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Back Home Pt 1

It had been a hard day at work and I was Glad to be Home so I stripped off and was thinking about a bath or a shower to relax and freshen up a bit when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a very large Black Dildo on the Bed with a Note saying ďTry MeĒ I wondered who had been in and left it but as I was feeling Hot & Horny I Thought I would give it a Go. Auntie Trisha xxx

Hi Guys
I’m your Auntie Trisha, you know the one you always found attractive the one you fantasized about while masturbating, yes I know what you were up to, I saw you looking at my legs and trying to catch a glimpse of my stocking tops, and why was it after visits from you, that my underwear drawer was always in a mess and my dirty knickers seemed to disappear from my washing basket, I bet you really enjoyed sniffing them, did the aroma of my sweet mature pussy drive you wild, did it make you desire me even more, did your tongue long to be licking between my pussy lips hoping to find my hot moist clit, well let me tell you a little secret I’m not the sweet and Innocent Auntie you thought I was, underneath my prim and proper appearance I’m a Wild Hot and Horny Mature Woman who just can’t get enough wild and steamy passionate sex.

Now my secret is out come take a look at my website here on MAW not only will you see me but a selection of my friends all as rampant as me and all Over 50 and when we can’t get a Stiff cock to play with, well what else, we play with each other.

Now take a look at my updates and if you like what you see, press the join button and enter the sensual and stimulating world of Auntie Trisha and her Friends.

One other thing I forgot to tell you, I just love to pee, especially in front of the camera, so watch out for some really Shocking and Spicy pic’s and Vids, I just know you are going to love them.
Auntie Trisha  xxx

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Picture Gallery17-Feb-2017

Black & White Dress

I was in my Dining Room and was just Texting one of My Naughty Nephews, The things he was saying were so Filthy it made me so Hot & Horny I just had to Strip off and then it was time to Play with some candles I had found and it was one in each hole. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery14-Feb-2017

Valentines Day Strip

Itís Valentineís day once again, now donít forget to send me a card or even better some Chocolates and Champagne, but to get you all in a romantic mood hereís a nice slow striptease for you all to enjoy and Guyís once I have stripped off itís time to play and as youíre not around I reach for my Big Black Rabbit Vibrator and give my Pussy a real good Pounding. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Feb-2017

On The Sofa

I was feeling really Hot and Horny as usual so its time to play, Im not wearing much and what I have got on is soon off and Im on the Sofa playing with my big black Rabbit Vibrator but I wanted to see what it looked like so I went down the hallway and watched myself in the mirror. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery07-Feb-2017

All in Red

Hi Guyís one of my site members asked me if I could do a shoot all in Red, so how could I refuse and here it is, everything Red except for my Pink Vibrator and sweet little Pink pussy, but I soon Have my tits out and I pull my panties to one side and finger and spread my pussy before getting to work with my Vibrator. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery03-Feb-2017

On The Bed

I was sitting on my Bed feeling very naughty so I thought it was time to play, I stripped off and started fingering and spreading my Hot Wet Juicy Pussy then I turned over and spread my arse wide just for you. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery31-Jan-2017

Pink Pajamas

Hi Guys, How do you think I look in my Pink Pyjamas, It was time for Bed but I decided to have some Playtime with my Vibrator before Settling Down for the Night. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File27-Jan-2017

Pink Vibrator

Hi Guyís, I had bought this Big Pink Vibrator from Ann Summers, itís the one that expands inside you and WOW ! Does it feel good, see how quickly it brings me to orgasm as I give my pussy an almighty pounding. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery24-Jan-2017

Naughty Nurse

Hi Guy's, I'm Such a Naughty Nurse I just can't help stripping off and Playing with my Tits before long everythingís off and Iím spreading my wet pussy just for you before reaching for my Pink Vibrator, but check my next Video Update to see me Playing with my Pink Vibrator. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File20-Jan-2017

Glass Dildo & Killer Heels Pt 2

Iím feeling So sexy in my floral pattern dress but itís my new sexy lingerie underneath that really will get you going along with my Super Sexy Red CFM heels so lets start by getting the dress off then we can start on the lingerie so its bra off and Titty play time just take a real close look at my Big Nipples, now look at my lovely CFM heels I bet you would like to Fuck me in these so time for Knickers off and legs spread wide and some fingering to get my pussy ready for something harder and bigger. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File17-Jan-2017

Glass Dildo & Killer Heels Pt 1

Iím feeling So sexy in my floral pattern dress but itís my new sexy lingerie underneath that really will get you going along with my Super Sexy Red CFM heels so lets start by getting the dress off then we can start on the lingerie so its bra off and Titty play time just take a real close look at my Big Nipples, now look at my lovely CFM heels I bet you would like to Fuck me in these so time for Knickers off and legs spread wide and some fingering to get my pussy ready for something harder and bigger. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Jan-2017

