Frequently Asked Questions...

Q. Will you meet me, call me, or talk to me offline or in person?
A. No, I will not, so please do not mail me to ask. I'm only here to pose for pictures and videos you request.

Q. Do you like men or women best?
A. I like them both equally. I love the touch and kiss of a female. I love their soft skin against mine. I also love the feel of a nice rough man against me as well. They both offer different tastes.

Q. Will you make a personal video just for me?
A. It depends on what you ask for, but I will try my best to get something I know you will like.

Q. Can I come be in one of your videos?
A. If you're a single male. No, I'm sorry you can't. If you're a part of a couple and I find you and your wife attractive, AND she is willing to be with MY husband as well, ... (NOTE: I did say WIFE, not boyfriend, fiancee, or partner) send me an email with lots of pictures and we may talk. If you're an attractive female and you don't mind being with MY husband, send me an email with lots pictures and we can talk as well.