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Posted On 03-Jul-2013

" Fun With Gina George "

Dear Diary it was Time for some Girly Playtime with my good friend Miss Gina George, we put on our lacy dresses and started to have some fun in front of the camera. Trisha xxx

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Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George


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Video File22-May-2015

Playing With Pandora Pt 1

Dear Diary, I was visiting my Good Friend Pandora and she had been waiting for me, we were meant to be going out but she had not bothered to get ready as she thought we might have a little Playtime First and she wasnít wrong, I arrived ready to play and we wasted no time in sucking each otherís nipples before getting stuck in with her magic wand. Trisha xxx

Video File19-May-2015

Extra Tuition Pt 4

Dear Diary, Claireís turn again and he Fucked her from behind doggy fashion while she Sucked Hard on my Hot Wet Juicy Pussy, Claire said she could feel he was getting ready to Cum so we lay side by side while he wanked his cock until he shoot his full load all over our faces and into our mouths. Trisha xxx

Video File15-May-2015

Extra Tuition Pt 3

Dear Diary, his Cock was nice and hard and ready so Claire quickly climbed aboard and started to ride his massive cock, after a while I thought it only fair that I took a turn so after Claire sucked him some more I climbed aboard and was soon Writhing about on his massive cock Trisha xxx

Video File12-May-2015

Extra Tuition Pt 2

Dear Diary, we soon had is clothes off and he seemed very willing to learn, very quickly we were both Sucking hard on Claireís Titís until Claire and I turned our attentions to his Big Black Cock and we were soon both sucking hard on his thick shaft and there was certainly enough for both of us. Trisha xxx

Video File08-May-2015

Extra Tuition Pt 1

Dear Diary, Iím working with My Good Friend Claire at a Private school as a Tutor and one of our Students is having a few Problems with his Homework so we invited him round for some extra tuition, we soon got him comfortable and more relaxed and ready for our extra special tuition. Trisha xxx

Video File05-May-2015

The Wrestler Pt 5

Dear Diary, his balls were getting hard and we knew he was ready to shoot his load, so we squeezed him hard and sucked on his thick shaft until he finally shot his full load in my mouth and deep down my throat. What an ending to a perfect Match. Trisha xxx

Video File01-May-2015

The Wrestler Pt 4

Dear Diary, we took it in turns to suck on his stiff cock and sample his tongue as we sat astride his masked face, this certainly was one bout he wasnít going to forget in a hurry. Trisha xxx

Video File28-Apr-2015

The Wrestler Pt 3

Dear Diary, we soon had him on the bed naked except for his wrestlers mask and he soon rose to the occasion as we played with his cock and he sucked on our tits and fingered our pussies. Trisha xxx

Video File24-Apr-2015

The Wrestler Pt 2

Dear Diary, we wasted no time in getting to work on our already wet pussies with our Magic wands but really we needed a stiff cock to play with, I had given our room number to one of the wrestlers and was no surprise when he turned up and caught us playing with our toys. Trisha xxx

Video File21-Apr-2015

The Wrestler Pt 1

Dear Diary, Here I am as Auntie Trisha again and I had been to watch a Wrestling Match with my Good Friend Lexie and we really had a great time and when we got back to the Hotel we were in need of further stimulation so it was time for some Girlie Playtime. Trisha xxx

Video File17-Apr-2015

Glass Dildo Pt 2

Dear Diary Now itís time for some Serious play time as I reach for my New Glass Dildo I bought recently in Prague, it feels so good as I slide it in and out of my Juicy pussy, and the nobly bits on the shaft rub on the inside of my cunt and soon bring me to an electrifying climax. Trisha xxx

Video File14-Apr-2015

Glass Dildo Pt 1

Dear Diary here I am again as my alter ego Auntie Trisha, now how do you think I look in my New Red PVC Basque & Boots it makes me feel so hot and horny itís not long before I have my tits out and Iím playing with my big Nipples and that feels so good and gets me so turned on Iím soon fingering and Spreading my Hot Wet juicy Pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Apr-2015

