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Posted On 03-Jul-2013

" Fun With Gina George "

Dear Diary it was Time for some Girly Playtime with my good friend Miss Gina George, we put on our lacy dresses and started to have some fun in front of the camera. Trisha xxx

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Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George Fun With Gina George


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Video File19-Dec-2014

An Elf's Christmas Pt 2

Dear Diary, Elf Morgan had brought some Magnetic Nipple Clamps from the Production line and My Big Nipples were just ideal for them so after some licking and sucking she slipped them on and they fitted me perfectly and I certainly was enjoying the experience. Trisha xxx

Video File16-Dec-2014

An Elfs Christmas Pt 1

Dear Diary I hope your all getting ready for Christmas and looking forward to a nice relaxing Holiday, but spare a thought for all us hard working elfís up here at Santaís toy factory in the North Pole this is our busiest time of year and That Grumpy old Git Santa works us poor elfís so hard we hardly get any time to ourselves so when I met up with Elf Morgan it was time for some Elf On Elf fun. Trisha xxx

Video File12-Dec-2014

Nurses Playtime Pt 4

Dear Diary, I was confident she was ready so asked he to demonstrate the use of the equipment on me so I lay back and let Nurse Tempest show me what she had learnt, and I must admit she certainly was a quick learner as it didnít take her long to bring me to Orgasm. Auntie Trisha (Head Nurse)

Video File09-Dec-2014

Nurses Playtime Pt 3

Dear Diary, I was instructing Nurse Tempest and I think the best way to learn any new technique is through experience so I started by Demonstrating in full the use of the equipment on Nurse Tempest and she was a more than willing and responsive subject. Auntie Trisha (Head Nurse)

Video File05-Dec-2014

Nurses Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary, I started by introducing Nurse Tempest to some of the Equipment we use at the Clinic but I couldnít keep my Hands off of her and before long we were both Naked and Kissing and Caressing and fondling each otherís Bodies. Auntie Trisha (Head Nurse)

Video File02-Dec-2014

Nurses Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary, I am here as Auntie Trisha My Alter Ego and Iím Head Nurse at Dr Dailyís Private Clinic where we deal with Sexual problems, There was a new girl started, Nurse Tempest and I wanted to take her under my wing so to speak and get my Hands on her before the Dirty Doctor Did ! Auntie Trisha (Head Nurse)

Video File29-Nov-2014

Lexies Happy Ending Pt 3

Dear Diary, Lexie was starting to get very aroused indeed and when I got to work on her with a nice big dildo she definitely knew she had come to the right place, next it was time to give her a good seeing to as I bent her over and Fucked her Doggy fashion with my strap-On but she demanded I Fuck her up the Arse so she could reach the Perfect happy ending. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery28-Nov-2014

In The Cage

Dear Diary, The Local Villages branded me a Witch and locked me in a cage, but didnít take me long to cast a spell and escape before stripping off. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery25-Nov-2014

Red Hot Foursome 2

Dear Diary More group Fun with Lexie Cummings and two Red Hot Studs Sam & Star Bwoy, shot earlier this year in a Birmingham apartment by Fetographer, Lexie and I got to work on punishing our slaves before they pleasured us by licking our pussies while we sat on their faces. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery21-Nov-2014

Red Hot Foursome 1

Dear Diary Itís time for some group Fun with my Friend Lexie and those two hot Studs Leks Lean and Dick Fitswell, this photoset was shot earlier this year in a Birmingham apartment by Fetographer and as always we had a lot of fun, we certainly enjoy our work. Trisha xxx

Video File18-Nov-2014

Happy Endings Massage - Birmingham Pt 2

Dear Diary, I decided it was time for me to climb aboard and Ride that Stiff Cock and I had no Objections from itís owner and soon we were fucking in every conceivable position until he was ready to cum and he shot his full load all over my face and in my mouth. Trisha xxx

Video File14-Nov-2014

Happy Endings Massage - Birmingham Pt 1

Dear Diary, The Birmingham branch of Happy Endings Massage was doing very well and the next client was a young Fit well-endowed young man who responded very well to my touch and I was soon sucking hard on his stiff well-oiled Cock. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery11-Nov-2014

