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Posted On 03-Jul-2013

" Fun With Gina George "

Dear Diary it was Time for some Girly Playtime with my good friend Miss Gina George, we put on our lacy dresses and started to have some fun in front of the camera. Trisha xxx

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Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George


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Video File09-Oct-2015

Home From Work Pt 1

Dear Diary, I had just got home from work and it had been a busy day taking the Minutes at an Important Board Meeting but I had a secret weapon to relieve the Boredom, a Remote Control Egg which was buried deep in my wet juicy Cunt, and now Iím home my Pussy is still tingling so time to get on the bed and play. Trisha xxx

Video File06-Oct-2015

Fucked By The Dirty Doctor Pt 2

Dear Diary, The Doc was now fully aroused so time for him to give me a real good fucking starting off in the doggy position before laying me on my back with my legs in the air and of course when it was time for him to shoot his full load me being a Greedy Girl took it all in my open mouth and I didnít waste a drop. Trisha xxx

Video File02-Oct-2015

Fucked By The Dirty Doctor Pt 1

Dear Diary, The Dirty Doctor thought it was about time he got in on the action and it didnít take him long to get his cock out when he started to film me in my sexy lace dress, so I took him in hand so to speak and soon had him on his back sucking hard on his cock. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery29-Sep-2015

Fun With Lily May Pt 2

Dear Diary, I was having some fun with my Friend Lily May and I just couldnít wait to get her Knickers off and suck on her delicious sweet wet Pussy it tasted so good and really got Lily excited, but next it was my turn and she slipped my Panties off and spread my legs and started to Lick my Clit, what a wonderful afternoon this turned out to be. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery25-Sep-2015

Fun With Lily May Pt 1

Dear Diary, My Good Friend Lily May had come round to visit me and we were sat on the sofa enjoying a nice glass of wine but it wasnít long before we were stripping each other off, Kissing & Cuddling and fondling each otherís tits and sucking on each otherís nipples. Trisha xxx

Video File22-Sep-2015

Bath Time Fun

Dear Diary, after some fun on the bed with Busty Kim it was time for some more fun in the bath, I lay back and rested my head on her massive boobs while she fingered my pussy an played with my nipples before bending me over and licking my Pussy. Trisha xxx

Video File18-Sep-2015

Time To Play Pt 2

Dear Diary, After sucking on Kimís Juicy Cunt it was time for my surprise and I produced my Magic Wand and got to work on her clit, she soon took it off me and used it on herself while I fingered her Pussy until she reached orgasm, she then returned the favour and I lay back and enjoyed the Experience. Trisha xxx

Video File15-Sep-2015

Time To Play Pt 1

Dear Diary, hereís another little Gem from our Trip to Scotland back in October 2012, this film was shot in a remote farm cottage by Essex Film Maker and me and Busty Kim are getting Down and Dirty on the bed. Trisha xxx

Video File11-Sep-2015

More Tea Vicar Pt 4

Dear Diary, we were all soon disrobed and getting stuck in as they say enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, the Vicar was more than willing to suck on our juicy pussies and in turn we took it in turns to suck on his stiff cock until at last he shot his full load deep into Lady Savanaís willing mouth Trisha xxx

Video File08-Sep-2015

More Tea Vicar Pt 3

Dear Diary, we could see the Vicar was getting excited and we soon removed his underpants and released his massive cock to which we both turned our attentions and after some stroking and oral action he soon rose to the occasion. Trisha xxx

Video File04-Sep-2015

More Tea Vicar Pt 2

Dear Diary, It seemed he had been celibate during his trip to Africa and was keen to get acquainted with lady Savana and myself and of course we both were more than willing to help him in any way we could and Lady Savana soon had her Tits out and both myself and the vicar started to suck hard on her nipples. Trisha xxx

Video File01-Sep-2015

More Tea Vicar Pt 1

Dear Diary Here I am as my Alter Ego Auntie Trisha and I had invited My Very good Friend Lady Savana round for afternoon tea and I had also invited our local Vicar, he had just returned from Missionary Duties in Africa and we were keen to here of his exploits over a cup of Tea and a slice of Cake. Trisha xxx