Naked On The Bed

Dear Diary after having a bit of Fun in the Hotel Pool it was back to my room to finish off the Photo shoot with me Naked on the bed But when I bent over and spread my arse Cheeks My Photographer The Phattman wasted no time in licking my willing Arse hole. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery07-Apr-2015

Hotel Pool

Dear Diary Hereís a Few picís of me taken by The Phattman on my Recent Holiday in Prague Iím in The Hotel Pool on the 25th floor with a great view of the City. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery03-Apr-2015

Easter Schoolgirl

Dear Diary, Its Schoolgirl Trisha and Iím all ready for Easter, Iíve got my Bunny Ears and my Bunny Skipping Rope, not that I do much Skipping but I put it to good use after stripping off as you will see in this hot Photoset. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery31-Mar-2015

On The Table

Dear Diary, Here I am as your favorite Auntie in my Dining Room felling Hot and Horny as usual so what better way to relieve my sexual urges than to Strip off and Finger and Spread my Juicy Pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery27-Mar-2015

Fun With John

Dear Diary I had been laying on the Couch playing with myself waiting for my boyfriend John to come home and when He did I was more than ready for him and soon had him stripped off before I wanked and sucked his Big Stiff cock until he shot his full load in my mouth. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery24-Mar-2015

Couch Strip

Dear Diary, I was waiting for my Boyfriend John to come home so it was time to play but first I strip off my see through Blouse and Leopard print Bra & Knickers before I start Fingering and Spreading my Hot Wet Pussy.

Video File20-Mar-2015

Patricia The Stripper Pt 2

Dear Diary, after stripping off it was time to play and I wasted no time in fingering my Hot Wet Juicy Pussy before getting to work with my Pink Vibrator but In order to reach orgasm I had to enlist the help of the Butler to use the vibe while I tickled my Clit with my finger. Trisha xxx

Video File17-Mar-2015

Patricia The Stripper Pt 1

Dear Diary Hereís a bit of Fun with me as my alter Ego Auntie Trisha, I was staying in a well-known Nottingham Hotel and my room had a really large Bay Window ideal for a photo or Video shoot so as My Co-Star ďThe ButlerĒ was ready for action we shot this little Gem. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Mar-2015

Lounge Strip

Dear Diary I was sat taking it easy in my lounge, looking out the window there was not a lot going on but the sun was shining which made me feel good so what better way to enjoy a bit of sunshine than to strip off and play with myself. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Mar-2015

Fun In The Pool

Dear Diary, more picís from last Summer, I had gone over to my Friend Claireís for the weekend and after stripping off and frolicking in the grass it was time to cool off and have some fun in the Pool. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery06-Mar-2015

Fun In The Garden

Dear Diary, more Fun in the Sun from last summer stripping off and playing in the garden with my good friend Claire we are such naughty girls and after frolicking in the grass time to cool off in the pool. Trisha xxx

Video File03-Mar-2015

Home From Work Pt 4

Dear Diary, I was giving my Boyfriend some serious oral stimulation and he was really getting excited as I worked him even harder sucking up all the Precum oozing from the end of his Cock I sucked his balls as he wanked his cock until at last he was ready to cum and I wanked his Cock hard until he erupted like a volcano and I willingly sucked up all that lovely hot thick cum. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File27-Feb-2015

Home From Work Pt 3

Dear Diary, I was sucking on my Boyfriends Cock which I think was helping him relieve the stress of a busy work day When I thought he was ready I climbed on-board and Rode him hard reverse Cowgirl before turning around and riding him some more before getting back to some serious oral stimulation. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File24-Feb-2015

Home From Work Pt 2

Dear Diary, my Boyfriend had just come home from work and I soon had him stripped off and was playing with his stiff cock working it until it got harder and harder before I started sucking on it which I think was helping him relieve the stress of a busy work day. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File20-Feb-2015

Home From Work Pt 1

Dear Diary, I was waiting for my Boyfriend to come home from work, and I was all ready and waiting for him in my little black dress, sexy patterned Hold-Upís and CFM Heels, He had text to say he was on his way so all I could do was wait. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery17-Feb-2015

