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Video File19-Aug-2010

Bath Time For Kirsty

Kirsty is sitting down in the bath washing her body all over with soap, running her hands over her naked wet slippery body, her hands running over her breasts down to her wet slippery ass and then she gets on her hands and knees and starts rubbing between her legs. Kirsty turns around and rubs between her legs, Kirsty is making herself ready for her next naughty and kinky ...

Video File12-Aug-2010

Kirstys Orgasmic Balloon Ride

Kirsty is on the couch wearing panties, stockings and she has two new friends a pair of balloon.s that she loves to rub up and down her shaved pussy through her panties, She starts of by sitting on a balloon which she rides back and forth she rubs the other balloon over her tits, then Kirsty sits on the sofa legs open running the balloon up and down fast on her pussy unt...

Video File09-Aug-2010

Yellow Panties Play

Kirsty is wearing yellow panties sitting in her favourite leather chair she opens her legs and starts playing with her panties rubbing her shaved pussy through her panties, Kirsty turns over in the doggy position rubbing her pussy up and down through her panties, getting wetter and wetter moaning and groaning Kirsty wants u to wank your big cock over her panties and cover ...

Video File05-Aug-2010

Nurse Kirsty in PVC

PVC Nurse encouraging u to wank...

Picture Gallery02-Aug-2010

Schoolie in Fishnets

Schoolgirl Kirsty is a real tease

Video File29-Jul-2010

Kirsty Loves Her Stockings

Kirsty is wearing Black stockings and pink panties she has been on her feet all day and her feet are hurting, she needs u to rub her feet and then wank over her feet and rub all your spunk into her tied feet. Use your lotion to regenerate her feet.

Video File22-Jul-2010

Nylons and Feet Fucking Proposal

Kirsty is wearing a very sexy pair of nylons and a pair of tight pink panties, she loves nothing more then to take a hard cock between her feet and rub it up and down until the cum explodes all over her feet and nylons. Kirsty loves rubbing her feet and panties imagining that your throbbing cock is between her feet ready to cum.

Video File12-Jul-2010

Pervert Boss. Upskirt Plan

Kirsty is in the office today but the boss has got a perverted plan to see up her skirt he has placed all the files high above the desk and the only way for Kirsty to get the files is to climb up on the desk As Kirsty climbs onto the chair and then the desk the boss gets a great look up her skirt to her tight panties, Kirsty has to bend over to get the files and the boss g...

Video File26-Jun-2010

Pervert Peeker Wanker

Kirsty in outraged she has caught u looking up her sister.s skirt and now u have to pay the price. She want to see your cock come on take it out and pull on that cock make it hard and wank your little cock for Kirsty, She wants to see u cum and see how much of a man u are u naughty voyeur peeker.

Video File24-Jun-2010

Kirsty Fucked

Kirsty is bent over and is having a cock rammed into her, then the man leaves with out a word and she turns around pulls her panties up tells u how she loves to see men wanking and playing with there hard cocks all over her body. So take your cocks out and play with them for Kirsty.

Video File22-Jun-2010

Wanking Academy Lesson 1

This is the first of Kristy.s wanking academy films, See Kirsty encourage u to play with your cock and wank over her ass, tits, panties, pussy. Kirsty wants to see everyone wanking those cocks until u spurt cum all over her.

Picture Gallery20-Jun-2010

Business Woman

Video File14-Jun-2010

Upskirt Wanking Lesson

Kirsty is wearing a stunning purple dress and nice tight white panties, She lifts her skirt up showing her legs and panties then as she stands there u can see right up her skirt, and this is a voyeurs dream. Kirsty then starts to move her hand in a wanking motion wanting u to take your cock and wank until u cover her panties, ass and legs in lots of sticky cum.

Video File20-May-2010

Cum over my High Heels

Kirsty is wearing black high heels and one of her new tight fitting dresses, Naughty Kirsty though would love to see your cocks wanking over her. body but especially over her shoes, she wants to see your cum dripping off her shoes so she can lick it off. SO Kirsty gives u a lesson and encouragement to wank and jerk all over her.

Video File13-May-2010

Masturbation over Kirsty.s Ass

Kirsty wants to see all her fans take out there cocks and wank until u spunk all over her stockings ass panties and tits. Kirsty wearing long sexy stockings and tight white panties bends over and shows u her naughty tight ass, slapping her own ass to show u where she wants to receive your huge loads of spunk.

Video File10-May-2010

Masturbation Academy Lesson 1

Kirsty is giving a master class in where to shoot your spunk to day.s lesson is Cumming on Kristy.s bottom, Kirsty will tell u where she loves to receive spunk all over her panties over her tit.s over her face infa ct she loves spunk everywhere, So as Kirsty says what are u waiting for and begin to wank your cocks over her panties. Kirsty wants to feel your sticky spunk al...

Picture Gallery05-Apr-2010

In the office

Video File01-Apr-2010

Nurse Knows Best

Kirsty is so caring in part two of her caring session she is still giving her patient tender love and care and lots of upskirt panty flashing and face sitting, I am sure this poor patient will make a full recovery when he sniffs Kristy.s pussy through her panties

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