Floral Dress

I was on the bed in my floral dress and I was ready to play so after stripping off and fingering and spreading my Juicy pussy it was time to grab my golden rabbit and get to work but it didnít take long to satisfy my needs but I wanted more so I Seized my glass Dildo and gave my Cunt a really good Pounding. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Jan-2017

Polkadot Dress

For This Hot Photoset I was wearing my Polkadot dress with matching shoes and my new 12 strap suspender belt so time to strip off and play, I wasted no time in fondling my 38DD Breasts and tweaking my nice big nipples before spreading my legs and playing with my wet juicy pussy Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery06-Jan-2017

Stripping on the Moors

Itís time to start thinking about Summer holidays so lets take a look at some picís from my Holiday in Yorkshire back in July of 2014. It was a Lovely day ideal for a Walk on the Moors, but you know me as soon as I found a secluded spot it was time to Strip off and get Naked and play with my Pussy. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery03-Jan-2017

My New Hat

Happy New Year Everyone and letís kick off 2017 with a Blast from the Past from the archives a set shot back in January 2010 I was wearing my Black Basque with a long black Skirt and my new hat, but once my skirt is off its time to play and my knickers are soon off and my tits out, and after fingering and spreading my pussy its time to finish off with my vibrator. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery31-Dec-2016

White Dress

Hi Guyís, how do you like my New Designer Dress, Itís Creamy White with a Peacock Feather design, I had just had my hair done and was trying it on to see how it looked as I will wear it when I go out tonight, but Iím soon stripped off and laying on the bed fingering and spreading my Wet Juicy Pussy just for you. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File27-Dec-2016

Auntie Trisha's Christmas Message Pt 2

Well I donít know about you lot but Iíve had a Fucking Cracking Year with more Cock than I ever dreamed of and plenty of Pussy too, so letís look forward to 2017 and hope itís a good one with plenty of Wild Hot Rampant Sex and heaps of Fun and Fornication. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File24-Dec-2016

Auntie Trisha's Christmas Message Pt 1

Merry Christmas to all my Loyal Friends, Fanís and Admirers and as is Customary at this time of Year while we celebrate the joy of Christmas to say a few words, we must look back and reflect on the events of the past year. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery20-Dec-2016

Santa's Grotto

Hi Guyís Itís getting close to Christmas so hereís a festive striptease in Santaís Grotto, Iím all in red of course and I just had to sit in Santaís big Chair and spread my pussy just for you. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File17-Dec-2016

Lava Lamp (The Movie)

Hi Guyís, Take a look at what I bought from that Famous Swedish high street really useful store, yes itís a 1960ís style Lava Lamp and when I saw the shape I just had to buy it and just stroking it gets me turned on and itís so warm I wonder where it would feel good ? Well you donít need too much imagination to realise where your naughty auntie is going to put it now do you, I start by straddling it and sliding it gently into my Juicy Cunt but soon I grasp it and vigorously Thrust it in and out until I reach a fantastic Climax. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery13-Dec-2016

Lava Lamp

Hi Guyís Do you Think I look Hot and Sexy in my New Red PVC Thigh High Boots and Red & Black PVC Basque, I sincerely hope so, I really could do with a good Fucking right now but it looks like Iíll just have to settle for this Lava Lamp. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery10-Dec-2016

Playing on the Patio

Hi Guyís after shooting all the Up-Skirt picís in the last update and as The Rain had stopped it was time to venture out onto the Patio and Pose outside in my Stockings and Suspenders. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery06-Dec-2016

Lounge Strip

It was not a nice day in Yorkshire it was Raining Hard outside so an opportunity for a studio style shoot in the lounge, and once stripped off a good time to get some awesome Up-Skirt Picís. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File03-Dec-2016

New Vibrator Pt 2

I was playing on the bed with my new monster vibrating dildo but this bad boy has a sucker on the end so its time to Stick it on a stool and climb aboard and ride it hard until it brings me to a very noisy and satisfying climax. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File29-Nov-2016

New Vibrator Pt 1

Sometimes Fingers are not enough, but look at my big new Vibrating Life Like Dildo, what a monster, I just canít wait to get it out of the box and try it out, I lay on my back and spread my legs and slide this Big Boy deep inside my wet and Willing Cunt, I pound away as the vibrations send ripples of pleasure through my body, Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery26-Nov-2016

Playing on the Bed

Iím on my bed with my sexy purple satin sheets so its time to strip off my pretty pink floral dress and get down and dirty for you naughty guys out there so get your cocks out and watch as I strip off before playing with my panties and stuffing them up inside of my wet juicy pussy. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File22-Nov-2016

Black & White Dress (The Movie)

