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Dr. Fucking Stine Pt 2

This doctors visit just isn't the norm lol ! The nurse uses a speculum on me and the doctor gives me his treatment with a big hard COCK...I think he's a mad scientist, in the end he does however cure me hehe ( blooper's and all ). Kisses Ash

Hi and Thank you for visiting our website!

My husband and I of 25 years have been on the Internet for 15 years. We are all amateur and will always be that way. We started the site due to my Father sent me a computer for Christmas but it sat in the back room for 3 years this is because in 1996 not to many people were really into computers so I took my time lol, well to bad for me if I would had just got it going on a little sooner I would of found the golden ticket lol but thats OK becuse my deep down desire was to show off how much I loved men ,cock and getting them off and wala my dream came true! I also had a dream of being in a adult Magazine which also came true I made the Hustler Decumber 2011 Note: I have a few new copies if anyones interested just hit me up with an e-mail :-)

I've always been an exhibitionist and do everything pretty much and love it, Showing off my body and huge boobs is a huge turn on for me! I luv all you guy's TY :-).

See you inside kisses & Hugs <3

Ashley xx

Here's some of the things I'm in too.

1.) Hot Sex
2.) Blowjobs
3.) Feet
4.) Cum
5.) Heels & Nylons
6.) Threesomes
7.) Smoking now and then
8.) And much more and then some!

Join me and find out the rest  pissssss he-he!



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Video File29-Mar-2015

Dr. Fucking Stine Pt 1

I'm going to a follow up on a surgery and Dr' Fuckingstine gives me way more than I expected with his nurse lol.. I really enjoyed it. This movie has all the bloopers and mishaps I kept in, please enjoy! I wanted you to see all the fun we have making the movies . Kisses Ashley :-)

Video File17-Mar-2015

Happy Saint Patricks Day John Holmes

Check this out my girlfriend takes the HUGE John Holmes super cock dildo straight up her pussy! Enjoy guys ..luv yea ! Kisses Ash

Video File11-Mar-2015

Pool/hotel fuk BJ

I tease my guy while swimming then we go to our hotel room and I give him a awesome BJ and he fuks me dogie style on my back facing you! He then cums on my tummy then I lick it all up ...mumm. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it, kisses Ashley <3

Video File05-Mar-2015

Retro Gold Couch Fuck

Length: 10:18...I love my old gold retro couch and have gotten banged many times on it from many hot guys! A guy bangs the shit out of me in different positions then shoots a huge load all over my ass I show my appreciation by scooping it up and eating it all.. Enjoy boys I sure did! Kisses your lady Ash <3

Picture Gallery04-Mar-2015

Mommie Quirst/ White boots pics 112 pics

These are the pics to match the video, there not huge pics because they were done before that was allowed on the net, they are good quality though enjoy. Kisses Ash

Video File02-Mar-2015

White Boots / Mommie Quirist 2 Movies in

Length: 7:21. This is a video that I put together 2 in 1 first one " White Boots where I'm wearing my white fuck me boots and get a huge load all over my body and the second one is a take off on the Television movie "Mommie Dearest" A must see I even left in some funny bloopers, hope you like my work! Kisses Ashley :-)

Video File26-Feb-2015

Sprem Sample

Length: 11:21 Mins .Doctor Ashley and her assistant take care of a man whose having issues with his ejaculation, we show him that he really has no problems cumming as we both suck his cock until he cums! Enjoy Ashley :-)

Picture Gallery26-Feb-2015

Pics 85 set: Doctor Ashley

Doctor Ashley and her assistant posing with dildo fun!

Video File22-Feb-2015

Cabana Boy Threesome PT 2

My Girlfriend and I get our way with this Cabana boy on our Vacation we suck his cock and then he fucks the shit out of me in different positions, this really excites him and he cums all over my body...Wow what a trip. Kisses Ashley

Picture Gallery18-Feb-2015

84 Pics set..Cabana Boy

My Girlfriend and I took a Vacation to an Oregon outdoors retreat and found our selves a Cabana boy, we lured him in the Cabana to give one hell of a treat. Stay tuned for Cabana Boy Part 1&2 Video's ! Kisses Ashley

Video File18-Feb-2015

Cabana Boy Threesome PT 1

Length: 6:30 min ,My girlfriend and I go on a vacation to find a Cabana boy that we can seduce.. Come join all the fun with my girlfriend and I as we suck the hell out of his cock!

Video File16-Feb-2015

Fast & Slow For My Nephew PT 5

My Nephew returns and I show him how I fuck my soft skinned dildo good and hard, He loves it when I suck my nipples and lick my heels then I show him how I do a BJ and talk while fucking my mouth and drooling, as it cums to a climax I get a huge load of cum and drool it from my mouth onto my huge tits...hope you guys all enjoy as much as I did making this series :-)

Video File14-Feb-2015

Happy Valentines Day

Length: 6:17 ...Hi Guy's I just love getting my Valentines presents and today I was given a nice box of Chocolate but there were none with cream filling so I Improvised with Hubby's cum Mummmm Chocolate with man juice yummy plus he loved his gift a nice BJ and a good fucking :-)

Video File12-Feb-2015

Fast & Slow For My Nephew PT 4

POV Length: 6:30 My Nephew returns and I show him how fuck then I suck a real skinned 10 Inch dildo then I drool and let him know how I like it while I BJ this monster, I suck my nipples and lick my Red Nine Inch Heels while there behind my head. I hope you love my black corset and stockings? My big wet cunt is waiting for you <3

