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Posted On 26-Apr-2012

" Jodi and Sarah Kelly 2 Girl Toy Shoot co "

Hi guys and Girls, Heres some more fun between me and Sarah Kelly. She certainly gives my pussy a good licking and fucking in this update.....wonderful.

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Jodi and Sarah Kelly 2 Girl Toy Shoot co Jodi and Sarah Kelly 2 Girl Toy Shoot co Jodi and Sarah Kelly 2 Girl Toy Shoot co Jodi and Sarah Kelly 2 Girl Toy Shoot co


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Picture Gallery03-Dec-2012

Member Interracial 2

Welcome to part two of my interracial member meet. I finally get to see why dark meat is so tasty I cant get enough of sucking this lovely cock mmmmmm......

Picture Gallery26-Nov-2012

Member Interracial

Hello again, I had a wonderful e-mail from a new site member who wanted to entertain me one evening. I was a little nervous but soon relaxed when I saw his gorgeous cock...needless to say I couldnt resist getting my hands and mouth on it yum yum.

Picture Gallery19-Nov-2012

A Members Blowjob

One thing I like about doing shoots for TAC2 is that I occasionally get to meet my members. M recently joined my site and here he is enjoying my oral skills. Whos next?

Picture Gallery12-Nov-2012

Studio Shoot Part 2

Finally I redeem myself!! I left the photographer with a smile on his face after using his studio for a shoot, and I ended up being covered in creamy spunk!!

Picture Gallery05-Nov-2012

Studio Shoot Part 1

Heres me after a recent studio shoot. I thought it was too good to be true, using the studio and facilities, The photographer sees to it that I earn my photo sets!!

Picture Gallery29-Oct-2012

Jodi and Sam Part 4

Here.s the final part of my meeting with Spunky Sam, I receive a lovely facial which is my favourite pastime. I now know where he gets his name from!.

Picture Gallery22-Oct-2012

Jodi and Sam Part 3

Hiya all, here I am with Sam getting a good seeing to!! Well a Girl has to enjoy herself sometime doesn.t she?

Picture Gallery15-Oct-2012

Jodi and Sam Part 2

Here.s the second part of my visit to Sam.s. It.s not long before I am on the receiving end of Sam.s hospitality and we try several positions just to see how compatible we are.

Picture Gallery08-Oct-2012

Jodi and Sam Part 1

Finally I got to meet Sam from TAC1. Had a great afternoon and got some very nice Pictures to prove it. I.m sure it wont be the last time that we get together!!

Picture Gallery29-Apr-2012

Dogging Encounter

I thought as the weather was warming up I would head to a local dogging spot, Im lucky meet a guy who wanted to give me a lovely facial.....yum yum! now Im looking for more, any takers

Picture Gallery26-Apr-2012

Jodi and Sarah Kelly 2 Girl Toy Shoot co

Hi guys and Girls, Heres some more fun between me and Sarah Kelly. She certainly gives my pussy a good licking and fucking in this update.....wonderful.

Picture Gallery22-Apr-2012

Dirty Old Men Pt.3

Im really enjoying sucking these dirty buggers and they decide to reward me by covering me in their lovely cum. Always a favourite of mine as my regular site visitors will tell you... I want to especially thank the guys from Australia for their fan mail....MWAH XXXX Kisses Jodi

Picture Gallery19-Apr-2012

Dirty Old Men Pt 2

I continue this meet with my group of older guys I met at the Working Mens Club. I.m actively encouraged to prove I enjoy nothing more than sucking cocks. Very nice indeed I do hope I get more offers like this...... Jodi xx

Picture Gallery15-Apr-2012

Dirty Old Men

Hello and here I am getting entertained by some older guys I met whilst visiting a Working Mens Club. Dirty sods where so flirty I tried to make them blush by saying I had a site on here...and they were welcome to join me, I expected them to call my bluff. It only made things worse.

Picture Gallery12-Apr-2012

Hotel Bukkake pt.2

Hiya and welcome to the second part of my Hotel Bukkake update, these lucky members show their appreciation of being invited to meet me and leave me absolutely covered in cum one lucky member gets to fuck me too. Whos going to invite me to theres next? Jodi x

Picture Gallery08-Apr-2012

Hotel Bukkake pt.1

Hello everyone its been a little while since I have met any of my members so here we are with a recent hotel bukkake party....The guys waste no time in giving me what I love most lots of hot spunk yum yum.

Picture Gallery05-Apr-2012

Doggin Shoot and cum facial part 2

This is great, I meet a guy and within minutes his cocks out and were fucking in his car! To top it all off I get a lovely faceful too...mmmmm.

