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Posted On 03-Jul-2013

" Fun With Gina George "

Dear Diary it was Time for some Girly Playtime with my good friend Miss Gina George, we put on our lacy dresses and started to have some fun in front of the camera. Trisha xxx

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Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George


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Video File25-Oct-2016

The Interview Pt 3

Dear Diary, Claire rammed the Cucumber deep and fast into my cunt until I reached orgasm, then it was time to share and get Claireís cunt on the other end of that vegetable so we lay back on the couch fucking each other until Claire squirted. Next we decided to get on our knees arse to arse and work the cucumber deep into our cunts and we both once again reached orgasm. Trisha xxx

Video File21-Oct-2016

The Interview Pt 2

Dear Diary, once my knickers were off Claire wasted no time in burying her tongue deep inside my hot wet pussy, then she took a slurp of her wine and dribbled it into my pussy then she licked it all up, my pussy was now ready for one my 5 a day so Claire grabbed a nice big cucumber and slid it deep into my hot wet cunt. Trisha xxx

Video File18-Oct-2016

The interview Pt 1

Dear Diary I was just getting ready for a hot porn shoot with Claire Knight but before we got started Savana wanted a quick interview as she was writing an article for a hot new adult magazine, Claire wanted Savana to join all the fun but she decided just to watch the action so I soon got re-acquainted with my good friend Claire and She was soon sucking my pussy through my knickers before she slid them off. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery14-Oct-2016

Fun With Michelle

Dear Diary, Hereís a set of Promo stills taken from 2 movies I shot with a Hot T-Girl named Michelle and That well known Stud John, we started off in a nightclub where it all kicked off then back to the bedroom to really get down to business and as you will see thereís no holes barred and if you want to catch the movies they are on my TAC Website Ė Speedybee. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery11-Oct-2016

Fun With Lily May & Roc Pt 2

Dear Diary, Lily May and I had just been playing while waiting for our Hot BBC from NYC to come and join us and when he came in we could see by the Bulge in his trousers as he walked towards us that he was packing a serious lump of meat and we both wanted to get our hands on it as soon as we could. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery07-Oct-2016

Fun With Lily May & Roc Pt 1

Dear Diary, I was staying at in a Reading Apartment for a weekend Photo and video shoot with Rockneyd Dangerfield a Hot BBC from New York City and Lily May and I were just enjoying a glass of wine before the shoot and It didnt take us long to start playing with each other. Trisha xxx

Video File04-Oct-2016

Lord Of The Rings Pt 4

Dear Diary time to get a bit more adventurous so after a bit more oral stimulation He fucked Claire doggy while I lay underneath licking her clit and his balls he once again Claire cum and I licked all those tasty juices from her cunt. We wanted to taste his cum so we lay on the bed with our heads together while he wanked his cock and splattered us with his hot thick Spunk. Trisha xxx

Video File30-Sep-2016

Lord Of The Rings Pt 3

Dear Diary next he bent Claire over and fucked her doggy and she buried her tongue deep in my hot wet pussy I now wanted to get some of that Massive cock so I laid on my side and he slid it effortlessly into my willing Cunt, next I climbed aboard and rode him reverse Cowgirl until I reached Orgasm. Trisha xxx

Video File27-Sep-2016

Lord Of The Rings Pt 2

Dear Diary we soon had our clothes off and continued to sample his delights, Claire sat on his face while I Sucked his cock then it was Claireís turn to climb aboard and ride him hard, he certainly gave her a good fucking before turning her over and fucking her on her back and he soon made her cum and squirt all over the place.

Video File23-Sep-2016

Lord Of The Rings Pt 1

Dear Diary I was round at my Friend Claireís place and she had an electrician doing some work in her Kitchen and we both agreed he was a bit of alright so we hatched a plan to seduce him when he came in the Bedroom to collect his money we asked to see his credentials and on inspection we found he had a very large ring through the end of his cock. We soon had him on the bed and started to play and he soon rose to the occasion so we started to lick & Suck on his thick shaft. Trisha xxx

Video File20-Sep-2016

Two Naughty Schoolgirls Pt 4

Dear Diary, Savana was now a fully-fledged member of our girlie club so time to introduce her to the activities behind the bike sheds, so we made a couple of Pussy Pops to sell to the Boys and off we went. Trisha xxx

Video File16-Sep-2016

Two Naughty Schoolgirls Pt 3

Dear Diary Savana was very keen to join our club and was responding well to my touch as we started her initiation ceremony, we were soon kissing and cuddling and sucking each otherís nipples as we stripped off, then I lay savanna on her back and sucked hard on her pussy until she reached orgasm, next it was my turn and I lay back and let Savanaís Tongue lick my wet and juicy cunt until I reached a satisfying climax. Trisha xxx