Iím wearing my Black & White Dress with No Knickers and I have my matching Black & White Ceramic Dildo to play with which is filled with Hot water and let me tell you it feels really good buried deep in my cunt so settle back and watch as I Pound my pussy until I reach a climax. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery19-Nov-2016

Black & White Dress

Time to play again and Im in my Black & White Dress which just happens to match my Black & White Ceramic Dildo which is Hollow so I have filled it with Hot Water which really feels good against my Pussy but even better when Im stripped off and its buried deep in my wet juicy cunt. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery15-Nov-2016

Hotel Strip

Hi Guyís I was staying in a Hotel in North Wales and we had a really nice big room ideal for a few photoshoots and some filming, so hereís the first photoset of me stripping off and playing with my Pink Vibrator. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery12-Nov-2016

Little Black Dress

Hi Guyís, What do you think of my little Black Dress and my Bright Red CFM Heels, but it doesnít take me long to strip off and get ready to play I had a selection of Anal toys so I picked up a nice Black Butt Plug and slid it into my Willing Arse then lay on my back and spread my pussy just for you. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery08-Nov-2016

Blue Underwear

I was Feeling really sexy as I lay on my bed in my new Blue Silky underwear so its time to play and it doesnt take me long before I get my tits out and Im squeezing my nice firm nipples but once my knickers are off its time to get to work with my nice purple Vibrator. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery05-Nov-2016

Black Blouse

Heres another Hot Photoset shot at my apartment in Manchester Im not wearing much under my Black Skirt & Blouse only a very Skimpy quarter cup bra and crotch less knickers which dont stay on for long when I strip off and I start to play with my Vibrator. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery02-Nov-2016

Pink Dress

Im just back from a spot of shopping and feeling rather frisky, Im in my Pink floral summer dress with my pink floral underwear underneath, but Im soon stripped off and fingering and spreading my wet juicy Pussy before getting to work with my Spiral Vibe on my cunt and my Slender Blue Probe deep in my arse.

Video File31-Oct-2016

House Of Horror

It Was Halloween and I was walking home from a party and took a short cut through a graveyard but I felt I was being Followed so I started to Run I eventually came to a cottage and asked for help, the owner brought me inside, next thing I knew we were having sex, now was this just a dream or was it real. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File29-Oct-2016

Little White Dress (The Movie) Pt 2

I had been playing with my Big Black Rabbit but I still wasnt satisfied so I reached over and grabbed my Big Pink Expanding Dildo and slid it with ease into my wet and wanting Cunt, I pound away getting deeper and deeper and really giving my Cunt a Terrific work out and stretching it to its limits when I slide it out you can see how wet it is I then Finger and spread my Cunt and you can see how Red it is after my Workout. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File25-Oct-2016

Little White Dress (The Movie) Pt 1

I was wearing nothing but my little White Dress and White Hold-ups and my White Strappy Sandals and I was Ready to Play I had a selection of Toys out Prepared but which one to choose first, The Black Rabbit looks good for Starters so its on the Bed and into Action and I burry that big Black Rabbit deep into my Pussy and It feels so good I moan with pleasure as I slide it deep Inside me, I soon reach a climax then I finger and spread my pussy before I start again. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery22-Oct-2016

Little White Dress

I was ready to play and grabbed my Big Black Rabbit and climbed on the bed, I soon threw off my little white dress and got to work with my rabbit but that wasnít enough so I reached for my Pink expanding Vibe and slid it effortlessly into my wet juicy cunt and after a short while it brought me to orgasm. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery21-Oct-2016

In The Kitchen

Hi Guyís I had just popped into the kitchen to get myself a glass of wine, but a glass of Red always makes me feel a bit Frisky and I had the Urge to Strip Off. Auntie Trisha xxx

Video File18-Oct-2016

My Big Vibrating Dildo

Come into my Bathroom and watch me play, I have a Big Vibrating Dildo and what better place to try it but the Bathroom but first let me get my Bra and Panties off and play with my pussy to get it nice and juicy ready for action, I stick my Dildo on the Toilet Seat and suck on it before lubing it up to get it ready for me, next I straddle across it and slide down on top of it and work my pussy up and down on its thick shaft, faster and faster until I reach Orgasm. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery15-Oct-2016

Blue Floral Underwear

Hi Guys How do you like my new Blue floral Underwear set, Goes well with my blue floral summer Shoes but as Im feeling in a frisky mood I climb on the bed and soon start to strip off before laying back legs wide apart spreading my wet juicy cunt for you. Auntie Trisha xxx

Picture Gallery11-Oct-2016


I just Love wearing Basques and I have quite a selection to choose from so hereís a little compilation set we found in the archives shot back in September 2009 of me wearing just a few of my favourite Basques remastered and now posted here on my website. Auntie Trisha xxx

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