Video File09-Feb-2015

Fast & Slow For My Nephew PT 3

POV Length:11:26 Min. My Nephew returns and I really show him how a MILF Cougar likes it,I start out with fucking my self with my black 9 inch heel and sucking the toe and then fucking my self with the toe while sucking my tits again as I show him just how flexible his Auntie is with her legs.. Enjoy boys xoxo kisses Ashley :-)

Video File07-Feb-2015

Fast & Slow For My Nephew PT 2

POV Length : 4:25 More nipple tit sucking & slurping for my Nephew, I love it when he cums over! He turns me on so much I Masturbate several times and cum for him as he watches me, he really loves me in my black corset and red nine inch high heels, I then tell him to leave the room for a surprise when he returns I have a black slip skirt on and tear it open so he can see my wet juicy cunt, I raise my legs up passed my head for a real good look...enjoy all my guys, hugs and kisses Ashley :-)

Video File06-Feb-2015

Fast &Slow Masturbation For My Nephew

POV 7:01 Length My Nephew comes over and I show him just how a woman Masturbates with my huge natural breast as I sucks on both of them and cum several times! He just loves it when I wear my black corset and red nine inch heels.

Video File31-Jan-2015

Jogging/Hot Tub Masturbation

4:49 Long. I'm taking a jog when I return I whip my top off so hubby can see my tits swinging around,I'm feeling horny after that run so I take a dip in the hot tub and Masturbate in front of him...Enjoy!

Video File29-Jan-2015


This is 3 movies in one all my best squirting movie's added together 10:01 minutes total...Kisses :-)Ashley

Video File22-Jan-2015

Mom's Bed

My Moms bed he-he! This is one of my first videos that went viral and I got no credit :-( However I had a great time! A good fuck and lots of cum...enjoy :-) Kisses Ashley

Video File16-Jan-2015

Singer Island Sex At The Beach pt2

I get taken in the beach room and he fucks the shit out of me as my boobs are rotating around in pleasure I cum then he shoots his hugh load all over my stomach and I make sure to lick up all his lovley deliteful cum

Video File15-Jan-2015

Singer Island Sex At The Beach pt1

I Was sunning on the beach and a guy asked me up to his place( I guess he liked my ass...Yeah baby yeah!)

Video File09-Jan-2015

School Girl PT3

My pussy is so swollen and wet , I return the favor and let him fuck me doggie style and give him the best BJ! He cum's in my mouth and face, I gag and lick it all up with one of my chocolate cookies ...Mummmmm Kisses Ashley :-)

Video File06-Jan-2015

School Girl PT2

The stranger likes my cookie's however he likes my tits and hairy pussy much better,he talks me into sucking his cock with a return pussy licking and of course I couldn't refuse lol he-he. Kisses Ashley :-)

Video File05-Jan-2015

School Girl PT1

I meet this stranger going door to door selling Girl scoot Cookies for my collage cause,there's more than meets the eye in this fun and sexy role playing School Girl. Kisses Ashley <3

Picture Gallery31-Dec-2014

New Years

These pics are from a 2003 set I did sometime ago hope you all enjoy them!I I have the Videos to match please enjoy ;-) Kisses Ashley

Video File31-Dec-2014

New Years

Happy New years everyone! Were having a party today with balloons, big all natural tit's and a nice hard cock lol, I give a awesome BJ and get a good shagging he cums all over my balloon as instructed and I lick it all up..Mumm...cum join the fun!!!! Kisses Ashley <3

Picture Gallery30-Dec-2014

Hitchhiker 184 Pics

These pics are very clear and are 640x455 this set was done when computers just couldn't handle higher resolution but there still good and nice...naughty of course lol. Kisses Ashley

Video File29-Dec-2014

Hitchhiker Fuk PT 2

My girlfriend and I catch us a good hitchhiking on the road we show him a good time ,a hand job then a good blow job , a good shag then in my hand it goes for a good lick up Mummm...he-he!

Video File28-Dec-2014

Hitchhiker Fuk PT 1

My girlfriend and I catch us a good hitchhiking on the road we show him a good time but first we have to wash him up!

Video File25-Dec-2014

Auntie Ashley's Christmas PT 4

Showing you my beautiful cunt and squirting for you" I cum"... oh yeah! Topping it off with a heel jack! Enjoy my love's <3

Video File23-Dec-2014

Auntie Ashley's Christmas PT 3

I get off with my " black open toed high heels" toe and heel ...Mummm Masturbate for both our enjoyment <3

Video File21-Dec-2014

Auntie Ashley's Christmas PT 1

I have my nephew come over so he can watch me suck on my K9 dildo and nipple's, I'm wearing my black 9" shinny leather open toed shoes and my nylons w/ the other 3 videos and watch me make it cum, I also squirt white cream for your pleasure!

Video File21-Dec-2014

Auntie Ashley's Christmas PT 2

I'm sucking with a simulation of my K9 cumming in my mouth so I give it a good go with that K9 and squirt for you...Yeah that feels good! Oh suck my nips too!

Picture Gallery30-Nov-2014

Slut Machine 30 pics

I'm a little slut machine just drop a quarter in and watch what happens lol

Picture Gallery29-Nov-2014

Your Mistress is waiting pics set 2

64 awesome pics this is the set two enjoy ;-)

Video File29-Nov-2014

Your Mistress is waiting 03

I've got you now me boy!!

Video File28-Nov-2014

Your Mistress is waiting 02

I waiting bad boy ... ;-)

Video File27-Nov-2014

Your Mistress is waiting 01

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm here to be your mistress come in and let me spank you and make you behave boy!!!!

Picture Gallery27-Nov-2014

Your Mistress is waiting pics set 1

102 high quality photos of your mistress enjoy guys!! Kisses Ashley

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