Video File13-Sep-2016

Two Naughty Schoolgirls Pt 2

Dear Diary, Savana the head girl said she had heard rumours of me and Pandora and a few other girls meeting for some Girlie playtime as well hanging around the Bike sheds giving the senior boys sexual favours in return for Tuck Shop money, well she was right so I had to get her round to my way of thinking so invited her to join our girlie club. Trisha xxx

Video File09-Sep-2016

Two Naughty Schoolgirls Pt 1

Dear Diary my Best friend Pandora had been expelled! and I was worried I might be next and to make matters worse the Head girl was coming to see me, and I donít know what she wants, but she is the head of our sports team and Iím her star Hockey Player so we shall see. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery06-Sep-2016

Naughty Schoolgirls

Dear Diary, another Day at Boarding School but today the Head Girl has popped in to see me she had heard a few rumors about me and some of my close friends and I think she wanted to join in so I introduced her to a little bit of good old fashioned Girlie Playtime. Trisha xxx

Video File02-Sep-2016

The Emergency Pt 4

Dear Diary Lily May Climbed Aboard and started to Ride him while I squeezed his balls after which he bent me over and Fucked me Doggy while I sucked on Lexieís titís, he pounded away really hard until he was ready to cum then turned me round and shot his full load all over my face and in my mouth. Trisha xxx

Video File30-Aug-2016

The Emergency Pt 3

Dear Diary, time to Ride that massive cock so I dropped my Knickers and climbed aboard, and slid down onto his thick shaft, I bounced up and down while Lily squeezed his balls before taking his cock out and sucking all the Juices off of it, before I turned round and rode him reverse cowgirl. Trisha xxx

Video File26-Aug-2016

The Emergency Pt 2

Dear Diary we checked Lexie out and she seemed OK, but we decided to give Merlin the once over as we were there just in case he had sustained any injury or Trauma but he also was OK but to be on the safe side Lily and I paid a lot of attention to his stiff Cock. Trisha xxx

Video File23-Aug-2016

The Emergency Pt 1

Dear Diary, Lily May and I were working as Paramedics and we were called to an Emergency, Lexie who we had seen earlier at the clinic had collapsed while carrying out some serious business negotiations with Merlin, but it looked to me as if they had been Fucking. Trisha xxx

Video File19-Aug-2016

FiFi The Maid Pt 3

Dear Diary Time for some 69 and I buried my tongue deep in Fifiís cunt as Savana spread it wide for me Savana wanted to try that position so she sat on my face while Fifi sucked hard on my cunt, we were all well satisfied so Fifi went off to make us all a nice cup of tea. Trisha xxx

Video File16-Aug-2016

FiFi The Maid Pt 2

Dear Diary I was keen to taste Fifiís wet and wonderful cunt and was soon between her legs fingering and licking until she squirted and I wasted no time in licking up all her tasty pussy juices, before I lay back to enjoy some of Fifiís Tongue Action while Savana sucked on my wonderful tits. Trisha xxx

Video File12-Aug-2016

FiFi The Maid Pt 1

Dear Diary Hear I am again as Auntie Trisha, I went to visit my Friend Lady Savana and she was on the bed kissing and cuddling with Her Maid Fifi I was keen to join in with their playtime and climbed on the bed and sat between them and it didnít take them long to get me stripped off and they both sucked on my juicy tits and very erect nipples. Trisha xxx

Video File09-Aug-2016

Two Greedy Girls

Dear Diary Hereís a Real Amateur Porn Movie rescued from the Archives Re-Edited and Re-Mastered and presented for your viewing pleasure, shot back in March 2012 in the lounge of a small cottage in Devon we see myself & Teezer sucking hard on a guyís cock before he Fucks Teezer then I clean up and lick all the cum from her gaping Cunt. Trisha xxx

Video File05-Aug-2016

Make Me Squirt pt 2

Dear Diary Iím now ready for a nice slim vibrator which really gets me aroused but to finish off She hands me a magic wand which I thrust hard against my clit as she continues to pound away at my cunt with the Vibe and as expected I gush everywhere as I reach Orgasm. Trisha xxx

Video File02-Aug-2016

Make Me Squirt pt 1

Dear Diary Another Hot movie from The Paradise Hotel in Blackpool, Iím on the bed in the Playroom with Lily May and she has a good selection of Toys and she tells me that she is going to make me squirt! Well I just canít wait! she makes a start with a nice cool glass dildo which slides effortlessly between my pussy lips and certainly gets me warmed up. Trisha xxx

Video File29-Jul-2016

Red Lingerie Pt 2

Dear Diary I know you guys love to see me fingering and spreading my arse getting it nice and ready for my gold pencil vibrator which slides up there nicely and feels so good but as I'm a greedy Girl I finish myself off using both Toys bringing me to a fantastic Climax. Trisha XXX