Red Hot Threesome

Dear Diary, I Had joined my Good Friend Pandora for a Photo shoot with The Dirty Doctor and that Red Hot Stud The Dark Knight, well it didnít take us long to get into his utility belt and check out his equipment which was plenty for us both to share. We soon had him stripped off and we took it in turns to suck on his Thick Black Shaft before he decided to fuck us one then the other. Trisha xxx

Video File08-Nov-2014

Lexies Happy Ending Pt 2

Dear Diary, Lexie Had come for a massage and I quickly made her feel at ease and she soon was feeling very relaxed as I rubbed warm oil into the most intimate parts of her body and it wasnít long before I was vigorously fingering her hot wet juicy pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery07-Nov-2014

Photo Shoot With A Site Member

Dear Diary, Hereís a set from the Summer shot on a beautiful Sunny day in July by Andy, one of my Avid Site Members and Keen Amateur Photographer, he had just got a new Sports Car so took me out for a spin and we stopped off to take a few Picís. Trisha xxx

Video File04-Nov-2014

Pole Dancing

Dear Diary. Myself and Claire had gone for some pole dancing lessons and I donít think we were quite ready but we got a booking at a very seedy pole dancing club so what else could we do but give it a go. Trisha xxx

Video File31-Oct-2014

Lesbian Vampire Lovers Pt 2

Dear Diary Itís Trisha a hot and horny Lesbian Vampire and I had just Pleasured my Lover Pandora with a very large rabbit vibrator that soon had her writhing with pleasure as she reached a fantastic orgasm, and not wanting to be a greedy girl she insisted I lay back while she gave me some of the same and it didnít take her long to bring me to an electrifying Climax, now we both had been satisfied we were both feeling peckish, so time for a bite. Trisha xxx

Video File28-Oct-2014

Lesbian Vampire Lovers Pt 1

Dear Diary Itís Trisha a hot and horny Lesbian Vampire and I had just popped out for a snack but my Lover Pandora was jealous as I had gone out for a bite without her as we had planned to go out for a meal together later in the evening but I soon made it up to her by sucking and biting on her nipples and wet juicy Pussy, But that was not enough and I decided to pleasure her some more with a very large rabbit vibrator. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery25-Oct-2014

Zombie Party

Dear Diary, Itís getting close to Halloween and The Zombie Party was Gathering momentum as myself and The Zombie Doctor were joined by Lexie Cummings the Zombie Headmistress and Savana the Zombie Nurse and we all were soon chewing on each otherís body parts especially the Doctors Cock. Trisha xxx

Video File24-Oct-2014

Shower Time

Dear Diary, The Headmaster then told us to go and get cleaned up and get back to the Games lesson but we took advantage of his offer and used his private shower to get cleaned up before heading up to meet the Boys behind the Bike Sheds, But Thatís another Story. Trisha xxx

Video File24-Oct-2014

Lexies Happy Ending Pt 1

Dear Diary, Time for my first Female client at my Massage Parlour, she said she was feeling Hot & Horny and some sexual stimulation and Relief would not go amiss so I told her she had come to the right place as this was the Hottest Massage Parlour in Town. Trisha xxx

Video File21-Oct-2014

A Good Fucking

Dear Diary, The Head master was giving Lexie a real good Fucking and she was enjoying every minute of it, next thing he withdrew his cock and spurted his full load all over Lexieís Pussy, next Thing he called me in and asked me to clean up, Yum Yum all that lovely Hot Thick Creamy Cum all for me. Trisha xxx

Video File17-Oct-2014

Caught By The Headmaster

Dear Diary, The Head master made me leave the room but I watched through the Keyhole as he stripped off, Then Lexie sucked his Cock until he was hard then he bent her over and fucked her Doggy style over the Bed. Trisha xxx

Video File14-Oct-2014

Strap-On Fun

Dear Diary, I donít really think That Vibrator was long enough for Lexie so I went and got my Strap-On as soon as she saw it she started licking & Sucking on it before demanding I fuck her Hard with It Doggy Style which I was doing when the Headmaster caught us. Trisha xxx

Video File10-Oct-2014

Vibrator Playtime

Dear Diary, I had bought a New Vibrator and Lexie was keen to try it out so I was gently teasing her Clit with it but she insisted I push it in, Harder and Harder she cried so I pushed it in as Far as it would go. Trisha xxx