Stripping in the Lounge

Dear Diary, Here I am in my Holiday Cottage in Whitby North Yorkshire and Iím feeling Hot & Horny so I decide to Strip Off before eating a few of my Freshly Picked Strawberries. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery14-Feb-2015

Auntie Trisha's Valentines Day Strip

Dear Diary, Here I am as My Alter Ego Auntie Trisha and itís Valentineís day, now I hope you didnít forget to send me a card or even better some Chocolates and Champagne, but to get you all in a romantic mood hereís a nice slow striptease for you all to enjoy. Trisha xxx

Video File10-Feb-2015

The Orgy Pt 4

Dear Diary we were having an Orgy and were sucking and fucking in every conceivable position with 3 fit young men we could see they were all getting excited and ready to cum so It was down to me to take each of them in turn and suck them dry of all their Hot Thick Cum, but of Course I shared Some With Lexie. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File06-Feb-2015

The Orgy Pt 3

Dear Diary Itís Auntie Trisha with my Good Friend Lexie Cummings and we had invited a few fit young men to join us for an afternoon of fun and as there was 3 of them and only 2 of us we thought it only fair to use their Cocks in Rotation taking it in turns in Sucking and fucking so each of them got their fair share of both of us. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File03-Feb-2015

The Orgy Pt 2

Dear Diary, We had spotted 3 fit young men and wasted no time in inviting them up and they wasted no time in getting their kit off and before long there were hands and tongues all over our bodies and we couldnít get enough of their stiff cocks and were soon sucking and fucking in every conceivable position. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File30-Jan-2015

The Orgy Pt 1

Dear Diary, Itís Auntie Trisha and I was ready for an afternoon of Girlie Fun with my Good Friend Lexie Cummings we were just getting comfortable on the bed when we heard a noise outside and went out to the Balcony to take a look we couldnít believe our luck when we spotted 3 fit young men and wasted no time in inviting them up. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery27-Jan-2015

Red Boots

Dear Diary, I hope you like my Red Patent leather Boots, goes well with the Skimpy little Red PVC Outfit I got as a present from one of my Longstanding site Members. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery23-Jan-2015

In The Window

Dear Diary, Another Dull and Dreary day up on The North York Moors so no heading out to explore today, so time to get a few indoor photosets, so letís kick off with me sitting then stripping in the window. Trisha xxx

Video File20-Jan-2015

The Sex Clinic Pt 5

Dear Diary, The Final Treatment was a ride on The Sybian and as expected it worked its magic and soon had Savana writhing in pleasure and she soon reached an Electrifying Climax. Nurse Trisha xxx

Video File16-Jan-2015

The Sex Clinic Pt 4

Dear Diary, The Next Phase of the Treatment involved myself giving Savana a real good Fucking with my Strap-On but despite giving her a real good seeing to Savana still failed to Reach Orgasm. Nurse Trisha xxx

Video File13-Jan-2015

The Sex Clinic Pt 3

Dear Diary, Another Busy Day at the clinic, our First Patient, Miss Savana was responding well to treatment, we were Working on her Clit with a Mini Magic Wand and then buried a Vibrator deep in her Pussy but although she enjoyed the Sensation she did not reach Orgasm. Nurse Trisha xxx

Video File09-Jan-2015

The Sex Clinic Pt 2

Dear Diary, The Dirty Doctor met our First Patient, Miss Savana and talked her through the Procedures and treatment we gave at the clinic then turned her over to Lexie and Myself and we started the Treatment in Ernest and soon had Savana on her Back and Working on her Clit with a Mini Magic Wand Nurse Trisha xxx

Video File06-Jan-2015

The Sex Clinic Pt 1

Dear Diary, Another Busy Day at the clinic Matron Lexie and myself Nurse Trisha were getting ready for the first patient and testing the equipment, I was concerned the Sybian was not working correctly so Matron Lexie had to test it. Nurse Trisha xxx