Video File26-Jul-2016

Red Lingerie Pt 1

Dear Diary I'm Feeling Really Hot and Horny in my Red Lingerie so after removing my bra and panties it's time to play, I start off giving my Cunt a really good Pounding with my Big Black Rabbit Vibrator. Trisha XXX

Video File22-Jul-2016

Filthy Lesbian Playtime Pt 5

Dear Diary the vibe had only got me warmed up so time to bring out the big guns so I reached for my Magic Wand, I lay back between Savanaís legs and rested against her while she held my legs stretched wide while I got to work on my cunt with my wand, I pushed it deep between my pussy lips forcing it down hard on my clit, it certainly hit the spot as I started squirting all over the place as I reached an electrifying climax. Trisha xxx

Video File19-Jul-2016

Filthy Lesbian Playtime Pt 4

Dear Diary It was my turn to try the Vibe and I lay back and spread my legs and let Savana slide that bad boy deep inside my wet cunt and she was soon pounding away sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body and it didnít take long for her to bring me to a climax. Trisha xxx

Video File15-Jul-2016

Filthy Lesbian Playtime Pt 3

Dear Diary, Time for some Toy Play and I have a new toy to show Lady Savana and she was very eager to try it out so we wasted no time and she lay on her back as I slid the vibe into her wet and willing pussy and I soon brought her to orgasm. Trisha xxx

Video File12-Jul-2016

Filthy Lesbian Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary Time to get our knickers off and to suck on some pussy, Savanaís tongue felt divine as she probed between my pussy lips and flicked it over my clit, we were soon in the 69 position and Savana sat astride me and I spread her pussy wide and buried my tongue deep inside her very Hot Wet Cunt and I didnít stop until She had reached Orgasm and a very satisfying climax. Trisha xxx

Video File08-Jul-2016

Filthy Lesbian Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary Here I am as Your Auntie Trisha and Lady savanna and I were enjoying a glass of wine on the bed and well one thing led to another and before you knew it we were stripping off and fondling each otherís Breasts and sucking on each otherís nipples. Trisha xxx

Video File05-Jul-2016

Shaving Lexie Pt 2

Dear Diary, we started rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy which by now was very wet but when I started licking her clit and probing her juicy cunt with my tongue that really got her going and she soon reached Orgasm and was then feeling nice and relaxed ready for her surgery. Trisha xxx

Video File01-Jul-2016

Shaving Lexie Pt 1

Dear Diary Lexie had been admitted to the Dirty Doctors Private clinic for a minor Procedure and Myself & Lily May had come to prep her for her Operation and shave her, she said we had a very gentle touch and did a very thorough job but we really were starting to turn her on. Trisha xxx

Video File28-Jun-2016

The Neighbour Calls Pt 2

My Neighbor Jack soon rose to the occasion as I sucked on his Thick Shaft then Warm Sweet Honey took over as he buried his tongue deep into my Juicy Wet Cunt it was then time for some good old fashioned Fucking after which He shot his load in our mouths and we all shared his Hot Thick Spunk. Trisha xxx

Video File24-Jun-2016

The Neighbor Calls Pt 1

Dear Diary after an afternoon of Hot Lesbian Sex My friends Warm Sweet Honey & Busty Kim were in need of a stiff cock and a good fucking, fortunately my neighbour Jack called in to see what all the noise was about and I soon took advantage of what he had on offer. Trisha xxx

Video File21-Jun-2016

3 Dirty Lesbians Pt 2

Dear Diary, after stripping off and Sucking hard on each otherís Tits and wet juicy Cunts and generally being as filthy as we could be, we were all in need of a good Fucking and Wondered where on earth we could get our Hands on a Stiff Cock. Trisha xxx

Video File17-Jun-2016

3 Dirty Lesbians Pt 1

Dear Diary Hereís a Little Gem from the Archives Re-Edited and Re-Mastered by ďSam the SlasherĒ shot back in October 2012 in a remote cottage in Scotland by ďEssex Film MakerĒ Here I am with Warm Sweet Honey & Busty Kim, three Hot and Horny Mature sluts in an afternoon of uncontrollable wild Lesbian Sex. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery14-Jun-2016

Photographing Lexie Cummings

Dear Diary Itís my Turn behind the camera and hereís a Red Hot Photo Set of My Good Friend Lexie Cummings stripping and playing on the bed during a recent Shoot at an apartment in Milton Keynes, and let me tell you Once I had put the Camera down I wasted no time in Burying my Tongue deep into her wet juicy pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Jun-2016

Naked Playtime

Dear Diary Here I am again Naked with my Friend Lily May in one of the Playrooms at the Paradise Swingers Hotel in Blackpool and itís time to play so we get to work on our juicy wet pussies with our dildoís after which we lick off all those tasty pussy juices. Trisha xxx