Video File07-Oct-2014

Back in the Dorm

Dear Diary, Schoolgirl Trisha here and it was a really sunny Day so myself and Lexie Had skived off Games and sneaked back to the Dorm, it was much too hot to be running around the Playing field so we stripped off and were soon getting stuck into some Girlie Fun. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery03-Oct-2014

Two Dirty Schoolgirls

Dear Diary, The Next 6 Video Updates are going to really get you going, Itís Me Schoolgirl Trisha and That Naughty Schoolgirl Lexie Cummings and we are both Hard at it when we get Caught by the Headmaster who then Gives Lexie an almighty Fucking and shoots his full load all over her Pussy for me to clean up, so these Videos are not to be missed so hereís a few Promo Stillís to wet your Appetite. Trisha xxx

Video File30-Sep-2014

Happy Endings Massage - Whitby Pt 2

Dear Diary, Iím up in Whitby, and just opened My Happy Endings Massage Parlour and my First Client is the Dirty Doctor, I soon get to work on him and he was responding well to my gentle touch and warm oil and we soon got the result we wanted when I used my Vibrator on his balls. Trisha xxx

Video File26-Sep-2014

Happy Endings Massage - Whitby Pt 1

Dear Diary, Iím up in Whitby, North Yorkshire and I have just opened another Branch of My Happy Endings Massage Parlour and it looks like Itís going to be Busy, my First Client is none other than the Dirty Doctor Himself. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery23-Sep-2014

Fun in The Pool with Claire

Dear Diary, It was a Beautiful Summers day and I had gone to visit my Friend Claire who had invited me round for a dip in her Pool she was already naked and enjoying all that lovely Cool Water, so it didnít take me long to strip off and Join her. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery19-Sep-2014

Kitchen Strip Pt 2

Dear Diary, After a lot of Messy Bubble Play I had stripped off down to my knickers and after filling them with bubbles it was time they came off so I could give my pussy a good soaping up before fingering myself with my Rubber Gloves. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery16-Sep-2014

Kitchen Strip Pt 1

Dear Diary, I had an email from one of my Hot and Horny MAW Site members who asked If I could do a photoset of me in the Kitchen doing the Washing Up, wearing my Rubber gloves and with Plenty of Soapy Bubbles. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Sep-2014

Fur Coat Strip

Hi Guyís all in leopard print again wearing my Leopard print Fur Coat with Leopard print Basque underneath, but itís not long before Iím on the Bed spreading my Hot wet Pussy just for you. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery09-Sep-2014

Holiday Flashing Pt 2

Dear Diary, More Holiday flashing in North Yorkshire this time a few Picís of me at Whitby Abbey before Heading to Scarborough to get my Tits Out. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery05-Sep-2014

Holiday Flashing Pt 1

Dear Diary, Well you Know me I canít go anywhere without flashing and my Recent Holiday in North Yorkshire was No Exception, Hereís a few Picís of me Out & About in Whitby. Trisha xxx

Video File02-Sep-2014

Anal Playtime Pt 2

Dear Diary hereís Part Two of my Anal Playtime Movie the Doc had popped his camera on a Tripod so he could join in the fun so he lay on the bed while I sucked his cock until it was nice and stiff then he Fucked my Arse Hard before shooting his full load all over my Gaping Butt. Trisha xxx

Video File29-Aug-2014

Anal Playtime Pt 1

Dear Diary, hereís Part one of a short movie shot recently while away in my Holiday Cottage Nr Whitby in North Yorkshire As Auntie Trisha, I fancied a bit of Anal Playtime so got to work on my arse with my glass dildo, but that wasnít enough and as I Could see the Doc was getting excited and wanted to join the Fun he popped his camera on a Tripod to film the action. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery26-Aug-2014

Girlie Playtime

Dear Diary, Time to Play and who better to play with than my good Friend Claire lots of pussy licking and tit sucking before she bends me over and Spreads my Sweet Pink pussy wide for you. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery22-Aug-2014

It's Hammer Time

Dear Diary, Time to play so itís out with one of my Vibrators but I just didnít seem to hit the spot even when Hammering it home so time to get stuck into some DIY and use the hammer to pound my pussy. Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery19-Aug-2014

Red Basque

Dear Diary, Hereís a set shot in my Red Basque at a Members Request after he had bought me some Beautiful Red Roses which of course complement the lovely Pink of My Juicy Pussy. Trisha xxx