Picture Gallery08-Sep-2011

Hotel Meet

I recieved several e-mails from this site member, He told me Hed like to treat me to a night away at a nice Hotel. After meeting in the bar for a drink we return to his room where I get to work sucking a gorgeous young cock.......

Picture Gallery31-Aug-2011

Buisnessmen Foursome Part two

I enjoy helping to relieve these guys boredom after their seminar by sucking theyre cocks, apparently they want me to attend the next one too....

Picture Gallery29-Aug-2011

Buisnessmen Foursome

A chance e-mail from one of my members resulted in meeting him and two of his colleagues after a local buisness seminar. They dont waist anytime in putting their teamwork into practice.

Picture Gallery18-Aug-2011

Jodi and Sarah Kelly 2 Girl Toy Shoot

Hi everyone this installment sees my gorgeous friend Sarah Kelly treat me to a lovely time using her favourite toy and her sexy tongue......mmmmmmmm

Picture Gallery06-Jul-2011

Jodi member shoot pt.3

My Site member finishes warming me up and proceeds to take me doggy style. After turning me over he gives me a seriously good fucking I cant hold back he makes me cum......

Picture Gallery25-Feb-2011

Interracial Fuck Pt5

The final part of my Hotel porter meet. I get him to cum over me again after hes given me a good seeing to, Hes promised to get a few friends to help next time...I can hardly wait.

Picture Gallery22-Feb-2011

Interracial Fuck Part 4

I continue to enjoy being fucked by this helpful hotel porter. Watch as he slides his dark cock deep inside me making me wonder, why do I enjoy staying away from home so often?

Picture Gallery18-Feb-2011

Interracial Fuck Part 3

As you know Im particularly fond of Black cocks. Join me inside as I get a proper seeing to from this helpful hotel porter he really knows how to make a girl yelp!!

Picture Gallery15-Feb-2011

Interracial Fuck Part 2

In the second part of this Hotel shoot I insist on sucking his lovely dark cock clean before he returns to his work, secretly its really so I can have some more fun.....

Picture Gallery11-Feb-2011

Interracial Cock Sucking

I stayed in a Hotel recently and flirted with the guy who brought our bags to the room, needless to say I could hardly wait to give him his tip! Watch me suck his lovely dark cock to completion.

Picture Gallery08-Feb-2011

Bukakke Shoot Part 2

I love nothing better than being covered in lovely hot spunk. Here I get a lovely facial and clean them up afterwards...who wants to use me as target practice next?

Picture Gallery04-Feb-2011

Bukakke Shoot

Hiya, you should all know by now just how much I enjoy being covered in spunk! Here are a couple of guys who are only too happy to show there appreciation.

Picture Gallery01-Feb-2011

Interracial Group Fun Pt2

This group of guys wanted to show me what Id been missing! After sucking there cocks I get fucked and roasted whilst my poor hubby watches. Im now looking for more group fun can anyone help me?

Picture Gallery28-Jan-2011

Jodi and Dee Part 4

Here.s the final part of my meeting with the gorgeous Dee. We have a play with some toys and things realy hot up!!. See more of Dee on our sister site TAC1.

Picture Gallery26-Jan-2011

Jodi and Dee Part 3

Hiya all, Im here again with the gorgeous Dee. I really enjoyed this shoot and look forward to lots more girlie fun soon.

Picture Gallery20-Jan-2011

Cumshot Facial

Hope you enjoy this update as much as I did being in it? I recieve a good load over my pretty face and I LOVED IT!! Hopefully theres lots more to cum....?

Picture Gallery06-Jan-2011

Black Lingerie Strip

See me in a classy studio lingerie shoot.

Picture Gallery29-Dec-2010

Tied and Teased

I have had lots of differentt experiences with Members of my site, this guy ties me to his bed and takes advantage of me whilst im blindfolded....I loved it!!

Picture Gallery26-Dec-2010

Xmas 2

Happy Christmas guys n gals!! Hope ytou enjoy the final part of my festive fun i get a sackful left by santa on my pretty face....xxxx

Picture Gallery24-Dec-2010

Merry Christmas Pt 1

Merry Christmas everyone.. Hope you enjoy this set I was being naughty waiting for Santa to empty his sack!!

Picture Gallery27-Nov-2010

Interracial Deepthroat

Lil'ol me taking a lovely BBC deepthroat

Picture Gallery02-Nov-2010

BBC Threesome in Tights Pt.3

These two guys sit me between them on the sofa and my tights get wetter by the minute as they tell me whats coming next.......

Picture Gallery29-Oct-2010

BBC Threesome in tights 2

I continue to have fun with these guys who have a penchant for girls in tights....who am I to complain after all got lovely ebony cocks!!!

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