" Libby, Angel & Gary "

Grandma Libby and her sweet German friend Angel Eyes meet up with a horny handsome guy. We can.t wait to find out what he has to offer us and after some hot kissing and playing we unzip his pants to get our mouths around his rampant dick ..

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Video File04-Nov-2012

BBW Movie Pt2

Hi Everyone, it seems you all love my ample body and curves, but it.s what I can do with my body is what you love the most, see me shake and wobble my Full Breasts and Belly and just get a load of my Big Beautiful Arse, and check out what I can do with my Toys.Grandma Libby xxx

Video File28-Oct-2012

BBW Movie Pt1

Hi Everyone, So many of my Fans and Admirers Not only love me because I.m a very Mature Lady but also because I.m a 100% BBW it seems you all love my ample body and curves, well this movie is just for you.Grandma Libby xxx

Picture Gallery21-Oct-2012

Body Stocking

Peter came to take some photos of me and bought me this lovely black body-stocking with open top crotch . Seeing my pearly white tits and crotch against my tan and the back body stocking drove him wild so it wasn.t long before he had his clothes off and his cock in my mouth and up inside my juicy wet cunt!

Picture Gallery14-Oct-2012

Libby Trish & Gary

A horny fucking threesome when Grandma gets together with Speedybee and her hubby who was supposed to be taking the pictures but somehow got distracted and Speedy and I romped together naked. Sucking and fucking his cock was a welcome addition to our afternoon of sexy fun.

Video File07-Oct-2012

Strap On Fun Pt2

Hi Everyone, Speedybee had turned up wearing the most revealing of outfits and was well impressed with my Big Black Strap-On Dildo, She wasted no time in getting to know it a little better and I was soon giving her a well deserved fucking in every conceivable position.Grandma Libby xxx

Video File30-Sep-2012

Strap On Fun Pt1

Hi Everyone, I was Waiting for my Good Friend Speedybee to come and visit me in my hotel, and I certainly had a surprise for her, she turned up wearing the most revealing of outfits and was certainly excited by my Surprise, a nice firm Big Black Strap-On Dildo.Grandma Libby xxx

Video File19-Aug-2012

BJ In The Bath Movie Pt2

Threesome fun in the bath continues as Chloe and Libby share Peter.s big cock. Sucking and wanking until he shoots his hot load all over Chloe.s wet tee-shirt. Then we lick him clean and share a passionate kiss . tasting his sweet cum on each other.s lips..

Video File19-Aug-2012

Birthday Treat For A Member Pt1

A horny treat for a loyal member on his birthday. I surprise him with a sexy strip out of my plain everyday clothes to reveal my sexy black PVC basque, black stockings with suspenders and high hell peep toe shoes. He can.t keep his hands or his tongue off me ..

Video File19-Aug-2012

Birthday Treat For A Member Pt2

Pussy licking and cock sucking is the order of the day as this member.s big member gets hard and stiff. POV at it.s best ..

Video File13-Aug-2012

Fucked By A Strap On

Hi Everyone, I was Staying in a Hotel in Nottingham with my good Friend Trisha known by most of you as Speedybee, she said she had a Surprise for Me, and Oh ! What a Surprise it was !Grandma Libby xxx

Video File13-Aug-2012

Fucked By A Strap On Pt2

Hi Everyone, Speedybee, she said she had a Surprise for Me, and when she came into the Bedroom wearing Her Purple Hot-Pants and a Massive Strap-On Dildo I knew I was in for a Good Fucking, and that.s exactly what I Got.Grandma Libby xxx

Picture Gallery13-Aug-2012

Barbados Beach

GrandmaLibby loves getting naked on the beach in Barbados although it isn.t allowed and she has to be VERY careful not to be spotted by the patrolling security. I wonder if they really would mind seeing my big white boobs and fat ass ..

Picture Gallery13-Aug-2012

Joe came to see my suntan but

Joe popped in when I go back from holiday . his excuse was to see my sun-tan but just look what it led too . cum again Joe, anytime..

Picture Gallery13-Aug-2012

Grandma Needs a Techie

Grandma made the excuse that she needed a techie to put her PC right but what UI really needed was for the techie to put me right LOL He soon got the message and I enjoy his cock....

Video File04-Aug-2012

The Interview Pt1

Im always conducting interviews with potential stars, so I thought Id let you have a look behind the scenes of the casting couch! Libby x

Video File04-Aug-2012

The Interview Pt2

I put all my potential participants through heir paces and this guy certainly looks and tastes like hell stay the course. Libby x

Video File04-Aug-2012

The Interview Pt3

At last I get his huge cock rammed up inside me from behind. Libby x

Video File04-Aug-2012

The Interview Pt4

Its time to get his big cock inside me as he pounds away and fucks me hard. Libby x

Video File04-Aug-2012

The Interview Pt5

Hes really not bad at all, so I let him fuck me from behind, to see what hes like doggy style. Libby x

Video File04-Aug-2012

The Interview Pt6

He cant hold his load any more and eventually he pulls out and blows his load all over me. Libby x

Video File04-Oct-2011

Taste My Spunk Pt4

I can feel that Martin is not going to be able to hold on much longer at this pace and I desperately want to see him shoot his hot sticky spunk. He doesn.t manage to get his condom off before shooting into it so when he takes it off I grab is and empty all that lovely hot cum over my face tasting the salty semen as it dribbles on my lips and down over my chin. Some of it drips on to my boo...