Video File28-Aug-2015

Fun With Kimberly Scott Pt 2

Dear Diary after stripping off and getting acquainted so to speak it was time I introduced her to my Fairy Magic Wand, nice and powerful and believe me it really hits the spot so I got to work on her Pussy and she was soon writhing about and squealing with Pleasure and very quickly reached a very exciting climax. Trisha xxx

Video File25-Aug-2015

Fun With Kimberly Scott Pt 1

Dear Diary, my good friend Kimberly Scott had come to Stay and I heard a lot of noise coming from the Bedroom so I went to see what was going on, well it seems she had just had an orgasm using a nice big Rabbit vibrator so I decided to join her for some fun. Trisha xxx

Video File21-Aug-2015

Playing On The Bed Pt 3

Dear Diary, we were both ready for more than a tongue but as there was no Cock around we settled for our Trusty Vibrators and Dildos so Lily May pounded on my Pussy with a nice Dildo while I teased my clit with a mini wand until I reached a climax before I turned her attention to her and teased her cunt with a nice slim vibe while she rubbed her clit until she too reached a climax. Trisha xxx

Video File18-Aug-2015

Playing on the Bed Pt 2

Dear Diary, Once Lily Mayís Knickers were off I was soon down between her legs licking her Clit and sucking on her hot wet pussy so it was only right she returned the favour and she wasted no time in laying me on my back ripping off my knickers and sucking on my sweet juicy cunt. Trisha xxx

Video File14-Aug-2015

Playing on the Bed Pt 1

Dear Diary, I had gone to visit my friend Lily May and we were soon upstairs on the bed in just our underwear and ready for some serious Dirty Lesbian Playtime and it didnít take us long to get stuck in and we were soon sucking on each otherís juicy tits and big nipples. Trisha xxx

Video File11-Aug-2015

Fun With The Doc Pt 2

Dear Diary The Doc had Joined me and Sarah Jane on the bed for a bit of Fun and we wasted no time in getting to work on his cock and when he was ready he bent me over and fucked me Doggy style while Sarah Jane Squeezed his balls until he shot his full load all over my arse. Trisha xxx

Video File07-Aug-2015

Fun With The Doc Pt 1

Dear Diary we had had a busy day filming in a Hotel Room in Prague and it was about time The Doc got in on the action, myself and Sarah Jane were playing on the bed with a glass dildo, The Doc handed the Camera to The Phattman to capture the action and Joined me and Sarah Jane on the bed for a bit of Fun. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery04-Aug-2015

On The Bed

Dear Diary, Here I am on the Bed at my Friend Teezerís place in my sexy Lingerie and 6Ē Killer CFM Heels, but I soon strip off and start to finger and spread my Hot Wet Pussy, bet you guys would love to come and burry your tongues deep inside my juicy cunt. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery31-Jul-2015

Black Lace Body Stocking

Dear Diary hereís a hot photoset shot in an apartment in Birmingham with me wearing my Black Lace Crotch less Body Stocking, so not much to take off, just pop my Titís out and Spread my Wet Juicy Pussy just for you. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery28-Jul-2015

Hotel Playtime

Dear Diary another Hot Photoshoot from my Trip to North Wales, My good Friend Lily May came to visit me in my Hotel Room and after opening a nice bottle of wine we were soon feeling Frisky and soon had our Kit off and wasted no time in getting down and dirty with each other. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery24-Jul-2015

Fun With Lily May

Dear Diary, I had gone to visit my good friend Lily May and we wasted no time in getting stuck in as only we girls know how, we soon had our kit off and were fondling each otherís titís and sucking on each otherís hard nipples before putting our tongues to better use licking each otherís wet Juicy pussies Trisha xxx

Video File21-Jul-2015

The Orgy Pt 6

Dear Diary, after a lot more sucking and fucking in every conceivable position it was time to taste some hot thick creamy cum and we lay side by side ready to receive a full load from the wanking cocks all around us. Trisha xxx

Video File17-Jul-2015

The Orgy Pt 5

Dear Diary, Gina soon managed to get her hands on Two Cocks while I once again sucked on her Pussy, I also was taking some tongue deep in my cunt from one of the guys, I then turned over and Gina Sucked on my tits while I got a good Fucking. Trisha xxx

