers. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery31-Aug-2012

Black Tee-Shirt

Dear Diary, I had just bought a new pair of shoes, Black & Yellow with a silver strap across the front, perfect to match my Yellow & Black underwear, to finish off my Black PVC Shorts and New Black Tee-Shirt. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery28-Aug-2012

Retro Underwear

Dear Diary, I had a request from one of my members to see me in 50’s style Retro Underwear so here’s a set shot in Black & White of me in my Retro Underwear, Hope you all enjoy it. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery21-Aug-2012

Naughty Nurses

Dear Diary, I was out visiting Patients with Nurse Laura and we had one case that demanded our special attention, you could say he was one of our special needs patients, but we left him feeling a lot better. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery17-Aug-2012

Naked By The Pool

Dear Diary, Even More Holiday Pics from my Villa Holiday in June in the South of France, No messing about here, Naked by the Pool, hope you enjoy this set. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery14-Aug-2012

White Blouse

Dear Diary, I had just Got ready for a client, he doesn’t like me to wear too much, so a blouse and pair of shoes is plenty, He was running late and as My photographer had been with me all morning we managed to squeeze in another quick set. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Aug-2012

Playing in the Lounge

Dear Diary, I had gone to meet my good Friend Kim and were sitting chatting with a nice glass of wine, but you know what its like when we girls get together, we just cant keep our hands of each other. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery07-Aug-2012

Leopard Girl

Dear Diary, You Know I Love Leopard Print, but do You Think This Photoset is a bit over the Top ? got a bit of a Tribal Theme with my Leopard Fur Bikini. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery03-Aug-2012

Gold Bikini

Dear Diary, Here’s a few Hot Pic’s of Me on Holiday recently in my Gold Bikini posing & stripping around the Pool at the Villa where we stayed in the South of France. Trisha xxx

Video File31-Jul-2012

Three Naughty Kittens

Dear Diary, I had walked into my Bedroom and found my Friend Claire playing on the Bed with Gilly, Well I just had to join the Fun, It would have been Rude not to join in now wouldn’t it ?. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery27-Jul-2012

Emergency Ward 10

Dear Diary, Here’s a photoset shot at “Body Line Studios” in Nottingham, if you think these Pic’s are Hot, Check out the Movie Updates Tomorrow and Wednesday on my TAC 1 Site. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery20-Jul-2012

Return to the Dungeon

Dear Diary, Here’s a set shot at “Sutton House For Fun” I returned to the Dungeon but not alone, I Took my friend Sexy Kim Sutton and after we had stripped off it was spanking time. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery17-Jul-2012

Two Naughty School Girls

Dear Diary, I had gone round my Friend Chelsea’s house to do our Homework but soon got distracted and got stuck into some Red Hot Girlie Playtime. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Jul-2012

Motorbike Shoot

Dear Diary, Another Fantastic Photo Set shot by Amature56 at Bodyline Studios in Nottingham earlier this year. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Jul-2012

Trisha in the Dungeon

Dear Diary, I was all in PVC so I just had to do a shoot in the Dungeon/Punishment Room while at Sutton House for Fun, for an all day photoshoot Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery06-Jul-2012

Speedy & Chelsea Out Flashing

Dear Diary, Another photo set from last Septembers visit to my Holiday Cottage in Scotland, out and about flashing with my Friend Chelsea. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery03-Jul-2012

Dressing Table Strip

Dear Diary, More leopard print, I was feeling Hot and Horny in my little skimpy top and leopard print skirt, so what more was there to do but strip off and spread my juicy pussy for you all. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery30-Jun-2012

New PVC Outfit

Dear Diary, One of my Site Members sent me this fantastic PVC outfit for my Birthday, So I will wear it at my party and as he’s invited he can help me out of it when things hot up. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery29-Jun-2012

Leopard Print Basque

Dear Diary, I’m all in leopard print again, I just love it and I know you guys do to, but its not on for long and I’m soon fingering and spreading my hot wet pussy, and guys check out my awesome clit jewellery. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery22-Jun-2012

Fun With Grandma Libby

Dear Diary, I just love to get together with my Good Friend Grandma Libby we always have a lot of Fun especially when we have our vibrators to hand and ready for action. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery19-Jun-2012

Little Cream Dress

Dear Diary, Hope you like my Little Cream Dress & Sparkling Shoes, all dressed ready for a night out partying with my Gold Crotch less Panties, but No partying for me, just a slow strip for you, my hot and horny site Members. Trisha xxx

Video File15-Jun-2012

Dogging in Cumbria

Dear Diary, I was recently staying in a remote Holiday Cottage in Cumbria, I had heard about a Local Dogging Spot so decided to check it out, and I was not Disappointed. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Jun-2012

Trisha The Singer

Dear Diary, I answered an Ad in the Paper, Nightclub Stripper Wanted; so I applied, but it turned out they wanted a Singer, so as I can’t sing I did what I do best, STRIP Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery08-Jun-2012

Black Corset Dress

Hi Guys, How do you like my Black Corset Dress, with nothing but a skimpy pair of Black Panties and Black Hold-ups Ideal for a Party don’t you think ? Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery05-Jun-2012

In The Hall

Dear Diary, I was just coming back to my Apartment feeling really Hot & Horny, I only just got in before I started Stripping off in front of the mirror and playing with my pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery01-Jun-2012

Stripping by The Fireplace

Dear Diary, we had Booked Sutton House of Fun for a Hot Photoshoot and when one of my Friends Kim turned up it was time to get stuck into some Hot Girl/Girl Action. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery29-May-2012

5 A Day - Aubergine

Dear Diary, here’s one of my five a day, Aubergine, or to my American followers, An Egg Plant, but call it what you like guys, it slides nice and easy up into my hot pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery25-May-2012

Pirate Movie - Stills

Dear Diary, Here’s a few Stills shot whilst filming my Pirate movie while up in Cumbria, Claire and I were two Lusty Wenches who catch the eye of our Randy Pirate he soon parts with his Gold Doubloons for an afternoon of pleasure. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery22-May-2012

Stripping by the Motorway

Dear Diary, We went for a walk in the Country but soon found ourselves along side the busy M4 Motorway, well what a great spot for a photo shoot with the traffic whizzing along above me, well after stripping off it was time for a piss followed by some Hot vibro action, after that I needed a Hot Stiff Cock, time for the Photographer to put down his Camera. Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery18-May-2012

My Red Vibrator

Dear Diary, I had just got a new Red Vibrator and I just had to try it out and give my Pussy a good Workout. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery15-May-2012

Black Hat

Dear Diary, for this shoot I’m wearing my black Hat, Don’t you think it goes well with my Pink Underwear ? I was in the mood to tease, so for this set I took my time with a long slow strip before getting down to the serious business of spreading my juicy pussy. Trisha x x x

Picture Gallery11-May-2012

Two Naughty Nuns

Dear Diary, Sister Claire and I were away on Retreat but we really are two Naughty Nuns as we had nicked a bottle of communion wine and sneaked into the lounge for some fun. Sister Trisha