Video File27-Sep-2011

Taste My Spunk Pt3

The excitement continues as I get fucked hard doggy style and missionary with my legs wrapped around Martin as he pounds my wet pussy. See my big boobs jiggle and my fat belly wobble as I respond vigorously to being shagged.

Video File20-Sep-2011

Taste My Spunk Pt2

Cock sucking at it.s best, Martin feeds on my tits and licks me out before slipping his hard 9. cock into my wet pussy

Video File13-Sep-2011

Taste My Spunk Pt1

When Martin comes to visit me he is surprised to find me waiting for him in the bedroom dressed in my hot sexy PVC basque, boots and black stockings. Well I didn.t want to waste time on small talk because I know what a super hard cock Martin has and I couldn.t wait to get hold of it.

Picture Gallery06-Sep-2011

4 Some Domination

When Grandma Libby and her friends Chloe and Speedy Bee get a man ion their clutches you never know what is going to happen. This guy put himself at our mercy and once we blindfolded him he had no idea what to expect. Speedy had a fantastic paddle to slap his ass with and you could even see the word OUCH etched on his white buttocks. We had him screaming for mercy .

Video File02-Mar-2011

Greedy Grandma Pt7

Riding reverse cowgirl on a stiff cock and having my tits fondled by another guy . this grandma is having a wild time. Finally I take a big load of hot thick white sticky cum all over my face. That.s both the guys satisfied for the time being and Greedy Grandma is well and truly fucked.

Video File27-Feb-2011

Greedy Grandma Pt6

Moving to the sofa I get his cock really hard then sit astride him and feed in inside me letting my boobs dangle in his face. Turning round I ride him reverse cowgirl lowering myself on to his ramrod hard shaft and bringing myself off yet again

Video File23-Feb-2011

Greedy Grandma Pt5

Getting fucked hard and being wanked over at the same time and I get a hot load of hot thick creamy spunk all over my big soft breasts. Great close-ups of his cum shot and me licking him clean. Another great orgasm for me as I am fucked from behind.

Video File20-Feb-2011

Greedy Grandma Pt4

A bit of ass slapping and kissing leads on to come hot cock sucking followed by a good fucking and being wanked over.

Video File16-Feb-2011

Greedy Grandma Pt3

Can.t get enough as I ride one hard cock while having my ass licked by the other guy. Just hear what a moaning, screaming orgasm I have

Video File13-Feb-2011

Greedy Grandma Pt2

Lots more sexy fun for me as these two horny guys strip me and play with me. One fingers and fucks on my wet pussy while the other one feeds his cock into my mouth.

Video File09-Feb-2011

Greedy Grandma

Come and see me get to grips with two horny fellas who can.t wait to get their hands and mouths on my delicious BBW curves. I just love having my wet pussy licked while giving a BJ at the same time.

Picture Gallery06-Feb-2011

PVC Fuck

PVC is very sexy so when I knew that my friend Martin Essex SC was coming to visit me I dressed in black shiny PVC and black stockings and high heel shoes just hoping he would be turned on. I was not disappointed as you can see from these sample pics. His cock was soon rock hard and I enjoyed all the sucking and fucking that followed. Come on in and see for yourself.

Video File30-Oct-2010

Libby, Angel & Gary Pt4

Now we both lie back on the settee and get fingered .til we cum! After taking his cock deep throat we sit him down between us and Angel gets her tits sucked while I give him a delicious foot-wank with my nylon-covered toes.

Video File27-Oct-2010

Libby, Angel & Gary Pt3

Just look at Angel in action here sucking his cock and balls while I play with her smooth round ass. We both end up kneeling on the settee so this horny guy can finger our wet pussies before tasting our sweet pussy-juices with his hot tongue.

Video File23-Oct-2010

Libby, Angel & Gary Pt2

Lots more sexy interaction between the three of us as Angel and Libby strip off his pants and take turns in sucking and licking his fantastic hard cock. We both give him a tit-wank and while one is playing with his cock the other one taking his mouth onto her breasts.

Picture Gallery20-Oct-2010


I had the decorators in recently. How could I resist this hot and horny fella in his white overalls. When he told me that hard work always left him feeling hot . in more ways than one I had to help him cool off...

Picture Gallery16-Oct-2010

Grandma.s Horny Photo-shoot

The photographer asked to take some glam pics of Libby in a nice dress but he got carried away and .....Cum and see what happened!!

Picture Gallery27-Sep-2010

Charley HC

My very horny member Charley came to take me out for an outdoor photo session BUT he decided we had to have some real fun before we left. A hot sucking and fucking session on the settee was very acceptable . Grandma just loves to be fucked any time of day. Cum again Charley ....

Video File23-Sep-2010

Face Full Of Cum Movie Pt3

He can.t hold out against my hot wet mouth and searching tongue much longer so he takes himself in hand and points his cock straight at my face because he wants to watch his hot sticky cum drenching my face and dripping off my mouth and chin on to my big soft breasts..

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