Video File14-Jul-2015

The Orgy Pt 4

Dear Diary, the Boys soon arrived and it was time for some fun, they soon had their kit off and Cocks out at the ready which we both willingly took into our mouths, they returned the favour by sucking on our already wet pussies. Trisha xxx

Video File10-Jul-2015

The Orgy Pt 3

Dear Diary, my turn next and I was soon on my back and Gina whipped my knickers off before burying her tongue deep into my pussy and bringing me to Orgasm, but we were not totally satisfied and we were in need of some Cock so it was time to make a few phonecalls. Trisha xxx

Video File07-Jul-2015

The Orgy Pt 2

Dear Diary we were soon stripped off and I soon had Ginaís Knickers off and was fingering and spreading her wet pussy before getting to work with my tongue and making her cum she then licked all her pussy juice from my lips which tasted so good. Trisha xxx

Video File03-Jul-2015

The Orgy Pt 1

Dear Diary, My Good Friend Gina George had come to visit me, we were long overdue for some Hot Lesbian Fun and we soon were hard at it kissing and caressing each otherís bodies and Sucking Hard on each otherís Nipples. Trisha xxx

Video File30-Jun-2015

Bathtime Fun Pt 2

Dear Diary, well I donít know about relaxing it was time for more fun, the bath was a Jacuzzi Bath and the jets were quite powerful but felt so good squirting up our pussyís they also produced a lot of Bubbles which went everywhere. Trisha xxx

Video File26-Jun-2015

Bathtime Fun Pt 1

Dear Diary, my Friend Lily May had come to my hotel room and we had a lot of fun playing on the bed, we really are two very Naughty Girls but the Fun wasnít over I suggested we relax in a nice Hot Soapy Bubble Bath. Trisha xxx

Video File23-Jun-2015

Hotel Playtime Pt 4

Dear Diary, It was Lilyís turn next and she handed me her favourite Glass Dildo and I wasted no time in sliding it in and out of her juicy pussy and sucked on her clit and is itís any surprise I brought her to an electrifying climax. Trisha xxx

Video File19-Jun-2015

Hotel Playtime Pt 3

Dear Diary, we were both feeling so hot and horny and both wanted more so I reached for my Vibrator and passed it to Lily and she gave my Pussy a good pounding until I reached a fantastic Climax. Trisha xxx

Video File16-Jun-2015

Hotel Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary, It didnít take us long to get stuck in, we just couldnít keep our hands off each other and we were soon stripped off and sucking hard on each otherís nipples, after which it was time for some serious pussy licking in the 69 position. Trisha xxx

Video File12-Jun-2015

Hotel Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary, When I went to North Wales it was a good opportunity to see my Good Friend Lily May and get together for some long overdue no holds barred Lesbian Playtime so I invited her to my Hotel for some fun, now how could she refuse. Trisha xxx

Video File09-Jun-2015

The Neighbour Calls Pt 2

Dear Diary, once fully aroused he was like a rampant stallion and we took it in turns to ride him hard, bouncing up and down on his thick shaft after which he lay between us and wanked his cock until he shot his full load for us which we both shared and enjoyed. Trisha xxx

Video File05-Jun-2015

The Neighbour Calls Pt 1

Dear Diary, after all that fun we both decided we needed some Cock and all of a sudden my new neighbour appeared, he had been listening to us from outside and was aroused and ready so we soon had him stripped off and started to play with his massive cock. Trisha xxx

Video File02-Jun-2015

Afternoon Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary, After I had given Claireís pussy a good workout with my tongue and a really nice vibrator it was her turn to return the favour and I lay back and spread my legs as she gave my pussy a good licking before getting to work with the vibrator. Trisha xxx

Video File29-May-2015

Afternoon Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary, My Good Friend Claire Knight had come round to visit me, we hadnít seen each other for a while and we were both overdue some good old fashioned girlie playtime and we wasted no time in getting reacquainted. Trisha xxx

Video File26-May-2015

Playing With Pandora Pt 2

Dear Diary, I was really turning Pandora on and she certainly was enjoying the wand and I soon brought her to orgasm, after that it was her turn to pleasure me but I soon took the wand from her and got to work on my clit while she thrust a vibrator in and out of my wet Cunt until I too reached a climax, after which we licked my juices off of the Vibe Trisha xxx